Gran Turismo Barn Find: 1963 Studebaker


Although it’s wearing signs of long term storage, this 1963 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk still looks attractive to me. This particular car has been off the road since 1982 but is stated to have been in dry storage. That may be the case, but some rust has certainly started regardless! It’s located in Eugene, Oregon and is listed for sale here on eBay for a buy it now of $5,900.


When Brooks Stevens updated the lines of the Hawk for 1962, he pushed a lot of my buttons–I have always loved the lines of these cars ever since a friend showed up with one many years ago.


Unfortunately, some of that typical “Studebaker fender rust” is showing up–and that’s not the only place there’s rust.


I applaud the seller for being so disclosing with the photos; this trunk lid really doesn’t look that bad from the outside; the hole is relatively small. However, on the back side of the trunk lid it’s more obvious that the damage is pretty severe. I suppose this could be fixed with some careful patching, but I’d be looking for a replacement panel first. I don’t think living with rust this severe is acceptable, especially since the car has been repainted anyway; you aren’t preserving originality at this point!


That’s not the only spot either. Although the trunk floor doesn’t look too bad (as long as you don’t mind the appearance of patches, localized repairs would be fine), this edge could be a truly problematic repair to get looking right, especially with the resulting panel gap.


I love these dashes; an American interpretation of European sports coupe design. You can have the aftermarket steering wheel, though.


Aside from the bottom of the driver’s seat, the upholstery actually looks pretty good. In 1962, Studebaker got a lot of complaints about the robustness of their vinyl upholstery, so it changed for 1963, and it looks like most of this has held up remarkably well.


Assuming that this is the original engine, it is a 289 V8. It’s interesting to me that the rust in the edges doesn’t seem to have affected the front anywhere near as much as the back. Perhaps the dry storage was just a roof and the rear was more out in the elements? Regardless, I love these cars and this seems to be a decent base to start with. The question is, do you feel the same way?


  1. Peter L.

    Studies rule!

  2. flmikey

    This is one of those cars you wanna have inspected or inspect yourself…they don’t mention if it runs, or even if the engine is not locked up, a lot of wiring issues under the hood….love the tach in the dash…seems like the price is at the tippy top of the price range…

  3. Vince Habel

    It has been removed. It does not appear to be the factory tach. Must have a lot of miles with the worn front seat. They wore like iron in 63

  4. Ed P

    I’ve always liked the Hawks. The GT Hawks are the best looking of the bunch.

  5. Joe Muzy

    It’s not the tippy top of the price range. With the amount of rust it might be priced about right if not a little low.

  6. David C

    A while back I wrote about finishing up a project for my brother that passed from Leukemia. After about 20 months I just delivered it to his son. 1953 Studebaker Commander, 383 stroker small block, 700R4, 9″narrowed ford rear, 4 wheel disc brakes. It still needs some tweaking but not too much.

    • Joe Howell

      Love 53-54 Studbuster hot rods. Well done, that was a wonderful thing to do for your nephew. Guess you’re his favorite uncle now.

      • David C

        Now I might find some time for my own projects.

    • David Wilk Member

      Beautiful car. Wonderful gesture. This is one of those cars I have wanted since I was a very little kid. Congratulations David C. I hope this car is much loved and well driven by your nephew.

  7. ben

    I love these cars had a 57 sliver hawk from vegas no rust what so ever but alas a state tropper wanted it and paid me a good price

  8. JimmyinTEXAS

    @Joe,I don’t know, There are several for sale now; I’m thinking I agree with flmikey. 5K may be all the money, maybe too much, for this rust bucket. Common consensus seems to be, buy the best you can afford. With the cost of all this rust repair that would be several more dollars that could be added to purchase better…

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Looks like mice rust – ask me how I know – other areas look okay. Nice set of mopar wires on there – they bring about a grand for 5 and extra caps.

  10. Joe Muzy

    You’re pretty good at prices Jimmy but normally the more desirable Studebaker models brings more money. The GT Hawks in this condition have been going for about 7000 because of in 63 they only built about 4000 of them. If you think of all those wrecked or crushed they are rare. The Hawk registry estimated that there are about 900 GT Hawks left in the US. There are thousands of bullet noses and Larks but Hawks are rarer.

    • JimmyinTEXAS

      The GTs are my favorite also. The have a great body line. I can see international spy Matt Helm (Dean Martin) driving on a twisty mountain road in Italy with fedora firmly in place and Stella Stevens in the passenger seat. I didn’t realize there were so few made in 63, but there are still has to be many out there that would be considered a better starting point even at twice the asking. How much sheet metal can be replaced for 7K? I really don’t know but looking at the trunk lid, there has to be a lot that needs it, plus possibilities of frame damage also.

      • Ed P

        There were less than 1800 made for ’64 model year. I wonder how many of those have survived?

  11. Poppy

    Spend a little more get one that’s more solid. There are usually several for sale on eBay at any given time and usually at least one in the SDC magazine each month. While I like the “rose mist” paint on these cars, I find that brown interior to be an unfortunate pairing. I’ve seen some really nice GTs in great colors, only to peer in the windows to see that hideous “band-aid brown” interior.

  12. M B

    These Hawks were in some elite company when they were built. A performance car that could give a standard or mid-level Corvette a run for its money on the road or track. Had Bendix disc brakes, too. Would be good with one of the factory Paxton superchargers under the hood! There’s a “Motor Trend” road test for a ’62 Hawk GT, too. Neat cars! Just need a tilt steering column for me to drive one.

  13. Christopher

    I’ve always been fascinated by the GT hawks. Growing up I passed one on my walk to school each day. White with black interior. It was a 4 speed and I was really interested in all the gauges. It ended up behind a local AMC dealer where it rusted in the weeds. Sadly I think it was junked when Chrysler cut the dealers franchise.

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