German Micro: 1960 Lloyd Alexander TS

1960 Loyd Alexander Ts Side

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It seems as though the market has been flooded with quirky micro cars lately. This odd little guy is offered for sale by the same seller of the Daimler featured earlier today. This automobile is a 1960 Lloyd Alexander TS and is mostly original. Find it for sale here on eBay with five days remaining.

1960 Loyd Alexander Ts Engine

Lloyds are not very well know around here but at one time they were third behind Volkswagen and Opel in Germany. They produced small inexpensive cars and this example is no different. This car features a tiny 596cc two cylinder four stroke engine. It produce 25 horsepower and is good for up to 66mph.

1960 Loyd Alexander Ts Interior

Although simple, the interior of this Lloyd looks clean and usable. The whole car appears to be in good condition and with a little cleaning and maintenance would make a nice driver.

1960 Loyd Alexander Ts Side Ad

We would not recommend buying a new micro car, but we think this vintage one would be fun because of its charm. It may even handle well considering how lightweight it is. Either way we are sure it will get some looks going down the road. Just look at how much fun these people are having in this picture taken from an original Lloyd brochure. With such a small engine, it makes you wonder if they actually made it up that hill…

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  1. Ron Southan

    Down right spiffy.

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  2. Wheezer

    It's like a baby Hansa 1100!

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  3. Ed Murfin

    I owned a 1961 Alexander TS for more than three years in the early 60’s. It did better than 45 mpg and cruised happily at 65+mph. The handling was superb, and driving over snowed up mountain roads would leave much more powerful cars behind. It was easy to work on, cheap to run and was surprisingly comfortable and robust. I’d love to get my hands on another TS, though I think there can be very very few in the UK now – they were scarce back in the 6os. Grand to see photos – and a utube video of one started up made me quite nostalgic – my friends used to refer to my TS as a sewing machine and after all this time I can hear that they were spot on:-)

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  4. kirby paulman

    I owned one in the late 60s and early 70s. Mine was a roll back conv. Sold it and a year later bought it back. Sold it again and wish I had it back again.Would love to find one now.

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  5. Mel Stark

    I called my Alexander TS : “Alexander Tough Sh#t

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  6. Jon

    Just found a 58 Lloyd in Iowa has all the parts just needs to be restored my wife fell in love with it

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  7. Oldgysgt

    As a young mechanic in my father’s automotive repair business, I worked on a number of 1960 Lloyds. They had a tendency to burn exhaust valves. This was the only car I ever worked on that could be started by opening the door, push on the ground with my foot to get it moving, and popping the clutch, to get the engine started. In 1960 you could buy a new Lloyd for the princely sum of $1000.00. For that price you had your choice of 2 door coupé or 2 door “Wagon”.

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  8. Al

    I’m currently working on getting a wagon! Needs floor work but is all there. Going from the common world of air cooled VWs to this will be interesting!

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