Grab This Find! 1970 Mustang Grabber Survivor

Ford decided they needed another special edition of the 1970 Mustang (ala Mach 1, Boss 302, etc) in order to maximize sales and thus debuted the “Grabber”. This survivor is being sold here on eBay where the buy it now price is a hefty $35,000. The orange Mustang is located in Walla Walla, Washington.

There’s no mention of the matching color shelves and floor jack in the sale as well, but you could always ask! The Grabber Special Value Edition cars were all Sportsroofs with the ‘C’ side stripes (similar to the 1969 Boss 302 but with no lettering), the 302 2-barrel V-8, body-color side mirrors and a blacked out taillight panel. According to this posting, Kevin Marti has stated that 5,120 Grabbers were sold in 1970.

I’m wondering if this is the original spare tire — it certainly looks the part. The trunk area is exceptionally clean. Not only that, the seller tells us that the Grabber Orange paint is original!

A far cry from the usual rust we see under these Mustangs. It’s nice to see that the new owner won’t have to worry about it!

I’m surprised the interior wasn’t cleaned better for this shot, and that might be a small tear in the passenger seat. Do any readers have a method to shrink the original vinyl back on that driver’s seat? Of course, reproduction parts are available if you can’t stand the flaws.

A little detailing would go a long way here! It could be fun, too. I guess the elephant in the room here is the asking price. Do you think $35,000 is too much for a non-Mach 1, non-Boss Mustang? I look forward to the discussion in the comments!

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  1. That Guy

    Interesting. I remember the Maverick “Grabber” but didn’t know there had been a Mustang. I learned my new thing for the day. Though in this case it’s an old thing. 😆

    • Wrong Way

      One again I will educate everyone about Grabber! The grabber color was exclusive to the Mustang! There is no Grabber edition Mustang! This is grabber orange! There was Grabber Green, Grabbed Blue, Grabber Yellow, and I think there was there was a red too! Jamie, you should make things a little more clear!

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

        Actually, if you follow the link in the article, there was a Grabber Value Edition; I’m not going to argue with Kevin Marti on that point ;-) Agreed that was the name for the colors, but there was a special edition with the stripes as well.

      • z28th1s

        Wrong Way why don’t you quit spewing incorrect information!

        If you will go back to your comments on the Grabber Blue Pinto from last month I clearly showed the Marti Report from my uncle’s 1971 Maverick Grabber showing that the original color was Grabber Blue! I will post that picture in a few minutes.

        Maybe you should just drop the ‘Way’ from your screen name then it would be more appropriate.

      • z28th1s

        As promised above. This clearly shows that Ford built 5,183 Maverick 2 doors in 1971 that were painted Grabber Blue.

  2. Fred W

    Re: the seat vinyl, I think you could remove the hog rings on the lower seat, stretch the vinyl a bit more and replace. Add a little padding if needed.

    • Poppy

      Yes, more foam and restretch it. It looks like it may have already had a new cover put on – just poorly installed.

  3. Woody

    Ok maybe a shaker-hood and some magnum 500s? or maybe not! Always seen these as the Torino-double,and just as nice!

  4. Dave

    The spare tire looks like a Goodyear Polyglas bias ply to me. F78-14, maybe ?

  5. Gaspumpchas

    Grabber? Hardly even know her! Anyoo- clean as a whistle but a plain jane 70 fastback/ The price of 35 large seems excessive unless you want to py that much for a non rust fastback. Full inspection with a magnet needed!! Good luck hunting!!


  6. j liu

    My absolute all time favorite hubcap and wheel trim ring combo…style is still contemporary 49 years later. Wouldn’t change these for anything.

    • Jasper

      Maybe it’s pricey but it’s also really nice.

      I agree with you on this wheel combo. Equaled or bested only by the special disc wheelcover/center cap on a ‘71 Plymouth Sport Fury GT.

  7. Keith

    Can you maybe at least vacuum it out considering how much you want for it??? Jeeezzzzze

  8. JoeNYWF64

    Yep, the white stripes on the modern radials here are improperly thicker than the one on the original spare. & have been improperly moved closer to the inner edge!! No excuse for either – especially considering the outrageous COST of many new tires. & many are now made overseas!
    Over the years, the tire companies don’t think i haven’t noticed that they have also actually REDUCED THE WIDTH!! & the # of tread grooves from 6 to 4!! of their, for example, 235-60-15 radial tires! I have 2 in the garage – 1 from the early 80’s & 1 from the 90s – to compare to my new ones – same brand – same size – to prove it. Also the SIZE of OUTLINE raised white LETTERS have actually decreased in size – twice over the last several decades!

    • Poppy

      Oh! The humanity…tire companies arbitrarily deciding on width and placement of white walls and lettering?! There ought to be a law :-)

      Kidding aside, we are lucky some whitewall tires and RWL tires are still made for our vintage rides now that most cars have >16″ rims with only blackwall tires. Thank you BF Goodrich and Firestone. I’m running 10+ year old rubber on my classics but I realize I’m on borrowed time. Some day soon my only choice may be Coker reproductions.

      • Gaspumpchas has tires of all sizes, prices, and whitewalls on some of them, you just need to ascertain if the tire you want has whitewalls. No need to pay Coker prices unless you want to. No sales tax and free shipping. In buy all my tires from them.



  9. Michelle

    Beefy price on this bad boy. Lots to do, and there’s a lot of attractive Mustangs out there if you are not stuck on a Grabber Orange version.

  10. carbuzzard Member

    Grabber Mustangs were made to confuse buyers who couldn’t tell the difference between Mustangs with stripes that indicated special performance models and stripes that indicated, well, stripes.

  11. Roseland Pete

    That Marti Report is great. Too bad there isn’t a similar one for GM cars.

  12. Alexander

    You’ll pay sales tax if you live where discounttireinc is located, Michigan. Otherwise no sales tax and free shipping. Used them for multiple vintage rides.

  13. bog

    Hm. I actually think I’d rather have the Grabber Blue Maverick mentioned here by z28th 1S. Wonder if they had the same HP 302/2v ? Neither would hold a candle to the BOSS 351 I ordered and bought new , but few other Fords did. Just recently threw away the window sticker that came with it. Would have been interesting to see “how many of how many” it was per Mr. Marti….

  14. carbuzzard Member

    I drove a 1971 (1972) Comet GT a while ago and it had the 302/2V. It also had drum brakes all around. I was going down a long downhill and the owner says to me, “You’re going to feel the brakes start to pulse. It’s just the drums getting hot and out of round. Don’t worry about it.”

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