Great Colors: 1983 Chevy Camaro


While Camaros of this era are a dime a dozen, sometimes the colors can set one apart. Personally, I dig the black on gold combination that this 1983 Z/28 here on eBay is sporting, and the overall clean condition seems to run counter to the seller’s statement that it’s been sitting in a barn for the last 20 years. If the reserve is set low, however, it could be a good deal on a respectable winter project car.


Although I rarely follow my own advice, I do like to find cars with good interiors. Two reasons: one, I hate pulling apart interiors for restoration purposes, and two, the presence of good seats without crushed bolsters and carpeting that is free from the telltale signs of coffee stains or a heater core leak inspire confidence in the car’s prior ownership. This Camaro’s tan upholstery looks to be in fine condition from here.


Though the engine is nothing to write home about, the bay does look to be in excellent shape with no obvious signs of modification. The fact that this Camaro went into storage with a rust-free body and unmodified condition gives me some confidence that its previous ownership didn’t necessarily lose interest in a half-finished project but rather took the car off the road in the interest of preservation. Wishful thinking, right?


Bidding is currently to just under $800 with the reserve unmet. I’d call anything less than $2K for a reserve a fair offer if the car looks as good in person as it does in pictures, but I’ve never been clear on what Chevy fans think of this generation Camaro. To me, I feel it is one of the prettiest designs let down by lackluster powerplants, but plenty of swap options exist. How would you restore this one? Would you at least keep the paint the same color?


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  1. Alan

    What would I do? Maintain it as is and have fun . If it’s as nice as it looks here , cheap

  2. JCW Jr.

    I would leave as is. Not a big. Fan of that interior, have been in so many that did not hold up well. Now if it was black on black that would be sweet.


    Commuter special

  4. nixy31

    I spy a Cross-Fire under the hood…always been fond of the third-gens.I’d keep it stock. Agree with your statement about the design/powerplants. The Blazer in the background is pretty cool also :)

  5. erikj

    had one color and all with a 4sp and posi. $375 at auction about 5 yrs agothe engine needed replaced so I would have built a better motor like a 350 up the comp. a bit,a little bumpy cam and some other mild upgrades ect. That’s whats fun with the 70s-80s socalled muscal cars with no poop to them-its all about the motor,yank the old on and build s replacement that puts the fire back in. I,ve done it lots,fun. I sold the black 83 z-28 before I got to that,but so much can be done to put the spirit in.

  6. Kincer Dave Member

    If you were in high school when these cars were new like me they are very tempting, yeah they were slow but if you had one especially an IROC you were so cool, brings back many good memories.

  7. Mark S Member

    I never liked this generation of camero I still don’t they were a shadow of there former selves. Pass.

  8. Jeffro

    Cars of the 80’s remind me of Tawny Kitaen. Looked real good…but got no where fast!

  9. Dan h

    Looks like cross-fire injection and that’s a heck of allot better than the carbureted version! I was about to leave some lame comment on the miles of vacuum tubing and obsolete emissions garbage the carb’d version would have.

  10. Alex

    Hmmm… 80’s Camaro article; Comments are filled with poor grammar and misspellings including the dreaded ‘Camero.’
    All is right with the world.

    • Chebby

      My favorite Camero classified ad was for a Bertelini.

    • Jeffro

      Alex, do you need a hug?

    • Gnrdude

      Hey YO Vinnie You Gonna Get one of Dose Chevy Camaro Berlinetti? Hey yo It’s a Berlinetti It must be an Italian Car? Hey yo Vinnie Whhadda you Think? I dunno Joey It Doesn’t Look Very Italian…

  11. Sunday Driver

    3rd gen Camaro’s are a dime a dozen, but I love my 87 convertible that I bought new off the showroom floor.

    • Nova Scotian

      That’s nice. Love your car. Convertible is the way to go. You did a very good picture in the driveway too. For sale?

    • Chebby

      You chose well. That looks great.

  12. Robbie

    I’d rather have the Blazer.

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  13. Pete

    I had an 84 with a v-6 and manual tranny. I loved that car. It was much better than the 79 model my wife bought new off the showroom floor. She bought the lime green verision. SMDH. The featured car has the most popular color combo for just about any car made. Black and Tan. That body style is far better than the late 70’s style. I guess if I was gonna own this one, I would get it up and running correctly. Then I would think about dropping a Corvette engine in it. Say a 327 or 350 nothing over built. I would want to to keep the weight and balance about the same. Yet still give it enough power to do something with.

  14. erikj

    Alex, chill dude. we are supposed to enjoy this site and if you got to critic spelling don’t read the comments. Sorry-just sayin.
    I am very guilty of bad spelling ect. but it think my thoughts are understood. Done

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  15. Robert Reeves

    the berlentia was a girl car , most v-6 auto i-roc/z28 350 tpi was nice guy car.

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