Greenwood Kit: 1984 Chevrolet Corvette

When it comes to the C4 Corvette, spending as little as possible and still getting a somewhat interesting example is the name of the game. There’s no real reason, in my opinion, to buy a basic, automatic transmission-equipped C4 C0rvette unless it was offered to you for free. But a manual transmission example is always worth a look, or one fitted with some unusual options – like this 1984 model with the full Greenwood treatment. Find the Corvette here on craigslist in Lake Worth, FL for just $2,800.

Now, a bodykit does nothing for the actual performance of the car in question, but it can make it a more appealing choice when there’s literally hundreds of the same model available for sale at a given time. While the Greenwood kit isn’t for everyone, I’ve always felt it was one of the more tactfully integrated aftermarket body kits you could by. And certainly, Greenwood has spent plenty of time enhancing its product catalog for Corvettes of this era, so it’s safe to say they know how to make a bodykit for one. The period-correct Gotti wheels are a must-have, too.

The seller offers no information on the mechanical integrity of the car, other than noting it will need work but can still be driven every day. Some improvements have been made, including a new dashboard (talk about a pain-in-the-ass swap) and a Renegade intake manifold. A new dash is not a simple undertaking, and usually indicates there’s an owner somewhere in its history file that wanted to keep this Corvette looking sharp. Unfortunately, it carries a salvage title, which the seller blames on one of the Greenwood side skirts become detached and the insurance company not wanting to pay for a new one.

The side skirts all look to be in good shape at the moment, so evidently someone took a gamble on either buying this at auction or buying it back from the insurance company. Either way, the salvage title doesn’t do any favors for an already cheap car, but the seller likely knows that. There are no interior photos included, so you’re on your own there for determining whether you’re going to be sitting in a tattered bucket seat with a torn up arm rest; still, the new dashboard would suggest at least that interior feature is crack-free. Does the Greenwood kit make this ordinary C4 any more desirable?

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  1. Terry

    I don’t understand why so many sellers don’t include more and better photographs. Do they want to sell the car? Or are they trying to hide something?

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  2. Jcs

    The wheels appear to be in excellent condition and are most probably the 17 x 10 inch style, easily worth $4-500 each, or more.

    Someone closeby that has the gumption could easily double their money on parts sales if they make the seller a reasonable cash in hand offer with a trailer in tow. When you make it quick and easy on the seller in a situation like this they will often accept a really good (for you) offer.

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  3. Stephan Ebert

    That is a blast from the past right there what a cool Corvette!

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  4. JCA

    Kind of a double edged sword with the optional Z51 package on these. The stock suspension is already a bone rattler. The stiffer springs of the Z51 likely makes that worse. Also by “new dash” I’d bet he means “new dash cap”. Dash overlays are a common item you can buy on fleabay these days. Just glue it down and it’s a big improvement. Saves a lot of labor.

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      A new dash cap or even a dash pad are an easy replace. If you can locate a new dash or have the old one rebuilt, it’s also an easy change out. 84 was the last year for the Cross Fire, which was used on several of the earlier Vettes. Never cared for the Greenwood kits but then again for the asking price I could live with it.

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  5. JerryS

    American Flag paint job optional

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  6. JBD

    Cool body modded Corvette. With close to $2k in wheels/tires and $1200-1300 body kit, it is hard to not save this from the junk yard/ parts car route.

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  7. Kenn

    Recognizing that most folks are not Corvette aficionados, seems to me this would be a neat car at a great price to just be seen driving it. And perhaps enjoying driving it.

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    • grant

      Which is exactly why someone would buy a C4 with an automatic. They want to be seen driving something noticable, and maybe their left knee is made of hamburger and broken glass. Just saying.

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    • Steve Herring

      I agree. I’m 70 years old and disabled. 5 speed Miata is just too much. A vette is a vette.

  8. Kenn

    Absent the left knee comment, you’re right. Even Jeff agrees.

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