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Dusty Garage Find: Chrysler 300 Pair


An interesting find just popped up on eBay, where a seller with no feedback has listed a pair of Chrysler 300s recently discovered in a dusty garage. The pair, which includes a convertible and four-door hardtop, can be found here on eBay where there is a starting bid of $24,500 and no details offered on condition or when the cars last moved under their own power. 


What do we have to go on? Well, basically what’s in the photos. This 300 four-door looks quite clean, but it’s hard to tell whether the car has been repainted. The finish almost looks too good to be original, but if it’s been off the road since the 70’s, it’s certainly possible the paint has survived. As a non-letter series car, the 300 hardtop sedan was a bit less sporting but still bore the striking looks of its thundering letter car siblings. Just over 10,000 of these family-friendly 300s were produced.

s-l1600 (25)

The 300 convertible is in similar condition, showing decent paint and chrome in a largely-complete package. The engine bay and interior are not nearly as organized as the sedan, with evidence of a cockpit restoration left half-finished. The engine is lacking the attention to detail as found in the sedan, but the convertible is arguably more desirable with just over 1,800 produced in 1962. This *looks* like the stock 383 with the Carter carb based on the air cleaner and turquoise paint on the block, but I’ll leave it up to our Mopar fans to confirm.

s-l1600 (26)

Given the shininess of the sedan’s engine bay, I’m curious if this car underwent a light restoration at some point. The 383 was the base motor, but it still kicked out 305 b.h.p. – nothing to sneeze at, though they were heavy vehicles. The seller would be wise to add more details around this garage discovery, as the non-letter cars are not necessarily so desirable that you can get away with just posting a few photos and an asking price. The pair is located in Huron, Ohio. Are any of our readers close enough to give this dusty duo an in-person inspection?


  1. RON

    Not very knowledgeable on these cars but kw enough that they aren’t extremely valuable not being letter cars. Sounds pretty stiff to me even though one is a convertible. Also to me these last years 62-64 were the ugliest ones they ever made powerhouses aside. I think this is one of those cases where some unknowledgeable car person thinks he has a goldmine because he has heard they are valuable. Think I could find something better in the car world to spend 24 Grand on. To each his own

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  2. stillrunners

    They didn’t make 4 door 300’s until much later……62 was the drop off year for HP….but still a sexy b… what did GM or Ford offer ? Still high price for the demand…

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    • frank

      yes, they made a 300 four door in 1962. plenty of pictures of them on line if you cared to look.

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  3. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    These cars are not “letter” cars, not a 300H convertible. Not worth anywhere near what the guy is asking.

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  4. packrat

    Looks like somebody was a very busy fella back in the day, and may have worked at a place where he rescued the cabinets on the back wall from an automotive parts distributor/similar. Life too busy to get one completely finished, what with the work and family, and picked ’em up early on when Chryslers with a little wear and more than a decade of age were ‘teen’s first unwanted car’ and ‘demo derby’ material, and low-rust examples were not that hard to come by. Hopefully he at least got to saunter around the neighborhood in each one for a few laps before they exclusively became the subject of daydreams at lunch break.

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  5. Bryan

    1962 was the first year Chrysler made a four-door 300, which they continued to offer until 1971 (last year of 300 production).

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  6. Pete Kaczmarski

    I like my ’62 300 Sport Conv. No P.S. or P.B. but has 413, sure grip, leather and 3 speed on the floor.

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