Fun And Exciting? 1966 Rambler Classic 770 Wagon

Just look at this beauty Pat L. found for us! It is a real survivor. It’s listed on craigslist in Orange County, California with lots of good pictures but not much of a description. The 770 is the top level trim. Several safety features were made standard for 1966, including rear seatbelts, a padded dash, sun visors and an outside rearview mirror on the driver’s side. This Rambler is described as a one owner car worth $18,000. The title describes it as “Fun” and one brochure pictured even insinuates that the new Rambler is exciting. They are comfortable, dependable and economical cars but they are not exactly exciting, even with a V8. This wagon is described as driving almost like new. It’s showing a little over 24,000 miles and for once the seller does not claim it’s the actual mileage. The engine and transmission have been rebuilt but the paint is said to be original.

It looks really nice inside like perhaps it really is a low mileage car. This could be a very enjoyable place to spend some time.

There’s lots of room in the back. The tailgate either swung or dropped down like this one. The swing gates were on wagons with a rear facing seat, so this Wagon is not hiding a seat under that lovely carpet.

Things look original if a bit dusty under the hood. I would rather see the engine like this than after a rattle can detailing. The 287 CID V8 is good for just under 200 horsepower, so don’t count on winning too many races.

This Classic wagon looks nice from every angle. Is there anything to do with this wagon except to just drive it? AC would be nice and some may think it would be cool to lower it and add cool wheels, but, well, it’s just an old Rambler wagon. We had one a few years newer and it was dependable and comfortable. This wagon is only special because it has somehow survived in such great condition. Ours wasn’t this nice after only a year. And yes, I’d love to own it.

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  1. C.Jay

    Ad has been deleted.

    • mary lou hendricks

      My car is for sale – I pulled the ad because I was offered more but I did not sell it to the person

  2. Beatnik Bedouin

    $18K for a Rambler? Really??? Obviously, someone thought it was worth something near that, as C. Jay points out, the ad’s been deleted.

  3. Miguel

    How does a one owner car end up with a license plate from only a couple of years ago?

    • Steve R

      It might have sat in a garage, unregistered, without a non-op until it dropped out of the system. That happened with a car I bought, it came with newly issued white plates. There was a set of early issue blue plates in the trunk, but since I had no proof they were ever on the car the DMV wouldn’t let me use them.

      Steve R

      • mary lou hendricks

        I still have the original plates but it sat in my moms garage for many years

    • tugdoc

      I noticed the window sticker on the rear window is a KISN sticker from a former station in Portland, Or. That station lost those call letters many years ago. There used to be a sign approaching PDX “While you have been gone we’ve been KISN your wife”. GLWTS great ride!

      • mary lou hendricks

        My car is from Portland Oregon and I went to Seattle University
        these stickers have been on the car since the 60’s – I even have the original sales receipts / ads / everything – the radio even works – I drove my mom to Alzheimers in the car – it has 26,000 miles on it

    • mary lou hendricks

      I had to register it in California –
      I got my license on it when I was 16 / now I am 66 – it was my mom’s car and she died last year – the car was in our garage in Oregon for 30 years – it is an amazing car
      It will be hard for me to sell it

  4. Mark Hoffman

    This is an exact twin to a car a neighbor family had from 1966-1971

    They traded it for a Volkswagen Van with “automatic transmission “

    • Metoo

      VW auto trans was horrible. I love VW’s and after I became a paraplegic I bought one (used), a beetle, and put hand controls in it. Horrible to drive and in performance, but it was unique.

  5. Fordfan

    What a great name ” cross country ” too bad Chrysler lost it to Volvo

  6. Rube Goldberg Member

    Looks like a Marlin station wagon ( which is why we laughed at the Marlin),,,seriously, great cars, and don’t be so quick to judge, those Rambler V-8’s had plenty of steam, kept right up with the 289 and the 283. Teenage friend’s mom had a ’59 Classic, V-8, 4 barrel,and it was the car of choice for stop light drags.

  7. Metoo

    My parents had a 60’s Rambler station wagon. The coolest thing when I was a kid was that it had a great tailgate that could open like a door or the usual way, and the seat back there was reat facing. Obviously worthless at the drive-in though.

  8. Maestro1 Member

    Price is too high. But very nice car.

  9. Fordguy1972

    The price might be high but the condition of this Rambler wagon is outstanding, maybe it is worth $18,000. If you think it’s too high, I’ll give you $18k and ask you to find one just like it.

  10. Mike

    KOIL “Goodguys” sticker tells me the car spent some time in the Midwest. Omaha to be exact

    • tugdoc

      I’m thinking it’s KISN good guys from PDX

    • mary lou hendricks

      No – only Portland, Oregon
      that was KISN good guys

  11. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking 66 Rambler station wagon. I’d pay up to $10k for a car that nice.

  12. Gardner Lund

    I’m just looking at this post now, Oct 2018. Has the beautiful wagon been sold?

  13. George Morrison Member

    I don’t think there was ever a better riding car in its days than these old bumblers, we have had a few of these all with 6 cyl engines they all ran and rode very good

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