Not Seen Everyday: 2018 Christy Hovercraft

Lately, I’ve been thinking about alternative vehicles that would be interesting to own. I’ve never really been drawn to motorcycles and I worry about them fighting for space on our traffic-choked roads that are dominated by distracted drivers. Private planes, plus the lessons to learn how to fly, are frightfully expensive. I wanted a boat years ago until I realized that besides being a hole into which one pours money, most owners don’t seem to use them enough to justify the trouble and expense. I’d love to have a locomotive but I’d need a shortline railroad to go with it. How about a hovercraft? Hmmm, yeah a hovercraft, that’s the ticket, and here’s my chance, a 2018 Christy 5146 FC hovercraft. It’s located in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada and is available, here on Iron Planet for an opening bid of $63,000 CDN, about $50,000 U.S. Thanks to Doug W for this tip!

Christy is a Russian hovercraft manufacturer, located in St. Petersburg, Russia and has been in business for about 30 years. They manufacture numerous different models and this example, being a 5146 FC, has a closed cabin with room for six, a top speed of 62 MPH, a 1,200 lbs. payload, weighs 1,700 lbs. and consumes about five gallons of fuel per hour. The listing states that the price when new, in 2018 was $150,000 CDN but they can now be purchased for about $124,000 CDN. The hours on this example aren’t listed but it’s starting out for half the price of a new one; such a deal!

The engine employed here is an MI-Tech 120 HP, 1.6 liter, DOHC, in-line four-cylinder, versions of which have been featured in certain Kia and Hyundai vehicles. This particular engine is the standard powerplant available for this model along with a 26 HP “lift” engine.

The interior is a cross between a car and a boat, the instrument panel center stack looks like it was boosted from a mini-van. The passenger seating is probably adequate assuming that you are not encountering rough seas. The listing states five-passenger capacity but the manufacturer detail references it as six.

The exterior of this hovercraft has a modern appearance to it, the cab looks like one borrowed from a full-size pick-up, though I must admit, I’m hardly an expert on hovercraft aesthetics. It proudly displays the Canadian Maple Leaf flag but that could be changed depending on the new locale of domicile. I’m thinking it would look smashing displaying the Jolly Roger. Here is a video of this craft in action so you can get a good view of it from multiple angles. BTW, the trailer is included in the sale.

So, what would one do with a hovercraft like this? Well, I could chase the Canadian geese off of the lake behind my house and encourage them to go back home, but this is a pretty extravagant means just to disband some dirty, noisy birds. I suppose you could arm it and try an insurrection somewhere but the target would have to be real small, smaller than say Rhode Island. Seriously, you could use it for commuter service on a riverway if that were a viable means of transport, it would beat getting stuck in highway traffic. Or perhaps a water taxi from one side of a lake or river to the other. And then there’s always the movie prop route, a James Bond flick perhaps?


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  1. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    This would be a perfect vehicle for, say, Lake Tahoe provided the wind wasn’t too high (surfers were riding 10’ waves during a storm there last year).

    Have to wonder if the state Dept. of Wildlife would still require an aquatic invasive species (AIS) inspection, and how would this be licensed?

    Or you COULD arm it and invade Rhyolite NV if you’re feeling particularly bombastic that day…

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  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice story Jim, and I am all in with the geese project!

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  3. Mutt

    Good for running over Moose and Squirrel.

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Ah, Boris-you never stop, do you?!?!?!

      And I’ve heard these don’t stop so well either..

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      • Walt Hand

        oh, they stop, dump all the air going to the skirt, they smack down pretty hard,reverse the fan, yeah, they still don’t stop. Personal use is one thing, water taxi is another MARAD regulations, it is not plates for the car at he DMV. If it wasn’t built in USA , it has to be granted an exemption to operate and THAT is just the beginning. My buddies have been giving me crap about hovercraft forever , they fascinate me. And a buyers tip , make sure the skirt is built in sections, so you can replace in sections, replacing a of it for one tear is expensive.

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  4. David Safian Member

    Would be hella fun on Lake Havasu.

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    • Roland

      My family had a place on an island. Boat access only. When the ice “let out” in Spring you either vacated for a bit or hunkered down till boating was safe again. Winter was no problem as ice could be 3’ thick and they plowed roads for access. Dad & his buds looked into getting a hover craft & amfibious vehicle but mum wasn’t so keen on idea. Lots of $$ for short time use.

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      • Davr Mazz

        Roland said, “Lots of $$ for short time use…” What do you mean, short time use?? Just get rid of your wheeled cars and use the hover-craft year round!! You might even make a few bucks in the spring time, blowing sand off of city streets. :-) :-)

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  5. Tiberius1701

    I wonder if it is full of eels….

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    • Bill D

      I will not buy this tobacconist’s, it is scratched.

  6. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Never been in or ridden in a hovercraft but I’d sure love to try it out. If you had the right space you could try out being James Bond in one of these.

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  7. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    1 part air boat
    1 part pickup truck
    1 part mini van
    1 part giant innertube

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  8. Jay E.

    Not to sidetrack this thread, but we have a lake near our house and there are plentiful geese. They only make noise when there is a threat, and having them nearby is one of the most joyful experiences you can imagine. They are smart, and intensely loyal. I guess everyone experience is different. Speaking of noise, this hovercraft, if it were on our lake, would drive me nuts.

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  9. BleedNRed

    I would buy it if it had air conditioning and a mini- fridge. They would also have to fix the tear in the seat.

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  10. Steve Clinton

    Looks like a Lumina that an amateur customizer got carried away with.

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  11. Clay Bryant

    These will stop on a dime and give you change. Had a couple,(sold one and my daughter made me buy another one) Great on our Platte River here in Nebraska.4 wheelers had to pick and chose going from water to sandbars when it got too deep but I would wave as I flew by.. Miss it. The fun thing was to give it a little left rudder then snap it to the right and do 360s at speed.(hang on) A real different type of fun.

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  12. rodknee

    I presume the side mirrors are so you don’t ding the other hovercrafts when parallel parking.

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    • Clay Bryant

      That’s how you keep your eyes on the competition

  13. Kenn

    You don’t have to have water for these. They are called hovercraft for a reason. Can traverse land as well as water.

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