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Free Jag To Good Home – No One?


Here’s a free Jaguar! The owner doesn’t know what year or model it is, so I would assume the title isn’t anywhere to be found. They state that it doesn’t run, but rolls fine and should be good for parts. It’s located in Kaneohe, Hawaii and is listed here on craigslist. Any takers? Let’s hope the license plate isn’t an omen. Thanks goes to Olaf E for the tip!


  1. Howard A Member

    ( crickets chirping) So that’s where that red Jag ended up.

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  2. David Skulstad

    I have a 1989 Jaguar XJ6 which is the same series and this one. It is a XJ6 built between 1988-1994. With the type of headlights on this one, I would say it is a 1990’s XJ6. Most of the ’88 to ’89 XJ6’s had dual headlights. In the Jaguar world this series is referred to as a XJ40. They all had auto transmissions and either a 3.6ltr. straight 6 or a 4.0 ltr six. If it was a lot closer to where I live, I would go get it. Hawaii is a little far from Tennessee.

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    • Richard V

      Good description David, you know your XJ40s.

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  3. jaymes

    must have a major problem

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  4. whippeteer

    Do they have LeMons races in Hawaii?

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  5. Olaf E

    I can also offer you a free 1981(?) Oldsmobile Alero. Blown engine, but rolls just fine! For parts.

    Or do you prefer a free 1973(!!) Nissan Sentra GXE. Guess what? It does not run!

    From the same person that offers the Jag, so Jaymes may have a point. :)

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  6. angliagt

    Rust free Hawaiian car?
    Looks to me like a landlord cleaning up from a former tenant.

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  7. John H. in CT

    Just pull it behind your Amphicar to Los Angeles.

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  8. Jay Reynolds


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    • Alan (Michigan )

      Now THAT one word comment made me laugh!

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  9. moosie Craig

    Yeah, go get it, ship it stateside, get it squared away, running, driving stopping and then the owner produces a title and takes it from you, thats what getting “F^&*$#D without a kiss is like ?

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  10. Paul

    I have a 1992. This is a 90-94 Jaguar XJ 40, straight 6.

    The rectangular headlights are worth about $250 each used. The door handles, of all things, are worth about $100 each, more if this is a 93 or 94 with the “improved” heavier duty door handles.

    the wheels are aftermarket, and kind of ugly. However, lots of other good parts to be had here, especially for free. Engine and transmission are not worth much, this drivetrain is exceptionally durable and not a lot of demand for used replacements.

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    • AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

      I have an 88 Vanden Plas and you are correct, for free, there are a lot of usable parts. The AJ6 motor is fairly bulletproof as is the auto trans. Unfortunately, the improved door handles don’t fit the early 88/89 models. LOL.. and well, HI is quite a haul out to CT…

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      • AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

        Those rims are standard equipment on the Majestic, of which only 570 +/- were built. The regency red color appears correct, however, easier to tell with a photo of the interior. The seats should be doeskin with red piping. It would also have the burlwood picnic trays, additional lighting, rear “bucket” seats etc.
        However, it should also have the head light washers, which this does not have.. so… probably just an XJ40 with Majestic rims swapped onto her.

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  11. Saabist

    A friend of mine bought an almost new XJ6 3.2 ‘sport’ with those wheels and rectangular headlamps , perhaps the sport wasn’t a model available stateside ?

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