Graveyard Carz Star: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340

I have watched Graveyard Carz on Velocity TV, but it’s not one that I follow that closely. However, if you’ve got the bucks, you could probably be part of the filming, or at least your future car will. This 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340 is for sale here on eBay with the car being located in Springfield, Oregon. The bidding is already pretty high but if you want this car, you’re probably going to have to pay very near the buy it now price of $100,000, or possibly more if the bidding heads to that territory.

The price of the car will include a full rotisserie original equipment restoration (except engine). At least you’ll know pretty much up front what you’re getting. Those guys do a first class job. This ‘Cuda is one of the most desirable color combinations, being all black. It is a very solid car that will only need minor patchwork. The ad states it’s one of the nicest cars started at Graveyard Carz. It was purchased from the original owner and has the original fender tag and broadcast sheet.

The engine that is being installed is a date coded correct F340. The transmission is original numbers matching. The car is already disassembled and in line to be dipped, while the drivetrain is currently in process. The anticipated completion date is May 2019.

Here are some of the things you can expect if you purchase this car:

  • Non-original but correct 340 engine
  • Numbers matching 4-speed transmission
  • Original 8 3/4 Sure Grip 3.23:1
  • All Original Metal
  • Mint Original Dash Pad and Rallye Gauges
  • Original Fender Tag and Broadcast Sheet

Be prepared to go ahead and get the checkbook out. After the bidding ends, you will be expected to pay a 50% deposit, with the remainder due after completion. If you had in the neighborhood of $100,000 to spend on a car, is this the one you would pick?

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  1. Billy 007

    100K for a car that I could make lkook foolish with a 25K Civic? Not a chance.

    • Steve R

      Your comment does a good if painting you in that light. The price is out of my league, but your comment is a joke unto itself.

      Steve R

      • Billy 007

        Actually I could afford it, but maybe because I use fiscal common sense is why I can. I feel the market for these is about to fall through the floor, the fact that no one right now wants to hire these guys is a good indicator of that. Why else offer something like this? Just offer the car for sale and offer restoration separate if they want it. Wasn’t there a time when people were knocking down the doors for their services? The end is in sight, best to get out now or be crying in your beer. Actually I like the idea, then maybe regular guys can once again buy and love these, plus drive them like they were intended.

    • Tim S. Member

      As if you could afford it if you wanted to. You miss the point of this site. Autotrader is more suited to your tastes.

    • 2cool2say

      Try to pick up a cute girl in a $25K Civic and you will soon learn who looks foolish. Cool cars cost more, sometimes they are faster, sometimes not. A Duesenberg by today’s performance standards isn’t technically impressive, yet they are worth every penny of their million dollars cost.

      A Civic has the styling of a Maytag dryer and the rarity of a belly button. Yes, they are great for the masses; but if you want to be cool and have a real ride… you gotta pay! Even the name “Civic” makes me think of a bureaucrat, as in, “it is your ‘civic’ duty to pay your taxes.” You buy a ‘Cuda because part of you deep inside wants to be a bit of a rebel, you don’t want to be “Civic”. Would Batman or Steve McQueen be seen in a Civic? They’d rather hitch hike.

      • Billy 007

        Where are you trying to pick up girls, the Senior Citizens Center? Women don’t care about cars, they care about cash. Most young women wouldn’t know an E Body from a watermelon, nor would they care. Besides, the kind of woman you would get because she liked your car, prob wouldn’t be one you would bring home to Mother. If all you want is some short term affection, there are plenty of places to buy that without all the lying.

      • Jeff K

        My 88 Supra is faster than this. Paid $500 non running with only 88000 miles. $7500 later perfectly running car loaded with new parts. Gets tons of attention!

      • Jeff K

        Test drive a new Civic Si or Type R. Will leave the Cuda in the dust and beautiful cars!

      • Miguel Member

        Jeff, it is a stretch to call the new Civic R a beautiful car.

      • Booya

        A new Civic is a towering achievement superior to this Mopar in almost every way. Well, except for the Civic’s angry-vacuum-cleaner looks.

        Picking up girls? I thought that was illegal. Maybe still a thing in some states?

      • Camaro guy

        I have a Maytag dishwasher does that count 😁😁

  2. RoKo

    At what this car will probably sell for, it will be owned by some rich guy who will take it to shows on a trailer. I’d much rather have an example with a few bumps and bruises that I can drive and enjoy -and not break my bank account.

    I notice bidding is up to $65000, which is already an obscene amount.

    • txchief

      $65K for a fully restored ‘Cuda is not that far out of line.

      • jdjonesdr

        It’s not $65K, it’s $100K The way they work at Graveyard Carz, you’re really buying a car that is probably in better than new shape. I can see the draw, but what would you do with it after you bought it? Drive it?

      • Art M.

        Yes, Drive it!!

  3. James McLynas

    A nut and bolt dipped body resto will set you back at least $80k. So $20K for the car. Not ridiculous considering the quality of the build you will get if a Black Cuda is your dream car.

  4. Gaspumpchas

    I don’t get it, 100 without engine? What kind of job are you getting? I don’t trust anything that’s on these hokeyass TV shows. Good luck, hope you get a decent job. forking over 50 large before starting would make me run the other way.


      The price includes an engine. A date code correct engine, just not the original numbers matching engine.

    • nrg8

      What kinda’ job you say ? For that money, that old cuda better come with a red head, and the job part better include the words handy and blow………

  5. Matt steele

    Well it’s cool and I like to see these cars …can never own one but at least I can appreciate it. kinda like going to the museum when you cant buy a picasso..keep em coming

  6. Hide Behind

    As a personal note, wouldn’t buy if I had 200 millions at that price, and MOPAR is blood deep in me.
    This price range is into the wealthy trailer queen look at what I own crowd.
    As a good driving with more than adequate 1/4 mile grunt, with 355 gears they would outrun Z Camaros, Boss Stangs and even their own big block siblings.
    The AAR Cuda, not a Baracuda, 6 pack was about as close to a Trans AM racer as one could get.
    Now a much rarer AAR cuda, IMO, with all #’ s matching, ( and not a period correct motor) is much more worthy of high prices, but not at 100K.
    Way lower prices can be found on same equipped Baracudas of partial restos at much fairer prices; ones you.can make into fine street cruisers or even pleasurable weekend get away driver.
    I notice that even with today’s super Hemi MOPAR coupes when they are lined up beside an original Cuda or Challenger, the newer Hemi coupes are the ugly ducklings in spectators eyes.


    $100,000 for a 340 non matching numbers car. No way. Twice the cost of what it should be bought for.

  8. Chris Kennedy

    Mark Worman is a lunatic! The man is a plethora of Mopar information! Take it from a guy who retired from doing top end restoration, those guys on Graveyard Carz are extremely talented!

  9. Blk63vette

    20 bidders so far think its worth it. I am not a big molar fan. I like the movie Phantasm. Even I know all black cars are extremely valuable and Mother Mopar spent extra time and money to make them perfectly straight out of the factory. So, yeah it’s not for everyone like Billy 007 but, someone will most likely buy it and have Mopar Mark restore it

    This Cuda will separate the boys from the men

    • Billy 007

      If the car you drives makes you a man, then we grew up in different worlds. I always though dignity and integrity made the man, a car was secondary..though, boys I truly do like cars, just like to drive them, I am not into showing off. I also think the Graveyard Cars boys are very talented, for sure, just don’t think the gig will last much longer, though I spose they can retire now anyway.

      • Blk63vette

        Like I said 007 Billy not for everyone

    • Miguel Member

      Phantasm, you say? You are talking about the original, right? The one with the flying little silver ball that kills you?

  10. MH

    Id much rather have a new hellcat for less money. But thats just me.

  11. Troy s

    I really like this car, a 340 ‘Cuda or Challenger is a well balanced ride, unlike the 440 powered big brothers or often drooled over Hemi Cuda. For strictly drag racing the big inch E bodies could really get it on, the 340 was no slouch either, not hardly.
    Nothing against the car itself…it’s a cool ride right down to that black paint job. The new Challengers may be all that and a bag of chips, glad they make those too, but these original ones got the look in spades. Can’t reproduce that.
    The price is ridiculously high so much that it will end up a commodity instead of the hard driven street machine it once was. This has been going on for a while now…really too bad for the enthusiastic crowd, myself included.

    • Billy 007

      The rich have almost everything else, the best of pretty much everything, do they have to steal our youth too? Am I wrong here to ask to get our hobby back? I remember many wonderful hours in friends garages as we puzzled over our rides, we could have that again if the rich boys left our cars alone. I know, a few people are making bank here, Mr Woman including, well good for them, but it has ruined the hobby for the masses. These cars are not the center of a rich mans life, just a small piece of many fine things, in the old days these were our pride and joy, oh to have that back again. The bubble on these can not burst soon enough for me. A bunch of you think this site is so wonderful because it allows you to dream, but wouldn’t it be better if you could actually have one?

      • JamestownMike

        Well said! I totally agree! When will the madness end?

      • Tim S. Member

        Many classic cars are overpriced for sure. Maybe, just maybe, though, people like to look because they know they can’t buy or own every car they want.

        You don’t want the “hobby back.” Just a few hours ago you were talking about how a Civic had it all over this car. And now you’re telling us you’re the champion of priced-out old car lovers everywhere. Make up your mind.

      • Billy 007

        @TimS, I DID say the Civic was better at 1/4 the price. More power, better handling, safer, cheaper on gas, more comfortable with all the amenities, and a warranty to boot. With that said, I understand the lure of what many of us owned in our youth, it is nostalgia. I have a warm fuzzy feeling for these like anyone else, but I also understand common sense. How much are you willing to pay for nostalgia? Pretend there is no economic upside potential, I may be wrong and it will continue to be a good investment, but lets just pretend you are buying it for love of the car only. How much are you willing to pay then? I bet not 100K, no where near, maybe 10% of that. I myself would bite at a restored Cuda at 10K, then it makes a 25K Civic Type R or SI look like a bad economic choice. Do you see my reasoning here? I think there are a lot of people gambling that these will go up in price and provide a lot of fun too. Question is, do you want to be working at Mickie Ds when you are 70? Not all who buy these can be trust fund babies, many are regular guys betting the farm (Prob via 401Ks) and I feel many are going to lose.

      • Billy 007

        @JamestownMike, Thanks for the support my friend. Full disclosure, a few weeks back I bought a brand new Turbo Civic that rocks my world.. I am pushing 60 years old, and I owned these types of Mopars in the distant past, and let me tell ya,, new cars rock. Plus, I could buy 4 or 5 Civics just like it for what Mr Woman is going to charge here, but I don’t have to, I just need one…my cute little Arrest Me Red one. Plus I save 75 Large too. (Makes my wife happy, and we all know how that goes) Will Mr Woman warrant it for 5 years? Does it have power windows, cruise, air conditioning, blue tooth? How about a back up camera? Air bags for safety? Does it get 40 MPG? Need I go on? Like I have said, I DO LOVE these old cars, but they make no fiscal sense as any kind of investment, too much of a gamble. Could be wrong, but I am usually right. Many will say a new car goes down in value, they do. But, I keep my cars 15-20 years, so it really is not a bad way to go. My last one (A Dodge!) was only 14 years old, but the K Frame rusted out, so there) If I could get this car in fairly presentable shape for 10 grand, I would add it to my garage, then it makes sense as a “hobby” car. Something that is not going to kill you economically if the market tanks (and it will)

      • Troy s

        Mr. OO7 I presume, no you are not wrong to ask to get our hobby back. I saw it coming back in late ’89 when the “money” guy who was half owner of a construction company I worked for paid a whopping thirty grand for an all restored better than new ’66 SS 396 Chevelle, hmm, I don’t know what I expected when I heard the price as at that time I only was interested in hopped up muscle cars. When I saw the white paint red interior SS pull up one day I was actually shocked how boring of a car it was dead stock and that was a thirty thousand dollar car? I felt at that moment the hobby I wanted to get back into was changing, instead of the latest upgrades it was going to be all about originality…aanndd big money. Plus, people were buying new performance cars like the Buick GN an stashing them away, for profit not performance or pleasure. Never liked that.
        People are willing as ever to spend a small fortune for nostalgia, whether it be a certain car or an old Fender Stratocaster guitar, or whatever really. Just the way it is, works, however one would say that.

      • Miguel Member

        I think most of the money on this car is the restoration work.

        You would pay that on any car you were to send to this or any other shop.

        If somebody out there wants to spend the money, at least it will be another car saved and then when the floor drops out of the market, we can swoop in and buy them much cheaper.

  12. J CLARK

    I’d give my eye teeth for a 340 Cuda (MUCH more desirable as a driver than a Hemi or 440, IMHO), but I’d have a tough time handing ANY amount of money over to Mr. Worman. Have you ever watched the show? He’s completely insufferable.

    • Moose_feather

      It’s entertainment and all an act, no?

  13. Jett

    “Non-original but correct” engine. If I’m paying more than $100,000 for a car (I’m Canadian, after all…), I want a true numbers matching car, not a “date code correct” car. “Numbers matching transmission”. Woohooooo!

  14. Taka'may

    As mentioned earlier, an unfinished non matching small block car get Real! Half that is silly and I own one.

  15. Tom Justice

    If it was an AAR Cuda maybe. (Yeah, I know what an AAR sells for). Personally, I think the 340 is the way to go for a driver, Hemis are hard to keep running correctly on the street and a 440 is a big lump in the front.

  16. JoeNYWF64

    Does a Civic 2 door have a proper trunk, rear wheel drive, room for 4, frameless side glass, full door glass styling, rear side windows that roll down, headlites that won’t cloud up, cool hidden wipers? Nope.
    Instead of buying this Cuda tho, considering the current $bid, I wonder if it would be lot less expensive to transfer parts from a cheap parts car &/or other aftermkt parts of your choice to a dynacorn body, tho only challenger is being reproduced currently. At least there won’t be any structural issues/hidden rust.
    BTW, if a female says “i like your car”, run! lol
    How many divorcees have gotten “that car”, i wonder.

  17. Jay E.

    You don’t pick up chicks with a car anymore, you do it on the internet with a swipe on your iphone. At least that is the way my nephews do it. And the girls they meet couldn’t seem to care less about the car as long as they have one. It is a different world and meeting a girl without a bad-ass car is one of societies great failures. We had to at least have a job.
    I too would much rather have a modern GT350 or Challenger IF I had the 100K as it could at least be driven reliably. But I had this muscle back in the day and also married the prettiest girl in high school.

  18. Hide Behind

    At my age if I picked up a sweet young thing,by the time I got to next block I would of forgotten why I picked her up.

    • mark

      I fell off the couch laughing so hard at that one……


    Love the car, love Worman, love the show. True capitalism at it’s best. Someone is going to be on tv and have a beautiful car!

  20. Joe Machado

    I will never put money in an envelope and send it to a foreign country. I served and real Americans do not drive foreign. Or put an American flag on any furin thingy. So what its assembly is here. Still money goes overboard. No humming bees in my collection. Only deep cubic inch, throaty, fuel drinking monsters around me. A Toyo lite weight rear ended me texting and my big gas guzzling American had zero marks. He kicked his Toyo and I drove away still healthy. He had to be towed in total destruction. Big Iron and so called bad fuel mileage is cheap Insurance. I Win

    • Billy 007

      Who cares what rich man reaps the profits, be he from New York or Tokyo. Rich fat cats are the same world wide, if the factories are here, and my countrymen are able to provide for thier families, then who cares? Besides, these foriegn car makers making cars here are putting profits into manufactoring in THIS country, the Big Three, not so much anymore. All I care about when making a major purchase is that the workers are paid a living wage, not some third world sweat shop. A worker in Japan, or Germany, Canada, or England, or even Sweden, all pretty much make adequate wages, and they compete fairly. China and the rest of the world, not so much. BTW, Cherry Corp of China is about to bring cars here soon, will you buy them? I will not. As fair as safety, in my modern car, I can avoid far more accidents then you can in a 50 year old front heavy drum braked monster. You might have more steel between you and what you hit, but I have modern crumple technology and 8 air bags too. I feel most experts would agree with me. My elderly parents hit a large old Pontiac at highway speeds 6 years ago, both air bags deployed in that little Dodge Neon saved thier lives. I will never complain about modern cars, never.

      • Joe Machado

        And Furin crap, any $ or number of bags will never get in my buildings. See, I actually care about what I drive. I see about 85% of small cars, foreign and domestic, drive as if they are always late, getting into and causing crashes as they think it will fit into a 2 foot space that needs 14 feet. Their small brain in a small car gets them killed, no matter the air bag count. New cars are drive thrus. Did you notice big rigs are not downsized? You still loose

  21. Sean D

    The only this is a $100K car is if it becomes a concourse resto trailer queen. Just do a $30-$50K resto have fun driving it and invest the rest

  22. cmarv

    Boy howdy , that overpriced Cuda sure would look good settin” next to my Hellcat , 70 Buick GS and others. I wouldn’t part will $100K for it . I am sure it would be a great car when finished but the missing #’s motor kills it at that price . Lot’s of haters will hate , I hope the person that buys it drives the pi$$ out of it . To each their own .

  23. Mark

    I gotta weigh in here, Graveyard is one of the most annoying reality TV shows out there, and that’s saying a lot. It could be worth $120K if it includes the promise of never having to watch these clowns at work.

  24. Mike richter

    I always liked Mopar engines as I’ve had lots of Chevies,Ford’s olds Pontiacs apart to overhaul for various friends overthe years but I’m most impressed by the Mopar engines rods Pistons seem heavier made I’ve ran my own 340 ,and 383 magnum engines on the street over the years just stock configuration maybe a better cam bigger carberator but that’s about it ! They didn’t know how to break! I ran the daylights out of them too!great engines Now if I could put one in a Chevelle hmmmm!

  25. sluggo

    Where did the Billy007 troll come from? Now Scotsman Billy Connolly,, THAT guy is FUNNY!)
    I love these old Cudas and Challengers, and yes,,I prefer a small block and the 340 was a good one.
    But Im out at this price. I do find it amusing all these “Sky is falling” financial geniuses. The world of cars and motorcycles is here to stay and not going anywhere. Markets go up and down but vintage vehicles hold their value way better than any other commodity.
    As to women?? Covered that last week with Howard on the 400+ auction in the midwest. Thought that topic was put to rest.
    But my Ol lady owns 2 Chevelles, and works at a machine shop, and knows more about vintage cars and motorcycles than most of you wankers. Her sister is also a “Car Chick”,,
    Young people?? Covered that topic repeatedly here as well. Tons of them are interested and involved. Heres a pix at our museum of last years kids (some of them) in our program teaching real skills.
    We could use a donation or 3 to continue our educational programs if you guys want to step up.


    Join us for Wines & brews tasting event on Sept 22nd and help a worthy cause.
    “Education is our purpose”

  26. stillrunners

    Geez for a week now….we’re featuring a car that can’t get it up on it’s own….even on it’s own show……why ? New low for Barn Finds…….

  27. mark

    This is my ‘cuda. It’s what I could afford, for now. Pictured as I found it. Rough but bone stock, one-owner, and 41k miles on the original 383cid, pistol grip 4-speed.

    • Miguel Member

      Good for you Mark. I hope you have fun with it.

      • mark

        Thanks Miguel,

        This is my ‘cuda when it was almost new……..

  28. michael h streuly

    No longer available. Last bid 68,113.00

  29. Del


    And a 50 % deposit ?

    No way Jose.

  30. Raymond Hurst

    I’m a Chevy guy through and through. If I had the extra bucks; I would buy this car in a heartbeat(no pun intended). You Honda and Toyota guys keep on buying what you are buying and keep on looking as cool as you think you look. Leave the real cars alone; we’ll buy them. I’m no Mopar fan, but I really appreciate what the owner of Graveyard Cars does. Those guys save old cars that would otherwise be scrapped. I don’t care the brand; G.C. are American heroes. I’m an old man and never in 43 years have I had a woman tell me to take my 70 Chevelle home and come back and pick her up in my Toyota or my Civic. Yes old cars are too expensive but it costs a little more to go first class. And if anyone thinks the old car market is going down……. well if you’re driving Hondas and Toyotas and think they are classics…… nuff said.

    • Billy 007

      Randy, the point here isn’t if they are desirable or not…they are, the question is of value. Us Boomers think they are great, but we soon will be beyond driving (or prob breathing) and where does the value go? Crappy investment. The rich boys gamble up the price on these because of perceived value, but if we are all dead, where is the demand, or more importantly, where is the mystic? Young people don’t want these, oh maybe a few gear heads do, but they are never going to be able to play in this market with the present prices. All some of us are saying, is that it is a long term losers bet as an investment. And even as a purely fun buy without worrying about monetary return, isn’t there other things ahead of this on your list for 100K? Take the wife around the world (many times), a place on a lake, sending your grand kids to college…use your imagination. Many think this is always go up in value, this is a dream built not on a rock, but on sand. It will be washed away with your tears.

  31. Joe Machado

    I told my son about 40 years ago, collect what really like, to heck with value. Example, if you buy a 60 Corvair, 4 door, plum ugly, but you just love it, buy it. If it takes 35,000 to either restore or just make it a nice driver. Sooooo darn what! If you buy anything new, you will loose more than that 35,000 when you hit the street. Since 1957, I bought what excited me. While in the U S Army, I bought a new 66 Charger. Then in 68 a new 68 Charger RT, not a civic. Then 3 1969 Charger 500’s, one being a Hemi. Then 2 69 Daytonas, a 70 Charger RT. Did not care about fuel mileage because I would get that in spades in return years later and I have over and over. When I parted out cars in the past to truly restore cars, they went to the crusher, several 58 thry 68 Imperials. A couple 69 Charger RT’s. Bet they went to Japan and came back as a ship load of civic’s. I and my son create markets for cars. We created Winged Warriors for the Daytonas and SuperBirds back in 74. Then we woud buy 1959, 60 and 61 Dodges. To raise the value, we would put them in movies, commercials, tv shows and music videos. This stirs up interest along with people having memories of their dad, uncle, grandparents, neighbors who had them. Now that memory is in that vehicle. Dont be a follower, be a leader. Create an interest in what you love. I give non running cars to young guys who have nothing. Now they have the drive to go work, make either money or trade for parts to get whats needed for their project. A college cannot teach you that. Both my son and daughter, as she loves cars along with my son, she created companies to have the funds to buy, for Example, a $170,000 Masarati. She did not complain the rich people made them too expensive. She made herself able to afford them. If you have the mind set to not spend the money on something you truly love, you will always end up with a civic and complain those rich people caused this. Remember, after you buy a civic or whatever thats new, even a Tesla, it will go down in value and is not exciting at a car show or making people smile like we do with old cars who were just reminded of a past affection with either a vehicle or a person who they loved who had one. We restore memories. I do feel sorry for those who buy only as an investment. You are not making friends on the road. We only drive what we restore, no matter the value. Its like buying a new car that goes up in value, not down. Value be damned. Ok. I am helping a grandson who bought a 72 Valiant 4 door. He is 18 and so proud as We do it together. The training with him will multiply multi times in value. He has no time for drugs or gang crap. He is is driving it, not a civic to save whatever. If I save one young person, I have done a great job. U S A

    • Arturo Rodriguez

      I talked to Mark Worman a few years ago. Asked him to find and restore a 71 RoadRunner. We agreed on a price of $30000 but I backed out. Later he started only high dollar restorations . Wish I had gone ahead with build. He was a pretty nice guy to talk to.


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