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Going Stag? 1973 Triumph Stag

'73 Stag front

It has been reported 5,508 1973 Triumph Stags were produced. There were 2,859 automatic units produced, which this one is of, and only 1,176 were exported. Listed here on craigslist in Frisco, Colorado is this 1973 Triumph Stag priced at $10K.

'73 Stag engine

Ken the seller says there are 30K miles on the car and it is all original. This ad is short on information. We don’t know if the engine turns or if the air filter housing is included in the sale?

'73 Stag int

The front seats look tidy and Ken reminds us there is also a backseat. We have posted all the photos that were provided with the ad.

'73 Stag

Ken reports there are only about 800 still in the U.S. and the hard and soft top are included with the purchase. The condition of the car, according to the ad, is “good”.  Does this means it can be driven?  We don’t know?  Please contact Ken with your questions if you “need” a V-8 powered Triumph Stag as a “driver” or to ad to your “collection”.



  1. bcavileer

    looks like a fairly solid example, but would need to see in person.
    great car, grossly misunderstood.
    would have been stellar except for the overheating issues and the lack of factory support over here in the USA.
    shame, i always liked the body style, not the roof treatment. probably the highest finish and build expense Leyland ever put out. Triumph was long gone by then…

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  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Three places to look for rust: in front of the rear wheels on the lower body seam, under the battery underhood at the front, and the front fender/front valence seam. Note that all fenders are welded on, so if there’s damage in the front it’s a little tougher to replace than with a bolt-on. If the engine’s good, this is an OK buy as long as there’s no rust. Lousy Stags are easy to find–good ones with the original engine are very rare. I’d prefer a manual with overdrive, though!

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  3. Jason Houston

    Or, think what else you could invest ten grand in: a 1964 Falcon convertible, 1951 Studebaker Starlight Coupe, 1965 Mustang hardtop, 1970 Camaro, 1964 Bonneville, 1961 Impala, 1964 Mercury Comet, 1959 Dodge hardtop, 1961 Buick Invicta, 1960 De Soto, 1967 Marlin, 1958 Edsel hardtop, 1954 Mercury Monterey, 1965 El Camino or perhaps a 1970 Olds Cutlass…

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  4. duke

    the bastard knows what its worth too—i want a bargain or a steal….not full price daily driver…these were initially developed to compete with the mercedes SL series cars however because of the semi unreliableness of these great cars triumph stopped making them because of lack of proper sales….still a nicer car.
    in my view were these stags

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  5. Peter R

    For under $10k you can get a well looked after 560SL with less than 100k miles on the clock and a less reliable XJS in similar condition for even less

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  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    What I could never figure out was the static door frames – it looks like what it is – half arsed

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  7. Dean

    But they do sound good

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