Garage Find: 1971 Jensen Interceptor

The Jensen Interceptor has long gone unnoticed by most collectors, but they’ve recently been gaining interest as more and more people are discovering what a great combination these cars really are. You get British grand touring know-how with a good old American V8 under the hood! This one has been parked in this garage since the late ’90s, but needs a new home. You can find it here on craigslist in Sarasota, Florida with a $12k asking price.

The seller doesn’t give us a look at the engine or the interior, but there should be a Chrylser 440 V8 under that hood. We can’t tell whether it’s a 4-barrel or a Six Pack equipped engine, but either way it’s a lot of engine for this Brit. Hopefully, the interior is in good shape, as it can get expensive to restore.

These Interceptors really are amazing machines, so it’s easy to see why they are starting to go up in value. As long as this one is solid and the interior isn’t rough, this one could be a great buy at $12k. Obviously, you will want to take a closer look, especially considering the lack of photos and the location. If anyone is nearby and can check it out, let us know how it looks in person!


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  1. Capriest

    As a kid my uncle being a mopar nut always talked about these, but I had no clue what they looked like. Being a 71 I would think it was a 6 pack since that was the one year most hi-po 440’s that weren’t in a C-body came with the 3 deuces, but it being a Jensen I have no idea. Some of them came with 383’s I believe as well.

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    • Ralph

      The ad reads 383, but hey…..details, right?

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      • TinCanSailor

        I thought the Jensen Intercepter only came with a 440. I’ve seen quite a few over the years, and I’ve never seen a 383 in one. I have seen a few examples with a Six Pack engine, but those are exceedingly rare and, of course, pricey.

        This is a great price. If my wife hadn’t implemented a ‘one in/one out’ rule in my garage, I’d buy it. Unfortunately, I’m not ready to part with anything I own at the moment.

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      • Brakeservo

        IF it is a 1971, a 383 is correct. But it’s got the louvered hood of a ’74 or later

  2. art

    Wondering what the “other” cars are that he inherited…

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    • Mr.lee

      Mostly from my knowledge 440-4 as I think a sixpack wouldn’t clear the hood base engine was the 383…be nice someone with the means bought it n dropped a elephant in it

  3. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    One has always been on my list….but down a little further.

  4. Ralph

    I like these, part Aston Martin part Charger……

    These are cool, I could imagine a Lazenby era Bond driving one. Doesn’t seem like a bad price but the seller needs to include more photos if he’s serious about selling it.

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  5. Nick Hockman Member

    Wont last long

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  6. Troy s

    I like any car that’s got big old American V8 power. Not really familiar with these at all but I like the idea. Although this one has a 383, I have a hard time believing they ever came with a six barrel 440. She’s no drag racer.

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    • Dave Mazz

      Somebody wanted to take a Jensen to the drag strip!! There’s a ’74 Jensen out there with a 8.3 L Viper V10 engine. The car is claimed to do 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds. I’m waiting for the British purist who goes back to UK power and sticks in a Merlin V-12.
      I bet Jay Leno would buy it. :-) :-)

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  7. bog

    Perhaps it’s the quality of the pictures (all 3 of them), but does anyone else think that the rear window surround and the panel running below the door are covered in duct tape ? Especially the right rear corner and side of the window. Or am I seeing things ? Looks like the tape folded some to make the transition… I’ve seen these parked or on the highway, and sure have read plenty about them, but have never ridden in one. Someone “may” get a deal for 12 large..

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  8. Jon B

    232 examples of the 440-6 were built in 1971 according to Wikipedia.

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  9. OhU8one2

    My first choice would be the 74-76 convertibles, but I would also take a coupe if price was right. Have to watch out for rust. And rotten interiors. I heard it takes 6 full cow hides to recover everything swathed in leather. But I like the idea of going to Walmart to buy oil,filter and air filter along with sparkplugs. Almost everything needed for your British GT touring car.

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    • Bruce

      I have worked on one and the interior is as complex as that of a Rolls Royce. Hugely expensive to put right. The body not so much. Much of the lower panels are flat sheet metal that is easy to cut out and weld in patch panels. The upper body is much more difficult but lower rust is easier than one might think.

      Riding in one is a real mix. There is the elegance of the Aston Martin but that engine can really push you back even with an auto transmission of the day. Impressive but thirsty beasts.

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  10. ken tilly Member

    The adv. says the seats have been recovered so the expensive work has been done, only the kick plates and door panels need re covering. Most likely the head lining and carpets as well.

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  11. h5mind

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see these become six-figure cars at some point, similar to the Panteras.

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  12. CJinSD

    If this car is as described and there is a clean title, this seems like a very good deal.

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  13. Stacey Hagan

    The weak link in any British car is the electronics. Lucas dark arts! Absolutely on my dream list someday. If this car is solid, it will move, as there is quite a following of Jensen machines, especially the Lotus equiped.

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  14. Del

    A non-runner and seats are in a closet ?

    Someone may buy it but not for 12 grand

  15. Billieg

    Lucas electronics? That and my Ex wife are about the same….. EXPENSIVE to maintain….

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  16. Peter from Oz

    There was an FF model (Ferguson Formula) which is four-wheel-drive. The letters FF are on the grill. I think it was the first modern 4WD sports car. If you put the two cars side by side, the FF is 2 inches longer. The drive to the transfer case is via a wide multilink chain which is supposed to be no longer available (the Ford Toronado used a chain to get the drive to the front wheels).

    I have seen the model before the Interceptor in a few movies & TV serials. It had the 283 V8. An Interceptor was driven by a female in the Fast & Furious movie filmed in London (Vin Diesel’s on screen girl friend I think). Lots of V8 noise.

    If you think you have heard the name Ferguson before, he made Ferguson Tractors which are still all about small farms. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made some 4wd tractors as well and adapted the design to the car.

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  17. poseur Member

    absolutely a great price if anywhere near as pictured and described.
    a friend of the family had one of these (a ’74 440) when i was in high school and it would flat out fly! not so much off the line but once rolling past 30mph it dusted everything else around it came up against.
    originally black he eventually restored it and painted it this color and it was stunning.
    another very tempting find

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  18. 74Interceptor

    This is a series II car (1969-1972) , the 383 started to be used in 1971,so most likely is a 383, this car has Rostyle wheels which were also only fitted to the Mark II cars. (an FF has two of the side vents in the front fender where you see this one has one, an FF is 4 inches longer and was only made in right-hand drive due to problems accommodating the AWD transmission tunnel for a left-hand drive car)

    Interceptors had 383’s from their introduction in 1966 until a change towards the end of the series II cars in 1971 to the 440 which continued in the series III cars (1971-1976) one of which I own, Jensen closed in 1976.

    I had my car almost totally rebuilt around 15 years ago, the interior as mentioned elsewhere here is pretty complicated but there are a couple of companies in the UK and one or two here in NA that cater almost exclusively to the Jensen models. to my knowledge there is nothing that cannot be purchased new or refurbished, but some items are not cheap, a good car upholster would have no problem refurbing an interior, at a cost ( I think there are 6 hides in an original Interceptor interior) obviously engines are almost indestructible with minimum care as is the transmission, the wiring just needs TLC but cooling has always been an issue as these cars are slim compared to the muscle cars the 440 was installed into in the US :-)

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  19. Jeff

    And best of all ya can get into the MOPAR NATS WITH IT

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  20. MikeB

    I owned a 73 model back in the mid 70’s. Light yellow with brown interior. Loved it !! Problem areas – fried electric wiring in engine compartment including the battery. The very best thing about the car was that women loved it. I was a youngish single man back then.

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