Granny Car: 1989 Cadillac Eldorado

Whether it was the size, the style, or just time for the personal luxury car to say goodbye, we can only speculate, but the generation of Riviera/Toronado/Eldorado that was restyled in 1986 never sold as well as its predecessors. They were still nice cars though. Here is an example of the 1989 Cadillac Eldorado 2 door coupe for sale here on Craigslist in Portland, Oregon. Thanks as always to Barn Finds reader Miguel for finding this car and letting us know.

This is a one owner car, that while it has been cared for, still has been used in excess of 100,000, clocking 133,000 miles in the last 30 years. The car was left to the seller by the grandmother. She bought it new in 1989 and took good care of it. While it is not perfect, it is in good condition. The car has been sitting at the seller’s shop for nearly ten years and will run, but will need work on some minor issues. For this reason, more than likely most of those miles were driven in the first 20 years. The paint appears to be in good condition. The Eldorado has 15″ styled aluminum alloy wheels with white wall tires.

The interior pictures were quite blurry, but as there were only four pictures in the ad, I have included one of them. The front seats show normal wear, especially the driver’s seat for a car with 133,000 miles. The seats are covered in the original blue leather. This car has power-operated bucket seats with a center console with floor automatic transmission shifter. There were no pictures of the engine, but the engine is a 4.5 liter (273 cubic inch) V-8. Apparently, some mechanical issues will need to be addressed, but the seller doesn’t say just what they are. This car is being offered for only $1,650. Would you be interested in this car at that reasonable price?

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  1. Dave

    It was a nice car for it’s time, but it’s very old. It’s a $500 winter beater, as long as the “mechanical issues” are just brakes or exhaust. This thing will need all the neglected maintenance done, new tires, etc. $500 tops

  2. Michael

    That is one butt ugly interior. I agree with Dave, 500 bucks or better yet don’t buy it at all. I’m seeing so many cars for sale lately that the only thing they have going for them is the fact that nobody took the time to take them to the junkyard yet. Late eighties GM vehicles have about zero appeal, not sure why anyone would want this car at all and I see the appeal becoming maybe less than zero as time goes on.

  3. dave brennan

    I’d already own it if it was on the right side of the country. Our salt use in N.Y and others is why my 66 Tbird won’t go out until the roads are dry again .

  4. dweezilaz

    ‘Whether it was the size, the style, or just time for the personal luxury car to say goodbye’

    Another reason is that this Eldorado looked just like an 85-86 Oldsmobile Calais [or the other N Bodies] at a massive list price.

    Not a good idea when trying to sell a luxury car.

    A lot of car there for the money. Too nice to be a beater [not sure why anyone would use a nice older vehicle as a “beater” in the first place].

    One could spend $10,000 on a used later model vehicle with the same problems and still not be out that near that amount to get this car into shape.

  5. Rix Victory

    If it shares the Cimmaron’s Mechanicals, you can swap a few parts w/the Trans Am & go 2.2 turns lock to lock….I’ve run Caddy fleets but mostly 75s.

  6. A.J.

    You can’t get a decent car for $1600 usually. For that kind of money you get a pile of rust and maybe a title. Could be a great winter car up here in the great white north but I don’t feel like making the trip in January.

  7. Bradley Howe Member

    Why the negativity folks? There are very few cars I don’t like when you look at them in terms of what they were intended for. This is from a time when you could still by a luxury car, quiet, smooth ride, isolation from the outside world. Nowadays, all the companies think everyone needs a race car with nice seats, which they call luxury. Rough ride, cramped interiors, etc. I wish a person could still buy something new like this.

  8. Bakyrdhero Member

    My Grandparents had a brand new 86 Canary yellow sedan Deville. Of course it’s a different car than the Eldorado above, it would still be considered a throw away car or a winter beater now a days. I remember feeling like a million bucks riding around in that car and I wish it were still in the family. Cars like this have value to some people. Not every wants/can afford the “true classics”. Someday cars like this will be someone’s true classic…

  9. Vance

    These cars didn’t sell when new and can’t be given away when old. Quite a few employees got the pink slip when they ruined the Eldoradoo/Riviera/Toronado platform. A good friend of mine worked for Cadillac at the time and the results were terrible. Depending on what the issues are, drivability, etc., this would be a nice winter beater.

  10. Ron Schweitzer Member

    I happen to own one just like this one in a ’91 with the 4.9L. They are wonderful cars to drive. Very fast, responsive, comfortable, and all the creature comforts. They don’t feel small when your driving and good fuel economy too.

  11. Bob Member

    As long as the computers are working, it might be a nice car. A friend had one with computer issues and never did get it working correctly. Got shoved in the back of his barn many years ago.

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