Golden Pony: 1977 Ford Mustang II

This 1977 Ford Mustang II has under 60,000 original miles and looks to remain in incredibly original condition with some cool, period details still in place. You’d better like gold paint, because there’s loads of it everywhere you look. The Mustang presents as being in unrestored condition but it still fires up with ease. The seller notes it has been in storage since 1990 and that it comes with a factory eight-track. The interior is another highlight, as it looks to be in similar condition (if not better) than the outside. Find it here on eBay with an opening bid of $1,700, no reserve, and no action yet.

Why are there no bids on this Mustang II? I’m shocked. Fans of this era of the Mustang have no illusions about what you’re buying, which is anything but a performance car. The opening bid seems reasonable for a car that seemingly have very few cosmetic warts and all the hallmarks of being in long-term indoor storage. Check out those old-school bumper stickers: you cannot fake vintage details like that. The consistency of the paint is also worth noting, as it may indicate this Mustang II has never been hit or otherwise drastically deconstructed. Throw in the old-school Pennsylvania license plates and there’s little doubt this is a grandma car.

The interior really does seal the deal for me in terms of erasing any doubt that this Mustang is a very nice survivor. The dash has no cracks, the seating surfaces are clean and untorn, and the carpets even appear clean. The door panels still look quite fresh, just like the fascia around the gauges. Plastics and vinyl surfaces wearing colors this light almost always look dirty by this point, but not here: even the covering around the parking brake looks clean and blemish-free. The seller notes that while he was able to get the car to fire up without too much work, he didn’t attempt to move it using the transmission, so its condition is unknown. A/C was not installed in this example.

The seller replaced the solenoid, changed the oil/filter, and bypassed the gas tank and notes that it fired right up. As mentioned, the automatic is a question mark, as I’m guessing he didn’t want to risk doing any damage to a long-idled car and just wanted to confirm the engine wasn’t a paperweight. Still, for the opening bid, that’s a roll of the dice you can make, provided there’s no rust underneath. This being a northern car, you never know – but rust isn’t mentioned in the listing. The seller does have a title in his name, so it seems like he may have had greater aspirations for the Mustang beyond listing it on eBay. It’s at least worth the opening bid, right?

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  1. Moparman Member

    I could have been tempted, if it had been a 4 speed manual! :-)

  2. 71Boss351

    Let’s see why no bids! 1) 4 cylinder Pinto engine, 2) No a/c, 3). Automatic, 4) PA tags with snow tires, 5) condition of transmission unknown, and 6) White interior. I could live with a black interior and Gold exterior but white is UGLY.

    • Superdessucke

      A buddy of mine had a powder blue 1977 Mustang II Ghia with this engine and transmission combo back in the day. The Automobile-Catalog lists 0 to 60 at 14.7. That one must have been tuned by Jim Wangers in the Royal Pontiac shop because his felt waaay slower than that.

      One of the most leisurely and tedious cars I have ever experienced. It was very very slow, even in the context of the mid-80s. Not much of a looker either, IMO. Looks like a stubby upright girly thing, not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

    • PatrickM

      I disagree. White is great looking, although hard to keep clean. Black is too hot, especially in the summer, unless you like yelping about ‘those danged hot seats!!” But, I do agree that if this had a 4 speed and a/c,(I live in the middle east coast. A/C a must). then I might look at this pretty seriously. Would make a terrific daily driver.

  3. Skorzeny

    Why no bids? Is it April?

  4. Bob_in_TN Member

    I like Mustang II’s, even base coupes like this one. It looks a bit rough around the edges but not too bad. I hope a Mustang II fan gets it and gives it the time/energy/money to make it into something to take to the local Sonic cruise-in.

    Though they were not great cars, not much in this time period was. So, I’m glad they were produced, which allows us to make all those intriguing comparisons among Mustang models (such as the nearby discussion of the 1993 Cobra compared to the newest Mustangs).

  5. AndyinMA

    Dated a girl who drove this car in a similar gold-ish color. Got her matching mud flaps for her birthday. She dumped me shortly thereafter.

    • PatrickM

      a box of chocolates, flowers and some jewelry would go a lot farther.

  6. Stangalang

    Didja get your mud flaps back…lmao🤣👍

    • BOWDN

      Talk about mud flaps
      My gal’s got ’em.

      • PatrickM

        On her car or elsewhere?

  7. Shawn Fox Firth

    That new Ford 7.3 gas engine would look nice sitting in there .

  8. Dual Jetfire

    It’s hard to imagine a more girlie 70s car than a gold Mustang II.

  9. Todd

    Had a buddy that had one of these in high school. We crammed 7 people in that little car one night party hopping. 3 in the front and 4 in the back. Car could barely get out of it’s own way.

  10. rustylink

    stay golden Pony Car……

  11. Midnightflyer

    I drove a 77 with a V6 tike this to work for years. It was metallic green with white interior. My wife would not ride in it. No AC and ugly.
    I traded it, in 1993. Never had any big issues with it. I was sitting in a construction lineup one night, looked in the mirror and about 10 cars back there it was. I got out and walked back and talked to the fellow. It was still running good with no issues. That V6 never used any oil.

    • PatrickM

      Neither did my ’75 Pinto V6 wagon. I’ve mentioned it before. Will dispense with story. Wish I still had it.

  12. Jimmy

    The nice thing about the Mustang II is they are plentiful and no one cares if you chop them up to make a race car or even throw a Bronco II frame under them to make a 4×4 out of them. I despise the Bronco II as much as people hate these so why not combine them into something better.

    • Paul

      And just when I thought that there are no nice things about a Mustang II at all…Jimmy has proved me wrong and I agree!!

      Chop it up nobody cares!!

  13. Howard Kerr

    My sister bought a new Mustang II in 1974. Her’s had the V6 and automatic transmission. To drive it felt like a mini me Thunderbird…not a compliment.
    As other have noted, everything about this example is less than ideal. However, you can “easily” swap a V8 in the place of that anaemic 4, or just move up to a more modern 4 as vintage Euro Fords are being updated with newer DOHC engines.
    Bad news? These don’t have any real support among the aftermarket community.

  14. David G

    If only it had A/C and a 302 it would be more interesting/sellable. Loved seeing these in Japan, where they have a cult following. Their’s have factory power windows, which are not available on the ones sold in the U.S. or Canada.

  15. Andrew Franks

    A/C and at least a V6 is right, and then one has some satisfaction in driving it. Here on the Left Coast they are cheap and plentiful which includes those which have been beaten to death. Be careful on this.

  16. Joe Btfsplk

    You have your Bullitt Mustang and then there is this one…more of a .22 short Mustang.

  17. chrlsful

    “…don’t have any real support among the aftermarket community….”
    if U resto for profit, these R coming in right now. The “grew up w/these, could not afford buyers” can now. Contrary to the above: sub frame connectors, bilstiens’ streer/strip suspensions, break improvements, maximum motorsports’ K members etc, lowering springs, lots of ugly (I’m a boomer) ground effects, hot motor swaps (again fully supported), interiors up to ’93 (last yr for fox). Anything ’78 (granada/fairmont) thru ’93 (stang) can fit. My finds’n labor R payin off…

  18. Philip Lepel

    Ive wanted one of these to stuffs new2.3 turbo 4 into. With 300+hp. And upgraded suspension it would be a dream ride auto or not.

  19. TimM

    it could be cool with a big block under the hood!! Might have a bit of fabrication to do but it would definitely make it a lot cooler!!!

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