Forty Footer! 1957 Spartan Royal Mansion Camper

Vintage campers are very popular. The nostalgia of a trailer from the 1950s and 60s brings people back to the times when they were younger and had the freedom that a camper provides. This one is a 40′ Spartan Royal Mansion from 1957 and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $15,200. We recently featured a 43′ 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion here on Barn Finds. As one reader pointed out, these are more suited for stationary duty that as a travel trailer, but the seller of this ’57 says it recently made a 300-mile trip from Colorado to its current location in Oskaloosa, Kansas! Have a look at this beauty for yourself and let us know if it brings back any memories.

The front portion of the camper contains the living room. Although there have been some modern upgrades like a television, newer refrigerator, and microwave, the trailer is still full of vintage accessories. The dining area features a nice wooden table and chairs. The kitchen features the original eggshell blue range and a ton of cabinets. It looks bigger than some modern apartments!

As you pass through the kitchen, you come upon the bathroom that features a large vanity. Beyond the bathroom, you’ll find the bedroom in the back of the trailer. From the information in the ad, it seems like this trailer is mostly original. It features the original copper plumbing along with the original electrical wiring. The new owner might need to put some money into those parts of the interior.

Overall, this is a really cool trailer. The seller says the exterior received a full-polish about four years ago. They do say there is a bit of hail damage and the floor has some soft spots. It would make a great tiny house or vacation rental. What would you do with it?

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  1. Scott M

    Let’s play a game! What is the car in front of the trailer? First Ebay picture has a large clue, last picture shows the whole thing. Prize? A respite from life’s cares😇

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    • Ken Jennings

      Thanx, great to see the car, never would have looked other wise. Did 54 Plymouths have V8s or were they all 217 cu L Head sixes? I doubt what ever it had, it would have towed this easily.

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    • 2ManyCars1

      1954 Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe and yes, that chromium V on the hood indicates the Hemi Firepower V8 engine.👍

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    • David G

      Thanks for the respite Scott!!
      54 New Yorker Deluxe coupe – RARE.
      331 Gen1 Chryco Hemi/Powerflite Trans (all 54 NYers), Kelsey-Hayes ‘Vacu-Ease’ Hydra-Boost PB, PS, fun full Wheelcovers were some of the upgrades enjoyed with the Deluxe package…

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    • Don

      51. Oldsmobile or Chrysler?

  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    ’54 Cranbrook?

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    • Scott M

      Had to look up Cranbrook- Thanks!

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    • W9BAG Member

      Always wanted a Cranbrook, simply I just like to say the word “Cranbrook”. Personally, I would not tow this with a car. It would have to be a 3/4 ton (or larger) pick up truck just to be on the safe side. Great looking R.V. ! The only thing that I would change is the lighting in the kitchen (which is not period correct anyway), and install roof A/C. What a wonderful example of recreational vehicles from when I was a kid !!

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      • Chas

        Agreed- Large truck, preferably, with a diesel, as you are going to need a lot of torque to move that trailer at highway speeds, especially in hilly areas. Makes you wonder how old cars held up moving those heavy trailers back in the day.

      • G G

        Chas – hwy speed back then was 40-45 for them

  3. Jeff

    Chrysler New Yorker!

  4. That AMC Guy

    Trailer brakes first!!

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    • Francisco

      Plenty of room for Lucy’s rock collection.

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  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    Ah, New Yorker.

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  6. Turbo

    What would I do with it? Park it in my 60 x 80 foot shop and put a man cave in my man cave.

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  7. Erinn Smith

    1950’ Studebaker!!! XXOO

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep – that’s a New Yorker with Hemi power and not a Plymouth……..most likely running the 12″ brakes big Chrysler’s were know for.

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  9. CCFisher

    Every time I see something like this posted, I eagerly click through, hoping that the interior has survived as nicely as the exterior. Nope.

    • ken tilly UK

      Considering it’s age, I think the interior is still in wonderful condition and I wouldn’t change a thing. I would love to own it but am wondering how to get it around 90 deg corners!

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      • Richard Van Dyke Sr Member

        Very wide turns like 18 wheelers make

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  10. Rex Kahrs Member

    Yeah, the 12″ drums on my ’67 Newport stop that car fast and true. But a guy needs to upgrade on the old ’63 Riviera before something bad happens don’t ‘cha know.

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  11. Jim Meeker

    can’t imagine any car of the 50’s safely pulling one of these due to the poor braking and handling of the cars. This is huge!

  12. Mike

    The outside is cool for sure, but I use to live in a single wide trailer for 5 years and I never felt comfortable. Maybe it was the low ceiling high and thin walls.

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  13. local_sheriff

    Now; what kind of vehicle would safely tow this around in ’57…? 7.765 lbs; that’s a lot of load on a car! And that’s an amazing rear overhang too; maybe some practicing would be advised before backing it into tight quarters…?

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  14. John Oliveri

    If I had my fathers 57 Imperial, that would’ve been the perfect picture toeing this thing

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    • BR

      Hahahaha! You did that on porpoise, didn’t you.

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  15. G G

    very nice although I like the 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion lines better for which I have one n AR that I could prob be talked out of if someone was interested. its a rare master exit on drivers side, all there but needs full restore which looks like I will never get to. can be seen on YT with Jake2670 – as for the car, idk, b4 my time , love seeing what all shows up here, wish I could still work on em.

  16. Marko

    What a beautiful classic.

    Spartan is my favorite Vintage” RV.
    They had style.

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  17. Bob McK Member

    Nice, but there is no way that car will tow this huge trailer. This would make a perfect summer camp on a lake someplace.

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    • MikeH

      At 7,765 lbs, dry weight, add more than 1,000 lbs for all the stuff you take with you and you’re exceeding 9,000 lbs. If tongue weight is 13%, you’re at 1,170 lbs!! You’re in 3/4 ton truck range. With that Chrysler, I’m not going anywhere. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!

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    • G G

      yeah, but they did it all the time back then, but not at 60, more like 45

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  18. Charles Mann

    1954 Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe

  19. Richard j Martin

    Probably a full sized pickup or van would be best to tow that trailer.

  20. Maestro1 Member

    Park it, put it on your land somewhere, this is not for cities, and use it for guest quarters or for young ones on college vacations with rules around treating things with respect. Towing: It needs a modern truck with towing package, obviously a V-8. It’s wonderful. Someone give it what it needs and enjoy, not matter what your use. Just don’t mess with it.

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  21. 370zpp

    I had my Grandfather’s 54 New Yorker Deluxe with hemi, until I lost the storage space and reluctantly sold it in the 90s.

  22. JC

    Lots of leaking going on around the windows… Original copper? Must be thin as paper by now. Hook it up to some pressure and watch it add to the “soft spots” in the floor… I wouldn’t trust the original electric either… There’s a 0 feedback bidder driving up the price too… now over $18600. I just can’t get excited about a rolling tin can… good luck to the buyer.

  23. Angel Cadillac Diva

    Back in the early 60’s my parents bought a used teardrop trailer. It was cute, if not practical. Couldn’t have been more than 9′ long. They took that trailer to California from New Jersey a couple of times, pulled by a new 1964 Ford Fairlane with the smallest straight six Falcon engine my father could get.
    In the early 70’s it sat out in the back yard and I used it for illesid sex with my boyfriends.
    My parents sold it and bought a newer 18′ Shasta. They were great little trailers. Nothing like this bohiemoth.
    And, yes, Lucy and her rocks would enjoy this one.

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  24. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Interesting that this one is now at the same exact number that the last one we saw topped out at ($25,100), but this one is set to sell.

    I’m no expert at detecting shill bidding, but this one looks awfully fishy.

  25. DAVID KENIRY Member

    😃i have 69👍dodge travco😎

  26. Michael J Walter

    How much maintenance is involved in keeping it shiny on the outside?

  27. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Apparently sold at $27,834.

    It is nice in a vintage sort of way, but I’ll be curious for a long time about what is done with it by the new owner,

  28. Angel Cadillac Diva

    @ Chas

    Cars weren’t computerized back then and people actually had driving skills.

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