Gentlemens’ Express: 1973 Jensen Interceptor

I don’t know Barn Finds reader Rocco B. personally, but his tastes must be similar to mine because I almost always like the finds he uncovers and submits to us! This 1973 Jensen Interceptor is advertised as a survivor (although your definition of one may well differ) and is advertised here on craigslist with a price of $30,000. It’s located in Colusa-Sacramento, California.

As you may be aware, Jensen Motors essentially followed the Aston Martin formula of creating what was known at the time as “gentlemen’s express” cars. Sporty but elegant, fast but not necessarily quick, but above all exclusive.

It’s very rare to see an Interceptor with the factory tools still in place! And if you buy it, you can tell your significant other that you bought a “practical” hatchback–right?

Unfortunately for Jensen, they didn’t have access to a Tadek Marek so their chosen powerplant was a Chrysler V8. Not quite as sophisticated as Aston Martin, but plenty of guts, especially in 440 V8 form like this one! Not only that, but the air conditioning looks intact as well!

Parts manuals and other documentation add to the allure of this car. I’m still thinking $30k is a bit much, especially considering what I think is rattle-can spray primer on the car, but remember, a craigslist price is an asking price only. What color would you paint this one? Original or something else? The first Interceptor I almost bought was a deep metallic burgundy, and I’ve never forgotten it (or stopped regretting that I bought another car from the same seller instead). Have any of you got Interceptor experiences?


  1. dirtyharry

    I recall one on our shop, for a “tune up” in the 70’s. By 73, I am sure you will remember everyone was in the process of detuning and horsepower was dropping like anvils off a cliff. Being 20, I went “heads up” with a 71 Corvette and a 4 speed, which easily had two car lengths on me at 60 mph. I thought it very cool at the time, who doesn’t like a big block?

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  2. Tirefriar

    I’ve always been attracted to premium Euro cars with American running gear because they offered an unsurpassed combination of European craftsmanship combined with reliability of Detroit hardware. I had Jensen on my radar but the prices have been going through the roof. This will most likely need another $30k – $40k in restoration if one is to do it properly, less of course if you can do it yourself. The fact that there’s no picture of interior in particular and very limited pictures in general does not inspire confidence

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  3. MikeB

    I had a 73 model in a pale yellow color with brown leather interior, the car had a very nice wood gauge panel and excellent Wilton carpeting. Loved the car. However, the huge 440 roasted batteries and engine compartment wiring periodically. But what I remember most was that women absolutely loved that car ( I was a 34 year old bachelor at the time)

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  4. carappraiser

    these old Jensens are spendy to restore, alot of leather in side that will cost $10k to $12k to do, add in proper paint another $10 to 15k depending on how friendly your are with the bodyshop, this car is worth about half what he is asking.

  5. CJinSD

    During the muscle-car collector craze, it seemed like these were the cheapest Mopar V8 powered two-doors, but I suppose that’s the case no more. When I lived in Hilversum thirty-five years ago, it seemed like Kroymans always had a few of these around their shop. Their looks and stance held up well surrounded by Ferraris and other special interest cars. Too bad I missed the window to buy a decent one cheaply.

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  6. Tom

    “It’s very rare to see an Interceptor with the factory tools still in place!”
    There’s a message in that statement.
    It’s neat though. would be the only one on your block

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  7. grant

    Lol it’s rare to see an Interceptor with it’s factory sheet metal intact, so say nothing of the tool set.

  8. Maestro1

    Jensens are expensive to repair/restore, a joy to drive when you’re done, and you won’t see yourself at every stoplight. The
    downside is acquisition cost. I think they are too high priced to start with.

  9. Coventrycat

    If you have the kind of money to blow on an old Jensen but need to justify it with a significant other, take some extra and buy a pair.

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  10. Del

    I sense a little snobbiness from the commentator about the 440.

    These cars would be scrap without that 440.


    Yeah. It needs a European lawn mower engine

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Del, I can assure you there’s no snobbiness here! Just pointing out that Jensen didn’t have the available resources that Aston Martin did! I’m the proud owner of two vehicles with American V8s and I love them both!

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