Freewheelin’ Package: 1979 Ford Bronco

The seller says he isn’t afraid to drive this 1979 Ford Bronco Freewheelin’ package survivor anywhere given how smooth it runs. With the original graphics fading nicely and clearly wearing original paint, this Bronco looks awesome on the upsized BF Goodrich tires and is dying for a photo shoot with its removable roof off and roll bar exposed. Find it here on eBay with bidding over $10K. 

The Freewheelin’ package was largely a cosmetic option, with a black front bumper, black grill, roll bar, and unique different wheels. Now, this example appears to have chrome bumpers front and rear, and I’ve also read the headlight surrounds are supposed to be blacked out as well. Can anyone confirm?

Some of the Ford forums also state that the highly reflective nature of the side decals lead salesmen to using flashlights to illuminate how the Bronco would appear at night as motorists’ headlights beamed off the sides. This could be urban legend, but the Freewheelin’ graphics make this Bronco hard to miss at day or night. It appears the driver’s seat has been replaced, as the upholstery on the passenger seat matches the back jumpseat.

Overall, the interior is in nice shape and the paint can’t be faulted given its excellent patina. The engine bay is less well-preserved, but if the 6.6L V8 runs as well as the seller says it does, who cares? This Bronco isn’t a showpiece but it’s certainly in nice enough of condition to drive as-is. Did any of you check out the Freewheelin’ Edition when it was in the showrooms?

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  1. jwinters
    • Mike

      The other one had a red interior. This one has a white/beige interior.

  2. Troy s

    Built before the sissy la la SUV market became all the rage. Will run out of gas quicker than stink but that’s not what these were ever about. If Ford was to ever make a retro Bronco, and I think they are, this would my choice.

  3. Fitzwell

    Had a 78. Lifted w/33s. 400 C6. 8mpg, uphill,downhill,pulling the boat, or parked in the driveway. If I had the real estate, I’d buy this one!

  4. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold for $12,300.

  5. half cab

    Good buy and the ’78-’79 riding the price wave of the 1st gen.

  6. Wade

    I had a 1979 long bed f150 4×4 that was black with the sun stripes just like the bronco in your picture mine had a 400 with an automatic and black interior. Loved that truck it was fun to drive

  7. Jason Pampell

    I’m actually the person that bought this ride a few weeks back. Sitting in the Houston airport right now, about to fly to Kansas and drive her back home.

    Crazy that I just randomly came across this article…


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