Green Billboard Graphics: 1978 Ford Mustang Cobra II

When it comes to the often unloved Ford Mustang Cobra II, you have to look at the options to determine value. One of those options that can impact the final price is the color scheme of its loud, proud graphics running down the sides, roof, and trunk and hood panels. In the case of this 1978 model that needs restoration, the green “billboard graphics” are one of the rarer color schemes I’ve seen. Find the Cobra II here on eBay with bidding over $3,500 and no reserve.

While many of our readers consider the Mustang II the very downfall of humanity, I always liked these underdogs. When equipped with the 302 V8 like this Cobra II is, they’re decent drivers, especially if they have a manual transmission. The graphics kit is not to everyone’s liking, sure – but this car also hails from an era where such decoration was socially acceptable (and downright awesome, in my opinion.)

Rear window louvers are another trend I’d like to see return, along with gorgeous, airbag-free three-spoke steering wheels. The interior of the Cobra II remains in decent shape, though the front seats have been recovered due to the black vinyl being too hot for the original owner. The dash isn’t cracked and the carpets look clean. The seller says the automatic transmission shifts as it should. Mileage is listed as 33,013.

The seller has driven the car long enough to verify the brakes work and it doesn’t overheat, though the tires could stand replacing. While it may be tempting to believe the low mileage on the odometer, the seller has his doubts. The Cobra II was acquired from the daughter of the original owner, so the chain of ownership is fairly short even if the mileage can’t be verified. Would you rock a Cobra II with green graphics?


  1. jimbunte jimbunte Member

    My buddy had a 78 King Cobra – it was actually a blast to drive. Gas prices got him (this was 79, when the second gas shortages happened), he traded it for a Toyota pickup and immediately installed a Pioneer SuperTuner 8-track under the dash, just like this one:

    good times!

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  2. Tom

    The fan belt?

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    • grant

      What about it?

    • CanuckCarGuy

      Serpentine belt…upgrade maybe?

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      • Patrick

        Maybe because the Marti Reports says 2.8 V-6, looks like a V-8 to me, counting plug wires anyway.

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  3. Moparman Member

    I would love to have this, minus the graphics! :-)

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  4. Vin_in_NJ

    A friend of mine had one. The lack of a center console always made it feel like a cheap low budget car.

    • Steve R

      With bucket seats and an automatic, yes. It’s a different story with a 4speed. Bucket seats and a 4 speed on a 60’s muscle car without a console gives off a completely different vibe.

      Steve R

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  5. Angrymike

    I kinda like the 77 Cobra 2, my sister had one in white & red, 302 4 speed. I think this is ugly, I think the 77 was toned down a bit, this is too much for me !

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  6. bobk

    My ’76 Cobra II was blue with white stripes. Classic Ford color combination. Loved that car. Gotta say that the color scheme on this one (which I have never seen before btw) is a bit much for me.

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  7. Ken

    The color scheme makes me nauseous.

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  8. gyates

    My Uncle had a ’78, black with gold stripes. His ad a 302v8, manual, a/c, t-tops. Decent car. Had over 100k miles when he let it go for a 1983 Mustang GT. I was too young to drive the ’78, but did enjoy the ’83 one he had.

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  9. Rosco

    Very cool and the graphics are needed! Perfect example of what was happening with vehicles in that era.

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  10. Mike_B_SVT

    Almost awesome! It really needs a 5.0 and 4-speed to make it awesome. But jeez, it would make a cool driver / casual show car. Definitely a head turner / head scratcher with those graphics! Very cool, IMO.

    If anything ever happens to my daily driver, I’m getting a Cobra II to replace it :-)

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  11. TBarr

    I’m 44 and the Mustang II has finally grown on me…..

  12. Troy s

    Did these come stock with finned valve covers? It actually looks de-smogged a bit under the hood, newer exhaust, or so it seems. Some of us dislike these II’s, including myself, but look at the cheap price and compare it to our favorite Mustangs….big difference,, the cheap way to build a 302 powered or any other sbf, maybe a stroker, motored mustang. I can’t believe I just wrote that, really.

    • Boatman Member

      5.0 swap, Troy. Was a V6.

  13. Boatman Member

    “this is an original Cobra II and the car is equipped as it was when new.” Oops forgot to mention the engine swap!

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  14. r s

    It’s just depressing.

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