Great Period Hot Rod! 1930 Ford Model A

Doesn’t this 1930 Ford Model A look ready-to-rip standing still? It has a great look and appears to be a very solid build. It can be found here on eBay with a requested opening bid of $21,000 and a buy-it-now price of $27,300. The “typical” hot rod features are in place including a 4″ chop, Flathead Ford engine, dropped front axle, and banjo rear end. Located in Woodbridge, Virginia, I’m sure the new owner will have years of fun with this car. Take a look!

The interior is full-custom, but it’s not too over the top. It could be easily changed if the new owner chose too. The steering wheel appears to be a 40s Ford unit, which again, is common in a period hot rod like this one. The wood flooring is an interesting choice along with the turned metal panels. The door panels are pretty simple and the shifter looks like it’s in just the right spot. Again, pretty easy to change if the new owner chooses.

The seller describes the engine as a “fresh 59AB Flathead V8.” It is mated to a 3-speed top-loader transmission from 1939. Steering comes from an F100 steering box and column. The engine still features the 6-volt charging system with a rebuilt generator. It has been re-wired with a new fuse panel, which is a plus. Like the interior, it can be run as-is or upgraded as the new owner sees fit.

The suspension comes from a Model T rear spring and 4″ dropped axle up front. Stopping power comes from 40s juice brakes hooked to a Ford F1 master cylinder. Overall, this looks like a really fun hot rod. Is there anything you would change or would you drive it as-is?

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  1. Tony Primo

    If anyone complains about lack of a/c on this build, they need their head examined!

    • JP

      and properly flogged.

  2. Skorzeny

    You know what I love about this great Ford? No whitewalls!! Love it!

  3. Snotty Member

    Not into Hot Rods of this era. But this lil Rod is a looker. Don’t think I’d change a thing. Just jump in fire up and have fun.

  4. Bing

    Needs three deuces and Offy heads… Really a neat old nostalgia hot rod…
    These type of builds hark back to the fifties and guys of that era, are fading fast. That said the market gets thinner each year.

    • PatrickM

      Bing, I wanna hit your thumbs up button a dozen times!

  5. John S.

    NOW we’re talkin’!!! This is one righteous lil’ Hot Rod… The epitome of well proportioned, period correct Cool!

  6. Joe Haska

    Nice build and should be a fun driver, just not everyday transportation for most people. Bing, is right guys of this era are fading fast. I would of killed for this car in High School , in fact I had a chance to buy one, and of course my dad said, NO WAY! I think the car is worth the buy now, but thats the top end. I would like it on Duece Rails and 32 shell, the steering wheel is 46-48 Ford. A schoader box would be way cool, but thats the fun of it ,anyone can put their own twist on it and it will still be a cool unique ride. You just have to know in this day and age, it does have some restrictions of how much you can drive it!

  7. 56 Olds

    Very nice, just like it is. I have two questions: What is the rod with no handle beside the shifter? And, when this type of hot rod was in its heydey, (50’s?) were whitewalls or blackwalls the more popular mod ? I like these blackwalls.

    • Tom Bell

      If you mean the lever to the right of the shifter, that’s the parking (emergency) brake. Push the button on the top with your thumb and push the lever forward to release. should be connected to a drum and external brake band on the drive shaft.

      I was too young to drive in the 50’s but recall a friend’s big brother working on his. I think most times these rods were built on a budget and most guys would not spend the extra $$ on whitewalls unless they found a set of used ones.

      • John S.

        White-walls were like wearing spats… Black-walls were like wearing Engineer Boots…

    • Camaro guy

      The handle next to the shifter is the E brake and it’s not a top loader transmission it’s called a top shifter transmission as opposed to a 60’s Ford top loader which mounted the shift levers on the side of the trans

      • 56 Olds

        Aha. Parking brake. And I suppose that you’re right, whitewalls were an upgrade item ($), blackwalls were certainly more readily available.

  8. Tort Member

    Been watching this on ebay a few days. Go back each day and take another look. If I would ever change anything it would three carb intake and the heads and that more looks than a performance upgrade. For me close to perfect for my tastes.

  9. deak stevens

    Nice rod, only thing i would change, is the floor.i’m mot a fan of burn’t wood projects. I wood put all natural wood back in with some varnish, and drive it to death. Nice car!

    • Fireman DK

      I’d go with pyramid mat aluminum like they used on the running boards of 20’s fire engines….. that would really look slick ! It would cost a bit though…….

  10. Fireman DK

    Nice car but on closer inspection it does have it’s flaws. A little more practical than my 1926 Model T Speedster , but is it anymore street / highway drive-able with that rear end ? I don’t know if it is a $25,000 car , but it looks fun ! Then again, two crazies got in a bidding war over an Armadillo bodied Model T Speedster like mine with no lighting system and bid it up to $23,000 or more in Arizona a few years ago ……

  11. Bing

    Hi Fireman DK, good comments made, you are correct, it only takes one aggressive bidder to turn a great deal opportunity into an overpriced project. Over the years I have learned to seek out decent cars lacking in a few special items or a easily completed make over. Key is to be willing to pass on car after car until the right one comes along…

    • Fireman DK

      I paid less than $7000 for my 1926 Speedster with a 1929 or so steel design “armadillo” Body…they made about 30 of them 1978-1980 in Oregon… granted it needed a new head and I did end up putting new rods in the motor but I always wanted a Model T Speedster …. It’s a fun car for a summer city drive but I am sorry I can’t really drive it long distances or on the highway…..should have kept the 1969 Camaro RS for that , or the 1937 Seagrave Fire Engine, slow, but no one dared run into a 23 foot fire engine unless they were dead drunk or stupid ( well , this day in age , yeah, it would probably happen eventually ) …… I am afraid my days at 58 years old with a 4 year old son are over for car building , but if a running 1930’s Studebaker President showed up for a trade , my Model T would be gone pretty fast I think….

  12. Steve RM

    I’d change those gigantic rear tires. They look way too big and the back end needs to come down some. Otherwise I would change much. Nice car.

    • John S.

      Ha ha haaa… you’re a funny guy!

    • Steve RM

      I meant wouldn’t change much.

  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $21,000.

  14. PatrickM

    Sold. $21,000.00. Somebody got a good one.

  15. Johnny

    I HAD a chance getting a 29 -2 door. I was supposed to help a friend fix his and work out the other one from him. He took a heart attack 2 weeks before we were to work on his. It was sitting in the woods with a tree growing up inside it. I would have had to take it apart to get it out. Then I tried to get it off of his daughter and she wouldn,t sale it. Even still I,m tempted to steal it. hahaha Closet I came and then the stupid $%%$%%^ won,t sale it.She even let the old home place fall in. I tried to buy it. I am still hoping. She lives in VA and her aunt told me. She didn,t think the girl would move back. She has her life their now.

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