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Farm Find: 1972 Citroen DS21 Estate

1972 Citroen DS21 Wagon

From Dustyn F – How did this Citroen end up in the middle of a Colorado farm field? Perhaps it migrated in from Aspen or Telluride or a family moving to the area from somewhere Citroen’s were sold. Even in this reasonable condition a restoration would be a costly labor of love. How many of these could possibly be left in the states, a few hundred maybe a few thousand? So is the price worth joining the exclusive Citroen wagon club or is the cost and complexity of bringing this back to its former glory simply not worth the rareness. Just think of how many baguettes the hydro-pneumatic suspension on this thing could haul. Find it here on craigslist in Delta, Colorado for $3,000


  1. Fred

    I thought the engineers were nutty when I found my recently purchased ’66 Tbird has hydraulic windshield wipers (powered by the PS pump). I can only imagine what a car would be like to maintain if most of the systems were hydraulic!

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  2. Neil

    I used to have one of these – the DS23 version. It was the best car I ever had for the ride quality. Took a bit of getting used to – especially the brakes which, if used like a normal cars, had a tendency to try and throw you through the windscreen. Mine came with the original steel hydraulic lines It took me a week of cutting and bending and flaring to replace them all with cupro-nickel ones. Whilst at it I changed all 5 spheres and it rode like new.
    The suspension and the linked headlights were excellent for scaring the cr*p out of people in car parks at night – particularly after seeing the film “Christine” :-) :-)

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  3. Walt Williams

    My grandparents had one of these. If I were currently in Colorado I would come and buy it. These are interesting cars.

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  4. Scott in San Jose

    Okay Neil fess up. What didn’t you like and why did you sell the car?

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  5. jimbosidecar

    I too had a 1970 wagon. Incredible ride and it went through snow storms like an SUV would today. Fortunately mine was well taken care of by the previous wner so I never had any surprises. Just routine maintenance. I’m sure it’s rusted to ashes by now though

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  6. Bobsmyuncle

    At this price, its a steal!

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  7. Herman Krieger

    I had a Citroen DS Break during the 1960s while living in Holland. It was a great car for touring.

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  8. Kevin

    I figured this would be snapped up. There is cult following for these here in Colorado. Wagons are especially sought after. If it was in even close to reasonable condition it was a great buy.

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    • Matt C


      Where are you in CO? I have a SM that needs some work and would welcome any recommendations if you have any.

      This was a great buy, assuming there was no rust.

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  9. Ed Willaims

    Could it be that this particular Citroen’s owner at some time replenished the hydraulic oil system with the wrong fluid? I have heard that that has happened with some of these and that ruined the whole thing.

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