The Other Cobra In The Barn: 1955 Chris Craft

When you think about going fast in a Cobra, your first thought is probably of the Shelby Cobra, but it’s not the only quick snake around. This 1955 Chris Craft also happens to be a Cobra and in its… more»

Built for Speed: 1979 Correct Craft Ski Nautique

As a boat manufacturer, Correct Craft has one of the more colorful and long-standing histories in the industry. Founded by a New Hampshire family, the company has been located in Central Florida since the 1920s. In that time, it… more»

Free Floater: 1973 Penn Yan Cruiser

Finding a free vehicle can at least take the initial sting out of a big restoration project. This is one of those cases. This 1973 Penn Yan Cruiser is a 26-foot boat of your dreams, if you’ve been dreaming of… more»

Classic Boat Find: 1958 Lone Star Meteor

No, it’s not a car, but it sure has some car features, doesn’t it? This seriously cool looking 1958 Lone Star Meteor speedboat is being auctioned here on eBay is already up above $15,000, but based on the rarity and style… more»

Wave Cutter: 1960s Cutter Jet de Ville Speedboat

This is what summer is all aboat, I mean, about.. (I’ve sunk to a new low) The 1960s Cutter Jet de Ville shown here is in Hartford Michigan on the shores of beautiful Van Auken Lake, fifteen minutes east of even… more»

5k Mile DeLorean Found While Boat Hunting!

A boat auction may seem like an unlikely place to find old cars, but if you live anywhere near Brookline, New Hampshire, the upcoming antique boat and auto auction will be worth attenting. We have featured this event before… more»

The Other Cadillac: 1957 Cadillac Custom Boat

Are you a Cadillac fan? How about Cadillac boats? This is a 1957 Cadillac Boat and it’s in Burton, Michigan, about 10 minutes east of Flint. It’s found on eBay with a current bid of $790 and five days… more»

Floating on Air: 1986 SCAT Hovercraft

I know, I know, you’re tired of seeing so many hovercrafts here on Barn Finds! Well, our ol’ friend, Jim S., sent this one in and we couldn’t pass it up. This is a 1986 SCAT Hovercraft and it’s listed on eBay… more»

True Blue Sea-Doo: 1970 Sea-Doo 372

Well, maybe true blue isn’t accurate since these only came in yellow! This is a 1970 Sea-Doo 372 and it’s in Florence, Alabama. This blue bayou cruiser is listed on eBay with a price of $6,000! I’m not kidding, six-grand…. more»

Mopar Speed Boat: 1972 Chrysler Conqueror

Living in an area where we are surrounded by water on the coastline, there has been no shortage of boats being rolled out on trailers at the warm weather inches its way back (sad to say, New Hampshire’ites got… more»

Homebuilt Hydroplane: 1940s-1950s Race Boat

Summer is almost here, at least for those of us in the upper part of the US where there is more than one season. You should be able to restore this 1940s-1950s homebuilt hydroplane boat by the time that… more»

Go Fast Boat: 1973 Rogers Super Cyclone

This warehouse find isn’t your typical find, but she just looks so fast just sitting there that we couldn’t resist! This 1973 Rogers Super Cyclone 18′ is listed here on eBay and parked in Camarillo, California with a BIN price of… more»

Dock Find: 1958 Navy Mine Hunter!

Now this isn’t something you see every day! This former US Navy 81′ mine hunter has been converted into a residence, but it’s been deteriorating for a while now. Thanks go to Jim S. for sending us this nautical find! It’s… more»

Whatever Floats Your Boat: 1969 Lone Star

This Lone Star powerboat was lasted registered in DL in 1979.  The boat, according to the owner, has been in this barn for at least 30 years.  It’s listed here on ebay, in a barn in Lewisburg, WV with… more»

Wooden Wetback: Fast Hydro Boat Project

This saucer-like boat project may appear to be one man’s interpretation of a UFO, but it’s actually the remnants of a speed boat kit called a Wetback. Listed here on craigslist for $2,000, I’m not surprised it’s in Florida… more»

Harley-Davidson’s Boat: 1962 Tomahawk

We don’t normally feature boats around here (with the exception of the occasional Amphicar!), but when Jim S. sent this one in, I knew we needed to give it a mention. It’s a 1962 Tomahawk and it appears to be… more»