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Forgotten Rebel: 1970 AMC Rebel SST

Are you a rebel? This 1970 AMC Rebel SST was restored by the previous owner two decades ago and the seller just recently “found” it in a shared warehouse space where it has been sitting for years. It’s listed on eBay with a few bids totally just over $2,000, but the reserve isn’t met. There are still six days left on this auction. This car is in Tampa, Florida.

I think that’s a reflection of the white picket fence that’s next to the car. I was trying to figure out if someone tried to buff the side of the car or what was going on with the paint. As life has a way of doing, it got in the way of the seller enjoying this car as much as they wanted to so they put it in storage and forgot about it. I have two motorcycles that have been in storage since 1986 (I know, I know..) and I recently sold my 1936 Mullins Sea Eagle inboard boat that I’ve had in storage since the mid-80s, so I know the feeling. It happens, believe it or not.

This car was originally Golden Lime Metallic and it also had a black vinyl top, both of those things were changed when the previous owner restored the car, unfortunately. This car now has rust on the corners and it will need to have everything gone through after sitting for so many years: fuel system, cooling system, brakes, engine (belts, hoses, tune up, etc.), maybe tires, and who knows what else. I’m almost surprised at the level of bidding on this car given its long time in storage, the amount of work that’s needed, and the changes from original spec.

The interior looks pretty good but they say that rodents feasted on the carpet, which usually means that they’ve caused other unknown trouble, too. I hate meeces to pieces. Hopefully the rest of the interior can be cleaned up, that’ll help lighten the load in getting this car back to where it should be.

This AMC 360 V8 with a four-barrel carb had 290 hp and it was rebuilt at the time of the restoration a couple of decades, or 15,000 miles, ago. It has AC but, like everything else, it’ll need work. They haven’t tried to start the engine and they recommend cleaning the fuel system, getting a new battery, etc. What are your thoughts on this Rebel? I really like these cars but I’d want one in original-spec, how about you?


  1. PaulG

    AMC built some really good cars with good engineering, and interesting marketing. What they lacked was timing.
    IF they would have built this type of car as a Roadrunner beater; lighter with few if any amenities, they might have enjoyed more market share.
    I’ve owned a few, including a ’74 Javelin AMX, and a ’74Matador. Both were really nice cars that had interesting styling.
    This Rebel would make a great project, and an even better “sleeper”.

    • Mike McCloud

      Actually(!) it was a Roadrunner beater, the cops in my home town used them, but I kinda had a suspicion the engines were at least ‘GoPack’ equipped & then, additionally prepped locally. The suspension in those cars were fantastic for the era; no body slop & huge traction from the Posi’s.

  2. John

    This is a rebelmachine starter kit, I can’t buy it and it’s breaking my heart

  3. Gunner

    I too have a soft spot for the unique AMC Cars of the 60’s and 70’s. Especially the one year only 67 Marlin, the Gremlin, and 71 & 72 Javelin. Remember the flying Matador in The James Bond film, The Man with the Golden Gun? ;-)

  4. Blindmarc

    That was a hornet s/c Gunner…….

    • Jeff DeWitt

      Bond drove the Hornet (REALLY cool car), Scaramanga (sp?) drove the flying Matador that Bond was chasing.

    • Rabbit

      The Hornet was the one Bond was driving that did the barrel roll over the busted bridge. He means Scaramanga’s gold Matador coupe, that he converted to an airplane. FYI: The cop cars in that film were all Matador sedans.

      • Rabbit

        Sorry, Jeff. Didn’t see you til after I replied.

      • Leon

        Even though Thailand is right hand drive country and never had Matadors or any other AMCs. Jarringly obvious square peg-round hole product placement.

    • 68custom

      I have always wanted a SC/360 Hornet with the T-10 tranny in green with dog dish hubcaps. Also like this Rebel!

  5. Blindmarc
  6. Rustytech Member

    Love it. These were good looking and nice driving cars. It pushes all my buttons. AMC, 2 doors, v8, and a/c. Its complete and in decent shape. The perfect winter project. If I had the time right now I’d be taking an early vacation to go look at this one.

  7. CapNemo

    Used to cruise around with my buddy in high school, he had a red, white, and blue Rebel Machine. I’ve had a thing for this style car every since. Unfortunately he totaled his. I’d love to have this car!

  8. scooter8

    1st pic. I thought maybe ray charles was buffing the car?(LOL)

    • Jeffro

      Mama said there’s a special place in Hell for people like me. If you thumbs up this, I’ll save ya a seat.

      Like 1
      • CapNemo

        I already have future employment waiting for me. I’ll be running the Seventh Ring. Let’s party!

      • Rob

        You’re gonna need to save a lot of seats.

  9. BRAKTRCR Member

    Seems like this would be a fun affordable cruiser. Could also be an incredible sleeper

  10. Gear Head Engineer

    Cool car. I’ve liked AMCs ever since I had a Matador running around my old Aurora Model Motoring electric race set. Then my older sister had a ’68 Javelin w/290 as her first car. I’d love to have that one back now, but unfortunately she wrecked it sometime in the ’80s.

    This could be a cool project and something you don’t see too often. The seller has now posted a link to the “before” storage pictures. It had paint issues before it was forgotten. But it looks like you could be driving and enjoying it with just a little bit of work.

    – John

  11. Theodoric

    My dad had a four door with the not-so-fast 304 when I was a kid. Same color, except the roof was painted a darker green.

    I think this would be a super-fun sleeper project. Wish I had the time and space for it!

  12. Rabbit

    If I had the garage space, I’d be making a trip to Florida. Mama insists on parking in there, so no room for another project.

  13. CJ

    Nice car…i personally like the 69 better.

  14. 67rebelsst

    These cars drive nice. Wish I had the space and time for this car. Thanks for posting this AMC. I have two one 67 Rebel convertible and a 73 AMX 401 car. The 73 has Pierre Cardin interior

  15. Loco Mikado

    I am a pre ’67 AMC fan. What do ’70’s sell for in 350-400 point condition? Not that much even today and I would say you would have at least $2,000 getting this one in running and driving condition if there was nothing wrong with the engine or transmission. Brake system would have to be completely gone through and\or replaced, same with the entire fuel system, much of the front suspension with all the rubber parts, new tires, all new hoses and vacuum lines(which there are a bunch of): were talking about a 45 year old car with mostly original parts that aren’t cheap to replace because AMC destroyed most of the what would be now NOS parts and almost nobody repops them. Studebakers are a lot easier to find parts for and they went out of business 22 years before AMC and they built a lot less cars than AMC in the 10 year period before they went out of business. I would say also that the are more Studebakers than AMC cars in existence today.

    • John Newell

      There are still lots of parts for these cars available for normal prices. You just have to look a little harder. I make new body panels for these cars. This car mostly just needs refreshing with the parts you mentioned Loco. Like any car that’s been sitting, the soft parts all need replacing. That applies to any car not just an AMC. This is years later but in the intervening years, this Rebel has escalated in value enough to cover the updating required. If some effort was put into it this car would be up near 20 grand around 2018. It’s a pretty solid car too by the look of it.

    • Leon Labuschagne

      The 1970 Rebel hardtop is quite collectible now. A good deal of 1971-1978 Matador parts are interchangeable and can be used as upgrades. Yes, you are right about what needs to be done to get that up and running, but it’s more worth doing one of these than a Matador and possibly even a pre-70 Rebel hardtop as they are the same body as the Rebel Machine.

    • Leon

      There are tons of parts for 70s AMCs. More so than pre 70s models. What are you talking about?

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