Free Wheelin! 1979 Ford Bronco XLT

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The classic Bronco market has been super hot lately, especially after its re-introduction by Ford in 2020. While first-generations get most of the attention, second-gens are on the rise also. Produced for only two years from 1978 to 1979, the first full-size Broncos are gaining popularity. In fact, one sold for over $120,000 at last month’s Barrett-Jackson car auction! This one is from 1979 and can be found here on eBay with a requested opening bid of $9,500. There have not been any bids yet, so the price may be a little bit of wishful thinking on the seller’s part. One of the drawbacks to this truck seems to be rust issues. Located in Charlevoix, Michigan, I’m guessing it has seen some salty roads. Take a look at this one and see if you think it is too far gone.

This Bronco has the Ranger XLT package which gives you a nice wood grain dash and bucket seats. You can see a floor-mounted CB, which is a nice nostalgic touch. Overall, the interior may be the best part of this truck.

The ad says the engine is a 400 cubic inch V8 backed by an automatic transmission. You can see it has power brakes, power steering, and air conditioning, which are all great options to have. It looks like the master cylinder was recently replaced, but the seller doesn’t mention anything about it.

As mentioned before, rust may be the biggest issue with this one. The doors, quarters, rockers, and tailgate all show pretty bad signs of rot. The ad does say that it comes with older repair panels and a tailgate, but there will be a ton of metal work to do on this one. What do you think? Is this one too far gone?

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    JHGDMFC ten grand opening bid for this rust bucket? The world has officially lost its collective mind. This is a $3k suv at most, and then you’re going to invest ten times that to get in good shape. Folks wanting big money for a vehicle that needs everything makes my brain sizzle. Don’t get me wrong, 2nd gen Broncos are cool trucks, but Jesus, not too long ago you could’ve gotten this at a junkyard for cheap. The major auction houses and the prices they get for excellent condition vehicles are making people think the rust ridden cars they have are worth way more than they are.

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    • Kevin Kendall

      Its a disease I call Mecumitis & I’m afraid it’s catching 🫤

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  2. CenturyTurbo Coupe

    Just a Ford…crush it!

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  3. JDubau

    Relax gentlemen, the owner or whoever listed this POS is starting the auction at $9,500 with plenty of fantasy and wishful hopes to go along with that starting price….

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  4. B Wallace

    Not to long ago this would have been a great $1K winter beater which is all it was worth then. I bet there were 1000’s over the years that probably had rust free bodies that were sent to the boneyard if the transmission went out because it was not worth fixing. I knew a couple of guys in the 80’s that had ones like these and they were cool trucks.

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  5. Don

    Wow. rough crowd in here today.

    It’s an all original bronco that hasn’t had the wheel wells cut out, a hokey roll cage welded in, ripped out, and rewelded in, doesn’t have a 70’s custom sunroof that somebody cut into it. There aren’t 20 fog lights drilled into the bumper/roof. The dash hasn’t been cut up for radios, there aren’t holes cut into the doors and back panels with 6×9 speakers all over. Doesn’t look to have had the original engine pulled and had 3 different 460s’ stuffed in it with the wheel wells cut out for huge tires or header pipes. it’s complete. Its well worth the beginning starting price of $9500. You go try and find one that hasn’t had all these hack job modifications done to it and see what they are selling for.

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