Grande or Chalet? 1976 Chevrolet Blazer Chalet

This project truck is a desirable “Chalet” conversion offered on four-wheel-drive Chevrolet and GMC vehicles. The seller refers to his as both a Chevrolet and a GMC in the listing, which triggered different names based on the badge: the Blazer Chalet or the Jimmy Casa Grande. I suspect this is the former based on the logo on the back of the camper shell, but it was a nice reminder that the cool camper conversion was originally offered in two flavors. This truck will need plenty of work to be a finished product, but the most important component is that dealer-provided camper shell that was originally manufactured by the Mobilodge Company. Find the truck here on eBay with a $20,000 Buy-It-Now.

The Chalet package has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence lately, which is likely why the seller is asking very real money for his. Truth be told, complete trucks that run and drive are worth what the seller is asking, but the truck shown here is a long way from being a driver. The camper shell was always one of the better done conversions that I’ve seen, at least in terms of looking like it fits with the vehicle and isn’t overpowering it. The Chevrolet and the GMC certainly looked more substantial with their 4WD drivetrain, but it’s also clear some level of planning went into adding the camper shell to the truck body – look at how it matches the roofline profile.

Yes, there’s no engine, but the good news the seller is including a new 350 engine and automatic transmission, along with a new 205 transfer case. With those parts included, it is certainly a more compelling project, but that doesn’t even get you into any bodywork needs, a new paint job, and anything that the interior and camper shell might need in terms of freshened up cosmetics. The truck overall appears largely straight, but it’s disconcerting to see the mismatched fender on the passenger side which suggests the Chevrolet may have had rust issues in that area or been previously hit. It’s hard to say for sure, but it looks like the driver’s side fender remains in the original paint scheme.

The original graphics on the camper shell are long faded away but the must-have “Blazer Chalet” logo is present and accounted for. The combination of go-anywhere four-wheel-drive with a camper shell you actually wanted to spend time in makes these trucks very compelling to own, especially since it’s a classic you can take with you to destinations off the beaten path that are ripe for camping at over a long weekend. The seller’s Chalet will need a fair amount of re-assembly, and while I agree these have become desirable specimens in both finished and project form, ,this example strikes me as being a little too rough for the asking price – so hopefully, the seller is serious about accepting best offers.


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  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    And not one shot of the inside, thanks.

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  2. PaulG

    Well worth the 20K ask, as long as there’s 21K in the glove box!

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  3. Terrry

    Grande or Chalet? How about Outhouse.

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  4. Daniel Wright

    I have seen one of these in the wild. I would be very scared of rolling it over. I doubt they paid much attention to center of gravity on them.

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    • Russell C

      @Daniel Wright, now, GM / Chinook actually did to some extent. Everything in the camper unit that’s particularly heavy – fridge/dinette frame / water tank / LPG tank – is at the truck bed level. Among all the Chalet owners I know of and talked to (I’m the current caretaker of the very old blazerchalet . com website), I’ve never heard of one rollover or any owner fearing that problem. No doubt bad drivers have tossed some, but those are the types who have no respect for physics.

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  5. local_sheriff

    It’s obviously had some body/paint done as the red should be orange/brownish for ’76 + should be surrounded by upper/lower moldings. Those stick-on moldings are of a later design and can be bought as a U-cut roll.

    So what you’re (hopefully) getting here is a seemingly rust-free K5 tub with a heavy fiberglass top that will offer both higher chances of rolling over + even worse aerodynamics than a regular Blazer. 20k is ridiculous; I’d much rather take a regular K5 + a high quality tent and save the rest

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  6. bull

    We had 13 of em at one time several years ago.

    The ones in this condition sold for $2K-$4K.

    This seller is one of the BIGGEST DREAMERS I have recently seen.

    We have one Chalet left that’s in good original condition that runs and drives that will sell for $10K.

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    • Gary

      How badly do they handle, just for grins and giggles

  7. Russell C

    Forget about the truck altogether. In the ebay listing, the second-to-last line of the description says the truck is an ’84 Jimmy, so it is non-original to the ’76 model year camper unit, thus all collector value to it is out the window. The collector value in these is in complete original rigs where the trucks were never separated from the camper units. One other thing about the camper unit here, the vinyl stripes are not actually not “long faded away” but are instead in better than average color condition where perhaps a light washing will bring back some of their luster. That probably accounts for why the back door decal is in better than average color condition, with just some fading happening to the grayish area of the logo which should be much more of a lavender color. The deal-breaker for what is otherwise an orphaned camper unit is its interior condition. If the seller never adds interior photos, he’ll never sell it.

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    • Gary

      bull says he has a good original be for $10,000.00. This guy will have this thing forever. I think I’d put outriggers on it for turns, I can see this thing tipping over unless you put 6″ thick platesteel on the tub’s floor as ballast.

  8. t-bone BOB

    Located in:
    Richburg, South Carolina

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  9. Sam Shive


  10. chrlsful

    1st: only on Blazers (not p/u)
    chalet is not lift off this is.
    Rare does not mean desirable
    This misses on too many counts no matter what weird (still incorrect) sticker is on the back. (I will not mention any persons but stay w/the vehicles).
    I could B off as am a Bronco owner…😱

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    • MILES Blackard

      Very much toooo High. But mine was lifted 6in Never tried to Roll. Its on FB at the Blazer Chalets/ Casa Grandes. Lot on the site. Running for less. If someones desperate? But very desperate. Good luck. Way to high.

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