Golden Curves: 1971 Chevrolet Corvette

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

These beautiful golden curves belong to a 1971 Chevrolet Corvette. While it isn’t completely original, a lot of the vehicle has sympathetic restovivor work done. It’s being sold here on eBay at no reserve, and bidding has just hit $15,000 (33 bids so far). It’s located in West Babylon, New York.

I keep talking about getting a C3, and one of these days I’m sure I will. Not at the moment, though. However, I’m guessing these sensuous curves have seduced at least some of you Barn Finds readers. And look (inside joke for long time readers) — there’s no luggage rack!

I happen to be a fan of these early C3s with the elegant chrome bumpers. The paint is advertised as “original” War Bonnet Yellow, but I’m sure it’s a repaint in the original color. The chrome looks nice, too. And despite being a Ford/AMC guy when it comes to domestic cars, I’m a sucker for those crossed flags on just about any hood.


As you can see here, the underside of this car looks nice as well. This really does look like a nice driver, although the excessive height in the rear bothers me a little. Perhaps it’s just a new spring?

The interior looks really nice for a driver, at least to me. And that four speed stick is just waiting for me to grab it. (30 second pause to check my bank account) Nope, not right now, darn it. So it’s up to you, lucky readers. Someone must be looking for a great C3 driver, right? But there’s one thing missing from this picture–a picture of the engine. We’re told it’s a rebuilt 350 cubic inch V8, but is it the original one? Does originality really matter when we are talking about a driver quality car? I’m interested in your opinion, readers — please share it below in the comments!

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  1. F.A.G.

    It would be perfect if it had a grocery rack!!

  2. Allen Wrench

    One of the best Corvette colors of all time- War Bonnet Yellow

    • ChevyTruckGuy

      Agreed! Excellent vintage color!

  3. Sparkster

    Skinny tires , shifter looks wrong. I believe the factory shifter is a little shorter.

    • Mike

      Shorter shifter with reverse lock out finger loops .

      • Rodent

        Looks like a Hurst.

    • bill

      Tires were skinner than these in 1971.. Wrong shifter.. would have been round shaft, shorter with t handle lock out for reverse..


    Wrong steering wheel. But it is a A/C car. (No vent levers)

    • Ended

      Yep, that is a ’76 steering wheel.

      You can see the A/C controls in the same and next photo also.

  5. Coventrycat

    “War Bonnet Yellow” sure looks like “Harvest Gold” to me. Too bad they didn’t do something in Avacado, then you could match your Corvette to virtually any kitchen appliance combination of the time.

  6. ruxvette

    Hood and headlights look a little wonky. Perhaps an alignment would help. Chrome side grille is always ugly, IMHO.
    Folks joke about the luggage rack but, unless you’ve owned one, they are worth it for trips of more than to the beer store.
    Looks to be a decent driver at the current $15-16k.

  7. joeinthousandoaks

    I have a 454 4 speed in the same color and I love it. Everyone is correct on the shifter. Original has t handle for reverse. Previous owner painted my wheels gold too. I thought it would be the 1st thing I would change but they have grown on me.

  8. leiniedude

    Thanks for the luggage rack comment Jamie. LOL! I know it comes up all the time with these. My 72 does not have one, maybe someday. I believe the rack was a dealer installed option as was the right side mirror. I do like the look. Not big on the color of this one, but each to there own. Curious about the value as well. I bought mine 19 years ago with a rebuilt engine. Correct date codes but block was shaved. I really enjoy thrashing mine with the tops and back window removed. Fun cars Jamie, snag one when you can, you will not be disappointed. Take care.

  9. Reid Hall

    Yes people l believe you are right shifter is probably dealer install, and or after market, unless this and or the color of the car are special order .This not mentioned so we have to use best judgment .To me the seat covers look to new ,and or to clean to be original. Maybe new old stock found at either car show,and or private party seller. Not the big block, and or side pipe car .15-35k way to high.Maybe 5-10k .

  10. ccrvtt

    For this money you could get a late C4 with low miles and in pristine condition that’s faster and better handling. Granted the C4’s don’t have the vintage appeal (yet). But the only reason to buy is to get what you like and if you like C3’s this is a nice one.

    As far as numbers-matching on a driver/cruiser – who cares? How many SBC’s have been produced? Millions? They can make anywhere from 250-450 tractable horsepower at a reasonable price.

    $15K for this will seem like a bargain in about 5-10 years.

  11. Joel S

    Good luck finding a clean chrome bumper Corvette for $5-10K, $15-20K for a good small block is right in there. I also have a 72 LS5 big block and this color is a stock choice and very popular for that year. Louvers should be painted with just the edges exposed. Would like some engine compartment photos and see the engine pad. As for the high rear stance either front springs are sagging a bit or new rear spring and this can be adjusted very easily. Looks like a nice buy but as always, get someone to check the frame kickups and windshield pillars for rust.

  12. T Mel

    To me originality always matters but as long as it’s reflected in the price then no problem. Great looking car.

  13. leiniedude

    Winning bid:US $17,000.00
    [ 50 bids ]


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