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2-Seater Conversion: 1983 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

The third-generation Camaro was still a desirable commodity in 1983, with 154,000 units rolling off the assembly line. More than 62,000 of them would be Z28s, but only as coupes. A couple of aftermarket companies could build you one, and Auto Form was one of them. That’s who we’re told this one, which looks clean at just 54,000 miles. Though not perfect, it presents well enough in Albertville, Alabama, and is available here on Craigslist for $9,500.

As an Auto Form conversion, there is some difference as to how many were made. The seller says 300, but sources indicate it could be as high as 1,000, which may include Firebirds and the 1984 model year. Auto Form (now out of business) would receive F-body Camaro’s from Chevrolet and go about making 2-seat roadsters that remind me of the third-generation Ford Thunderbirds. They were built to order, so the Chevy dealer would have a customer waiting to take delivery.

The first thing that happened was for Auto Form to cut off the roof. Then, the body and chassis were braced to account for that lack of metal and weight. After excavating the rear seating, the converter would cap things off with a fiberglass top that fit like a glove. A convertible top, manually operated, could be raised and lowered by the driver. Back in the day, all this work added about $5,500 to the price of the final automobile, about a third of what it might cost today.

Factory Z28s could be ordered with either a 305 or 350 cubic-inch V8, but we’re not told what’s under the hood of this car. The seller says this vehicle has been in Alabama for years and runs and drives as it should. The interior is in decent shape, although the passenger seat has several small holes. The factory air conditioner will also need a charge, which is the only repair the seller mentions. Have you ever owned or ridden in one of the conversions? Our thanks to T.J. for another exciting tip!


  1. Avatar photo Dave

    It only looks a little odd with the top up, but it looks terrible with the top down.

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    • Avatar photo Nelson C

      The conversation looks well done some forty years on. Would have liked a stick but the automatic fits this car. Roll up glass. So cool!

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  2. Avatar photo Tbone

    I just threw up in my mouth

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  3. Avatar photo RKS

    I can’t believe someone put pen to paper for the design and still thought it was a good idea to turn a Camaro into a two seater. It looks awkward but worse than that it just looks cheap. Someone should yank the drivetrain out and put it in an early Ford street rod.

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    • Avatar photo Steveo

      I can believe someone working from a sketch and giving it a go, but to actually make more than one after seeing it in the finished form…

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  4. Avatar photo Joe

    Looked great on the sixties Thunderbirds but on this, not so much.

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  5. Avatar photo stillrunners Member

    Looks cool another one from the mullet era – good luck to the new owner !

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  6. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    I get it. GM made what? Nearly 800,000 82-84 Gen III’s Camaro with the Firebird clones combined. Many more when one considers the design droning on virtually unchanged until 1992.

    So this car has a conversion to make a very ordinary car different. What’s the issue?

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  7. Avatar photo Michael Tischler

    I’d rather have one of those 7 yellow Pinto wagons from yesterday BF post.

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  8. Avatar photo Aussie Dave Member

    Three words.
    “Pig Dog Ugly”

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  9. Avatar photo CCFisher

    The 350 was not available in a 3rd generation Camaro until 1987, so this one has a 305. Given the automatic transmission, it’s either the base, 4-barrel 305 or the Cross-Fire 305. The 305 HO was only available with a 5-speed.

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  10. Avatar photo ET

    Great, now I have coffee all over my screen.

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  11. Avatar photo I_cant_drive_65

    Not for everyone, but the 80’s wasn’t for everyone either. You were pretty rad driving this around then!

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    • Avatar photo gearhead1

      …pretty “rad”iculous !

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  12. Avatar photo Timothy Oneill

    I am the owner of one of these Auto Form conversions done on 83 Trans Am. Bought from original owner in 1995 with 20k miles It was ordered from Phillips in Leesburg Florida. Auto Form option was $6500 . Total of 125 were done in 83 with total of less than a 1000 done in the three years it was an option . It has 51k miles on it now, still has original 305 twin throttle body, New top, seats have been redone and new carpet everything else is original. Drive to local shows in Florida. Great car to drive

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  13. Avatar photo Barry. Traylor


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    • Avatar photo Tim Oneill

      I am second owner of one of these conversions done on 83 TransAm with 305 twin throttle body. had 21k miles when I got it now has 50k . There were only 125 of these done in 83 with total of less than 1000 done in the three years this option was available. Originally bought in Leesburg Fl. and I still drive to local shows here in this area. fun car to drive great power and hand.ling

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  14. Avatar photo Don Earl

    Back in the 80s’ this was a cool ride, compared to the cars of today where you can’t tell one model from another. I had an 82 model of this design only difference was mine had a white top. Someone stole my car for the tires and wheels. It was recovered and had to replace the fenders, tires and wheels. The wheels were replaced with triple reversed wheels which gave the car a low appearing stance. Loved that car wish I still had it.

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  15. Avatar photo Eric Haulenbeek

    Oh yuk… there goes lunch!

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    • Avatar photo Neil R Norris

      Imagine spending time and money to and with that? Horrifying.

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  16. Avatar photo Tim Oneill

    The wheels were special to the AutoForm conversion package for total of $6500

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  17. Avatar photo H Siegel

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I like it. GLWTS

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