Fresh 440: 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT

After being in his possession for around 14-years, the owner of this 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT has decided that the time has come for the car to move on. The car runs and drives, and has the potential to be a pretty special car if it finds its way into the right hands. Located in Indianola, Iowa, you will find the Fury listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN price of $10,900 for the Fury, although you could always try your luck by making an offer.

The owner is pretty candid about the car, with plenty of photos and written information about it. The Fury started life finished in Sunfire Yellow, with a Champagne vinyl top. The majority of the vinyl top has been removed, but there are a few remnants remaining. The floors and frame are said to be solid, but that still leaves some rust to be addressed, and some of it is not going to be easy to deal with. It isn’t surprising that there’s plenty of rust around the rear window, but the worst of the rust is present at the bottom of the windshield post on the passenger side. This will be vitally important to address correctly, as you don’t want a dodgy repair in this area if the car suddenly finds itself shiny-side-down in a ditch. Apart from those issues, the rest of the car looks quite encouraging.

Things look distinctly better inside the Fury. In fact, the interior is quite striking. The bad news is that there is a crack in the dash pad, the front carpet is looking a bit sad, there’s a tear in the armrest on the driver’s side, and a small tear in the rear of the headliner. The good news is that the rest of the interior is really good. The seats look fantastic, and the door trims also look pretty awesome. Really, there isn’t a lot to do inside the Fury to get it up to a pretty high standard.

The owner believes that the engine is numbers-matching, but that the transmission isn’t. That 440ci V8 underwent a rebuild a few years ago, and it did receive a few upgrades into the bargain. An Accel electronic ignition, an Isky cam, a Milodon oil pan, a Weiand intake, and a Carter carburetor all found their way under the hood. The 727 transmission has also been fitted with a deep pan. The car hasn’t done a lot of miles since this work was completed, but it does run and drive well. The owner does suggest that it would pay for the new owner to fit new tires before they undertake any serious driving duties, as the current ones are pretty old. He says that the other question that he is asked frequently is about the Plum Crazy paint on the firewall. He doesn’t know the story behind it but believes that it may have been applied by the previous owner while the engine was out for the rebuild. You have to suspect that a color change was in the wind at that point in time.

On the face of it, this Sport Fury GT is a car that has quite a bit of potential. The sticking point is always going to be that rust, or more importantly, getting it repaired properly so that the structural integrity of the car can be maintained. That will probably be the biggest question that any potential owner is going to have to ask themselves. Therefore, if you can provide yourself with a positive answer to that question, then this Fury might be the right car for you.


  1. 71FXSuperGlide

    Really like this era of the ‘big’ Mopars, and it has that Hurst look to it with the headlights.

    Not $10K kinda like, but still like. :-)

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    • r s

      As a kid in upper grade school / high school around 1970 I have to say I had pretty good taste in cars, and I liked this ‘fuselage’ body style from Mopar a lot back then. (I still do.) I think they look better without the vinyl top though, as there is no natural ‘break’ in the body lines to separate the vinyl roof area from the lower body.

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  2. 68custom

    I would say the owner is asking a bit more than the car is worth, no one will spend the cash to do a restore of this car, a cuda or a charger yes but a fury?
    also shouldnt the hood have some blisters and 440 call outs? anyway good luck on the sale.

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    • Ed P

      There are small blisters on the hood. 440 emblems are on the side of the blisters.

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      • 68custom

        yes but if you look at the hood it appears as if there are none of the above.

      • Ed P

        They are visible in the first picture.

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      • Marvin Grossc

        it appears to have a 22″ rad with a 440 and no GT emblems ??

    • r s

      One thing must be said, Cudas or Chargers while great cars and more popular are sorta dime a dozen at the big shows. I love ’em but you see one you’ve seen ten. Try finding a Sport Fury GT though…

      A good friend of mine owns several of these and is completing a rotisserie resto of one of the dozen or so factory 6 pack 1970 SFGT’s which were built. Another he has is an all white w/ blue interior 1970 which was bought new by an old man who refused to even let his wife eat an apple in the car so you can imagine the condition it’s in. Even up close it looks new, and it’s all original.

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  3. r s

    In great condition these cars are worth a very nice price, but it’s questionable whether this one is a good enough candidate as it needs basically everything. There were about 1000 of these made in 1970 (and 375 in 1971) so they are definitely interesting vehicles.

    I owned a 1971 which I bought in 1974 when I was still 17, and like a nitwit converted it to a 4 speed, but at least I did a good job of it. The car still exists though I haven’t owned in in 30 years… don’t blame me for the whitewalls, I had just bought it 3 years old and the C-P dealer put whitewalls on it facing out. I loved that car so much I could almost taste it.

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  4. r s

    This would be a better barn, well, garage find… and to think used to own it. How I’d love to have it back.

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    • Jeff

      In 1974 I never remember seeing any dirt or dust on this particular Sport Fury GT. The owner spent most of his “FU” money on Meguiar’s products.

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    • Rob Thomas

      Where is this Green 71 GT located? What town?

      • Jeff

        Unfortunately, it has not been seen for many many years.

  5. Gaspumpchas

    this a very cool Mopar that you rarely see, especially in the rust belt. That Vinyl top ruined this car. The rust in the back window area is bad enough but having it in the windshield post is troubling, you would have to start taking it apart until you got to the damage. This Fury with a 4 speed would be the cats’ meow.RS interesting that you did a 4 speed conversion on one of these. Knew a guy in 1970 who had a 68 fury fastback and a 4 speed- one of the coolest Mopes I ever say!! Good luck to the brave soul that takes this on.

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    • Ed P

      The vinyl roof had a chrome trim below the rear window. It was attached with clips. My ‘70 Gran Coupe leaked threw those clips. I assume that was a common failure.

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  6. Will Fox

    I’m not even so sure this `70 is a GT. No blisters on the hood with the 440-6 monikers the GT’s had. It was the hidaway headlamps, but that alone doesn’t make it a GT. The black accented rear bumper is a GT item, but could’ve been added at some point. Did the GT’s have buckets/console? This one has nothing on the inside to tell me it’s a true GT. I’d be very cautious before buying this. In fact, I’d look for one more complete, spend a bit more & get a better car to start with.

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  7. Miguel

    I don’t think this car would be worth 10K in good condition.

    So few are out there, but that doesn’t make it worth more.

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  8. Ted

    Mopar made some insanely cool 4 spd cars and this is one that needs an A833. 1979 I was offered a VIP 383 4 spd for I think it was $850, wasn’t perfect but I was driving my 62 Parisienne 4 spd car and Mom and Dad said I couldn’t bring another car into the yard…….and for you Mopar guys when I was delivering mail in 2000 I found a 66 Town and Country wagon with a factory 4 spd rotting in a driveway in Surrey. Left notes numerous times, rang the door, no luck. That would have been a neat car to run the tags on………one thing I miss about not delivering anymore is that I got to find some unbelievable iron in people’s driveways and garages.

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  9. Steve D.

    If 9k in cash is hidden under the front seat hit the BIN! The 9k may earn you a cameo on Graveyard Cars (I would consider it if Alyssa would be in the shot), second mortgage your house and send Mr. Worman another 9k per month for the next 5-8 years. I’m seriously considering it but may be an octogenarian when the car is finished and I’m not sure I could park it at the nursing home…

  10. Pete Kaczmarski

    Yes, this is a GT. Please folks look into things before unwarranted comments, run the vin etc. I own the four door version of this Monster. An ’70 Fury III ex-Washington State Patrol car. Not quite as much flash as the SFGT, until you turn of the emergency equipment (off road only).

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  11. Jasper

    Just because you got a GT didn’t mean you got buckets, console etc. You needed to click the boxes and spend the coin. Mopar really did it a la cart. This one’s the real deal…been for sale for a while. Rare, hard work to restore. Hard to justify financially but would be a worthy labor of love. Correctly restored a unique and striking machine.

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  12. Roy L Fuchs

    Ten thousand nine hundred certainly not dollars?

  13. John Oliveri

    Ok, it’s rare, what does a clean one cost, if your starting at 10 large, and your not a body man, I mean a good body man, not some plastic schlep, gotta figure 20 to make it ok, you got a 30,000 Fury? Is it worth 30, and that’s not counting Lil things, rug, dash pad, tires suspension exhaust, if the motor was done correct, can’t really tell with the cam if it’s got a miss or it runs lumpy, I’d pass on the 40 G Fury

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  14. Gransedan

    Plum Crazy was the Dodge Division name for the color of the firewall of this car.
    On Plymouths it was known as ” In Violet ” metallic.

  15. Srt8

    These guys need to flip back to Barrett Jackson, the prices on very nice rides are coming back to earth a little. I saw a very clean #’s matching 67 R/T sell for 25k today. You would have to put another 40k in this ride to get to the condition of the 67 and it would never be an R/T.

  16. Fred Flintstone

    A52 in the fender tag makes it the real deal!!!! and it has it!!!!!!

  17. Fred Flintstone

    Cars in this condition on ebay recently sold for more than you think they would. Find another.

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