Free To A Good Home: 1965 MGB

This once, I don’t think anyone will think the price is too high unless they’d like to be paid to haul it away. This MGB is rust free, that is, the rust is free along with the rest of the car. It’s listed on craigslist here in Sacramento. The engine and transmission have no problems, or anything else because they are not included. For once, here’s a British car that doesn’t leak unless it’s raining.

Here’s some of that free rust. The other foot-well is similar. Replacement floor pans are available though, so fixing it is possible.

If this MGB is rusted in the typical places, the paint is doing a great job holding it together. Are there enough parts here to make it worth hauling home? Certainly it’s worth a look, it’s not like it’s going to cost you anything!

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  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Gee, I wish this were closer! I have two running MGB engines, one of them already rebuilt, and no less than five MGB transmissions, all of which are looking for a home.

    • David Frank David F Member

      It is too bad it’s so far away. I hope someone doesn’t grab it for scrap. I guess I could find a place to stash it if someone wanted to take the time to find a cheap shipper.

  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    There’s a rust free late-model on my local craigslist with a blown motor for $1400. By the time I paid for a shipper, I’d be close to that, in addition to the fact that the one that is local has a really nice interior and decent paint…and then I would end up with an MGB I don’t need…sigh.

    • ccrvtt

      Nobody doesn’t need an MGB…

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Tell that to the 9 Triumphs I own… :-)

    • reinaldo szczesny

      Restoring a mg has been a Dream I’m 69 and plenty of time

      • Roger Gorski

        I’M 71 and don’t feel I have enough time for this kind of project. Go For It!

  3. The Walrus

    Someone will take it for free. ’65-’67 are the best years, they can more or less be ordered out of a catalog, and original driveline doesn’t mean a whole lot in the MGB world.

    • KEN TILLY Member

      You can also buy a brand new body from UK. Similar to Ford A’s in US.

      • Kent

        Yes you can for about 2.5X what the finished car is worth once you pay shipping. And this does not include any other costs of restoration, just the Heritage shell. I’d like to know how many they sell per year at $13,000 each.

  4. Sunbeamdon

    Gee, just what I need, another POR15 project to go with my ’65 Tiger POS/POR.

    Let’s see if I can borrow from ZZ Top – “Rust so deep I can’t even see the frame!”

    Does anybody have an easy solution to welding rust???

    • zack

      POR (pour) JB Weld all over it! Works like a champ…’s almost back to steel again….lol

      JB Weld and Duct tape will fix anything..

    • waynard

      Miller Lite

    • MarshMountaineers

      Hey Sunbeamdon,

      Are you and your Tiger on the East Coast ?

      (I’m near West Point in the Hudson Valley, NY).

    • Mike

      They make special Rust Oxide Welding rods, You can find them in the same section as the Left Handed Lumber Stretchers and the Skyhooks. I would probably work better to start out with plenty of Miller Light.

  5. erikj

    Just used j-b weld to fix a chipped toilet tank Leaking at the bolt hole and chipped to bad for the gasket to seal.
    I know this is a auto forum, J-B weld is widely used in the auto industry so just sayin.

  6. Howard A Member

    Let’s see, no VIN, no title, condition: salvage, cylinders: other, ( I just threw that in) BUT,,,parts is parts, and it’s nice of somebody to do that instead of junking it. Clearly, someone took what they needed for a better car, plenty of MGB’s out there, no sense sticking a bunch into this.

  7. bill

    A bucket of potential.

    Body is not that bad compared to most. all panels are available. Plus you have so many options for running gear and interior.
    Magnolia vintage gauges, Recarro seats, and perhaps a twin cam Toyota engine with 5 speed? (or auto for us lazy cruisers) Sebring style front and rear roll pans… So much potential.

  8. Mlaw

    Free? Still too high.

  9. Wiley Robinson

    I’m surprised the local scrap guys haven’t come and gotten it yet

  10. Peter k

    A free car is always the most expensive to bring back to life. I say get it put the bare minimum into it to make it run, put a roll bar in it and use it as a Brit dune buggy in the desert

  11. Steve

    Would make a great vintage racer.

  12. Gary Hunley

    Would love the chance to breath life into but I am in Oregon, just a bit of a drive.

    • blasphemy

      Really? Oregon’s a “drive” to Sacramento? Maybe lay off the “smokes” for a few days,

  13. Gary

    Can you ship it?

  14. Harry Hodson

    In case no one read it, the title is with the eisine & trans.

  15. Doug Towsley

    Make a great race car donor,, take it down to a Bed liner place and after treating with OSPHO to kill the corrosion spray a coat of bed liner inside and out, Done. Fixed. Stick some crazy power train in it… or use for yard art. Plant a big Union jack flag on it and put it in your yard for 4th of July,,, add some checker flags for full effect.

  16. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    I’d take it for the steering wheel and Rostyles it’s sitting on but I’m nowhere near CA.

  17. Sunbeamdon

    Hi Marshmountaineers: although I belong to TEAE, I’m on the other coast (Seattle) with my ’65 Mk I POR and my ’67 Mk II (I’m the second and fourth owner of it)

  18. C Carl

    The most expensive car I ever owned was a free car

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