Former Fuelie? 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

The second generation (C2) of the Chevy Corvette rolled out in 1963 and would spark a three-year run of production number increases. So, the 1965 model year would be its best year-to-date and would be the first (and only) time the 396 cubic inch V8 would be offered in the sports car (the 427 would follow in 1966). This ’65 coupe has been off the road for more than 30 years yet looks to be in good shape though its engine is long gone. And the seller speculates it may have been a “fuelie” edition. Located in a garage in Rochester, New York, a bid of $39,500 here on eBay may take it home.

Chevrolet built 23,562 copies of the mostly unchanged Corvette in 1965. 35% of those vehicles would be the sport coupe which had been new to the line-up two years earlier. Only 771 ‘Vettes were built with the L84 327 V8 that produced 375 hp with fuel injection. The seller postulates this car could have once been one, but only a tachometer and an air cleaner bracket may survive to substantiate that (no other hardware, no paperwork).

While the motor has long taken flight from this Chevy, it still retains its original Muncie 4-speed manual transmission and AP code 4:11 rear end. The seller has a document from the National Corvette Restorers Association that confirms the car was built just before Christmas in 1964. And it was delivered to a Chevy dealer in Los Angeles to be sold to its first owner. The car has the N36 telescopic steering wheel option but is not as rare as the seller thinks as 3,917 Corvettes were so equipped.

The body and body look decent on this Corvette, though the hood doesn’t match. And the black interior comes off as okay although carpeting will be needed. So, if you were to locate the proper engine, you might have a running automobile in a reasonable amount of time. And you’ll have to address whatever the passage of time may have inflicted on the vehicle. The “mag” wheels on the car will be replaced with roller rims for purpose of your taking the car home on a trailer.


  1. alphasud Member

    Wouldn’t the NCRA indicate the engine option? 65 was also the first year for disc brakes unless you checked the no cost option of drums.

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  2. gaspumpchas

    From Roachchester, NY. No pics of frame or birdcage.. no mill…39.5 large? the one bid is suspect. lipstick on a pig? Know what you are buying. It does look sharp with the mags and Blue. Beware and good luck.

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  3. gaspumpchas

    Woops sorry for 39,500 you dont get the mags. SMFH.

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    • Rico

      The mags are the coolest thing about this one.
      Being originally from Rochester I wouldn’t touch this with a fork for $39K. Maybe $3900, but that would be the extent of my investment and he’d have to include the mags or foogeddabotit!

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  4. Jerry

    Get the facts correct when you write an article. The f.i. was gone after 1964. The 396 was available until they discontinued it. There was a 425 h.p. optional for 1965 only because the 427 in 1966 had it optional.

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      Jerr-ree, Jerr-ree, Jerr-ree

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      • James Windsor

        You should get your facts straight!!! You could get FI in 1965!! Last year ! Friend of mine has one!! Documented!!!!your all wrong on the facts!! Everyone thinks they are a expert!!!! Lol

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    • Motorcityman

      yeah! and don’t forget it!!! 😆

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    • Thomas

      Jerry, get the facts correct before posting. A spec chart would be a good place to start.

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    • Taconix

      1965 L84 327ci, 375hp Engine – Fuel Injection Price $538 Production 771

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    • Mike Morgan

      The 771 buyers of injected 65 Vettes would probably disagree with you.

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    • Patsy Leone

      Sorry your wrong fuel injection was available in 1965

    • Larry D

      Fuel Injection was available throughout the entire 1965 model year. But it was slowly and quietly phasing itself out. Because the big news was that the 396 with 425 Horsepower was coming in mid-March 1965.

      And as you can imagine, with this being an all-new engine design and the first engine in the Corvette to have more than 400 horsepower, it was a BIG deal and that’s where the interest was. The Fuelie seemed suddenly to be old fashioned and outdated. Plus, the Fuelie cost more too! It cost $538 whereas the 396 was only $292.70.

      As a result, only 771 of the 1965 Corvettes were equipped with Fuel Injection. But there were 2157 of them with the newly-introduced 396 with 425 HP.

      Then the 396 was enlarged to a 427 in 1966 and it was offered in two Horsepower configurations-390 and 425.

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    FI was sill there in 65

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  6. doug

    Still wrong. FI was available for ’65 as was the 396. Drum brakes could also be had for ’65.

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    • Joel S.

      And you got a Credit if you selected the Drum Brakes. Many of the small block core supports from GM came set up for Fuelie so they only had to carry one part number. I would not use this as the benchmark that it was a real fuelie or holes in the fender for the emblem, many were added. Still could be fun but the price has gotten too high IMHO.

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  7. George Mattar

    FI was pulled from RPO list about March 1965. An acquaintance flipped out hearing this and was told it was too late to order a FI car. He searched the country, this was long before cell phones and Internet. Found a Glen Green conv at Reedman Chevrolet in Langhorne, PA. Drove it 1,500 miles and put it away until 1977. Today, it has 1,571 actual miles and in a private collection.

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  8. Jay McCarthy

    So the seller places a ghost bid and really expects someone to out bid it…

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  9. Ron

    Even though they say no documents I have to wonder if they checked for the tank sticker.

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    • Roc

      Tank stickers started in 1967.

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      • Ron

        Welp, my bad. I had it in my mind that it started with the ’63 model year when the C2 rolled out.

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  10. Rod Lustila

    A real solid 14.000$ real value.just another fisherman trying to catch supper.

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  11. TnHotRod

    I would think for 40 grand and no engine or carpet ,those wheels better go with it

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  12. Phipps

    I’d be all over this if didn’t have projects going. Needs to be lowered a little immediately though

  13. Demonsteve

    Funny how people think that this item was discontinued in this year and that item was discontinued that year but does anybody realize that the dealer will put anything you want on that car to get the sale. I’ll bet you if you wanted f.i., carbs., Drums or calipers you pull out the wallet and watch it happen, now you have a 1 of 1.

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  14. Gordo

    What is the seller’s reason for obscuring the last 4 digits of the vin on the NCRS report and also the item specifics on his EBAY listing?

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  15. Arthur Courchesne

    More stupidity, really?

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  16. Pnuts

    Does it even freakin matter if a vehicle HAD a rare option when new if it’s long gone? It’s easy to say a vehicle had this or that without trying to prove such. 90% of the time it’s wrong anyway either by choice (deceit) or ignorance (current owner believed a previous liar). The condition of this basket case totally negates what lost options it may have came with unless the seller has access to the ORIGINAL removed parts, not just numbers matching.

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  17. Larry D

    The radiator support and the 6500 redline don’t verify the car being a Fuelie originally but one other way on this car would be to feel inside the front fenders for the holes the emblems’ legs would have originally had. One thing about it is the factory holes would be nice and completely round and properly spaced without any elongating of the holes to make the emblems fit. It’s worth a try!

    One other thing I notice about this car or any other car is that you know a car has been sitting a long time when it has old style mag wheels. But more important than that is when the tires on those wheels are bias-ply style. You know those have been mounted a LONG time!

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  18. Nova John

    Maybe the buyer could build a “tribute” car by adding date correct options and drivetrain, just for an expensive “the fun of it” The price is stout, but if the frame and birdcage are good, it’s a start. It’s not for the faint of heart, as the parts and labor will add up. But you know what? Look how much we pay when we source a mortgage for a house or for an education. I just wish I had the disposable income and to hell with making a profit : ) These old cars are precious and we should save them all.

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  19. Glenn Jackson

    Amen Nova, the nostalgia alone of having that body style in a true gearheads man cave is awesome in it’s self. forget trying to make bank w/ an incomplete classis. Great post by the way.

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