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Trailer + Boat = 1962 Trailorboat

Travel means different things to different people. Some like all the comforts of home in their huge bus-like motorhome: washer and dryer, double-ovens, satellite tv, and things that we would have only dreamed about a few decades ago. Some others like the simple life, such as a rig like this 1962 Trailorboat. It’s listed here on eBay in Lakeport, California and the seller is asking $9,500 or you can make an offer.

First things first, the name is actually spelled Trailorboat, not Trailerboat. I know, it’s a bit confusing but just think of it as Trail or Boat. And yes, the boat-looking top piece is actually a functional boat. Sadly, the seller doesn’t show the trailer with the boat removed and I can’t imagine that it’s too easy to lift off a 75-pound boat with fewer than two people but it’s a really fun concept. We saw a similar boat-roof/trailer combo last summer here on Barn Finds, but one from 1954 so the concept has been around for a while.

This is a really nice design I think, with the smooth, molded fiberglass trailer with two separate access doors and two windows, and the matching boat. Trailorboat only made this little camping combo rig from 1961 to 1963 in San Rafael, California, but they were revived a few years later. It’s strange that there’s no official count as to the number of these things were made but the general consensus is that up to 400 were made and a fraction of that number exists today.

You can see that the interior isn’t exactly a regular camping trailer with a bed or beds and appliances and a bathroom and all of those things. This is for taking out into the woods to camp by a lake without having to stay in a tent. That works for me, I’m not a tent guy. Here’s a video on YouTube of a different one that goes through restoration. They cost $895 when new, about $7,800 in today’s money.

According to period literature, this is where the cooking would take place, with an icebox, a little stove, and food storage. There are no real detailed photos showing inside the trailer other than one in the sleeping compartment. Most people would just put a cooler and portable propane stove in the back and get on the road. I think that this would be a fun little basic camping rig, have any of you seen one?


  1. Avatar photo Fahrvergnugen Member

    This is fascinating but it needs one of those crazy Jeep stickers “If you can read this then you’ve flipped over too” or some such silliness.

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    • Avatar photo Daniel Wright

      Don’t Laugh…Your Daughters In Here With Me.

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  2. Avatar photo Evan

    So you’re out camping and you take the boat off to do some fishing. While you’re out on the lake, a storm comes up. Which means not only are you soaking wet, but so is all the gear in your topless camper. Seems like a fine idea.

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    • Avatar photo Mike

      The video link in the story shows that there is a fiberglass roof under the boat.

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  3. Avatar photo FordGuy1972 Member

    It’s cute but it’s basically a closed, empty trailer for hauling everything you would need for camping. The interior has nothing except space to offer (and not much of that) and you’d better be OK with digging your own latrine. I can’t see it being worth almost $10k.

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    • Avatar photo Jay

      I can. It’s cool. Retro, anti glam.

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  4. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    Hymn. I don’t see a boat motor or oars so how is the boat powered? I actually like this thing, but I’ve seen others I like better. I watched a video awhile back that shows how to build your own camping trailer and putting a John boat on top would be easy enough for two people. For now I’ll just keep my ten grand and sleep in my car if I go camping.
    God bless America

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  5. Avatar photo Kenn

    A) Put an outboard motor or oars in the vehicle towing this unit. B) Portable latrines are available and reasonably low cost. Can even get a shelter for it!

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  6. Avatar photo Jon Gibson

    Don’t laugh. Your wife is in here with me.

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    • Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

      Would she fit?

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  7. Avatar photo Chris In Australia

    So, do you turn the whole thing over to use the boat? Asking for a friend!

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  8. Avatar photo Greg

    When a friend of mine retired he purchased one of these and a 1955 Ford Wagon to pull it…both in this turquoise color. The combo was striking going down the road IMO. I lost track of him as he drove into the sunset but I am sure he had many happy times with it.

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    • Avatar photo Richardd Adams

      What kind of friend drives off and leaves you behind lol ?

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      • Avatar photo Greg

        There wasn’t enough room inside for me, his wife and their dog….something had to go :)

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  9. Avatar photo chrlsful

    great idea (thru the decades) and needs update to modern materials (C the EMS or Wally’s world ‘plastic’ boat models) that are tough and light. A rail that both stiffens the boat and snaps into the trailer perimeter…

    ANY ‘convert-able’ gets my thumbs up (hada EB for 40 yrs now) as it serves multi – uses. Not a bad thing (but, yes, limited. Multipurpose means not good at anything, OK at several). No different thana p/u w/a ladder rack (or ‘topper’) U throw a boat on (cept this U still get to use the vehicle w/o the rest, just unhook the ball).
    A lill frnt wheel drive modern car could haul if mostly glass. I can see a kit made frm a snowmobile trailer or sm landscaper’s.

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  10. Avatar photo Northstarlc3
  11. Avatar photo Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: the seller accepted a “best offer” so this one is gone.

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