Fort Knox: 1967 Kaiser-Jeep Panel Delivery

When a person needs to haul their gold bars around, what better way to do that than with a 1967 Kaiser-Jeep Panel Delivery! This ex-Fort Knox vehicle is on craigslist with an asking price of $6,995 and it’s located in Melrose, Massachusetts. The seller says that they may be flexible on price, which is always a good thing.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t used to haul gold bars around at Fort Knox, the seller says that it has a history of being an “audio visual vehicle” there. So, maybe it was used to haul film-strip projectors around (kidding). Do any of you know what an audio visual vehicle would have been used for at a facility like Fort Knox? These Jeep panel delivery vans are super rare and even with the high asking price this would be a great project vehicle. You would be almost guaranteed to have thee only one in town.

The Panel Delivery van models had side-opening rear doors, or “barn doors“, as they’re commonly known as. This particular example was refurbished about 20 years ago but, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the engine seized 10 years ago so it’s been sitting inside in storage ever since. Maybe it’s a good thing that it has been out of service for that long and supposedly inside in storage. Although, the photos were taken of it outdoors, soooo… hmm.. I’m assuming that the seller bought it from someone who bought it from someone who bought it from someone, etc.. They mention that it came from an owner in Indiana so who knows how long it has been out in the elements.

The owner mentions that this one will need work, and they mention that there is probably bondo in the body. The interior looks pretty decent, no? 1968 was the last year for the delivery panel van and the seller has both 1967 and 1968 listed so they’re not even sure which year it is. There are no engine photos but the seller has “8 cylinder” listed so it must be AMC’s 327 V8 with around 250 hp. In 1968, Buick’s 350 V8 most likely would have been under the hood, if I’m not mistaken. Have any of you seen this model before? Wouldn’t this be one unique vehicle to own?


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  1. Blindmarc

    Only ever seen one of these. In the 70’s, on Kirkland Air Force base. Very rare indeed.

    • Wm Lawrence


  2. Fred

    There was a Roadkill Garage episode recently centered on one of these vehicles. Pretty cool.

  3. OGwagon

    “The previous owner has passed away from Indiana.”

    I knew Indiana was bad but had no idea it could be terminal.

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    • Keith

      It’s right up there with smoking!

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    • Steve smth

      His wife sed this to cut down burial cost?

  4. Jubjub

    Rare bird. Those back doors are wicked cool.

    It’s bad enough they built a toll bridge to get from Kentucky to Indiana. It’s even worse, you’ve got to pay to get out of Indiana.

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  5. Don

    Hi I live in Indiana and love it .I miss the thumbs up and down .I wish there was a middle finger for you.

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    • Jay M

      Hahaha, now that’s funny. Somehow I don’t think they will install the #1 salute though…

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    • Bill

      lol… thumbs up!

  6. Big Mike

    I saw a couple of these during my time stationed at Ft Knox back in the late 80’s. I can guarantee this one never hauled gold, they used armored trucks for that job, just saying.
    I worked in Base Maintenance and we used ones like this for maintenance trucks.

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    • CaCarDude

      Got you beat BM I was stationed at Ft.Knox from 7/68 to 4/69 and in all the time I spent there I do not recall ever seeing one of these on post. We did our over nite guard driving 1/4 ton jeeps, circled the gold depository many times a night. I was with 5Bn 33rd Armor, 1/4 ton platoon, good times..
      Interesting Jeep panel delivery, wouldn’t mind having this for some booney crashing here in the CA Sierras..

  7. Dave Wright

    These were used to photograph events like test flights and missile launches. The camera man would stand on the platform with a heavy camera on a fluid head tripod. I used to see them at Edwards AFB documenting flights and launches into the late 70’s. they were replaced by step vans. I am sure it is a 2 wheel drive, not worth much.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      The ad states it is four wheel drive Dave. It is a cool rig though. The barn doors are way better than the tailgate setup. I wonder if that is some type of a vent on the right rear panel? I am confused why you would climb on top of this rig to film a missile launch? As opposed to just dragging your gear out of the back and setting up on stable ground. I could understand if you were chasing wild game running on the plains. I like it, unsure of the value, but I so wanted to believe Scotty’s gold bar story! Dang it!

      • Bill

        Very common practice in civilian world as well. gets you above other people milling around, good view, no one poking at your gear … Explains the roof platform.

  8. wuzjeepnowsaab

    A unicorn in the Jeep world. I know people who have spent much money just trying to recreate those barn doors to replace their rear gates. The panel sides mean ginormous blind spots but the whole thing is uber rare.

    Big ask though. Looks like an old Gladiator is its stablemate. Think I’d rather have that

  9. Adrian R Guerrero

    Fort Knox is a USArmy military post and the gold repository is within Fort Knox’s confines. Neither has anything to do with the other.

  10. steve

    Is that a fuel tank on the left side in the back? Yikes!!

  11. Loco Mikado

    Too bad it doesn’t have all the AV equipment as listed in the earlier Willys advertisement. Looks like a cool package for AV use for the time. Wonder if any of them ended up in commercial use? At the bottom of the ad on the back page it says Government Products Division. There must have been enough of these AV Willys and Jeep sold to warrant a separate mention in their government products division(As look here we have our own dedicated vehicle to service you AV needs with our specialized vehicle and equipment package).

  12. Mitch Member

    So a vehicle so rare that almost no one has ever even seen one is worthless because it is not a 4×4? But wait, it has 2 doors, so it is worth all the money. Oh right, the barn doors count, so it is a 4 door and not worth anything.

  13. KevinW

    Has locking front hubs,so it’s four wheel drive.

  14. Keith

    I’m one of those aholes at the party that thinks he knows every vehicle that’s ever been produced, and I love when I’m proved wrong. Never ever seen one of these before, and my tax return can’t get here fast enough!

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  15. Brad

    Thanks to Dan B. for the link providing the full spread of equipment that this rare Jeep came with ! There is also a possibility that this vehicle was used for ” Psy-Ops “, or Psychological warfare operations. With the included A/V capabilities, and the 1.7kw genny, this would have been a very effective tool in the world of Psy-Ops.

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