Groovy Green: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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The Camaro Z28 came of age in 1969. After a production of 600 copies in 1967 and 7,000 in 1968, more than 20,000 of the performance machines saw the light of day in 1969. That included a 302 cubic inch V8 to meet SCCA racing specifications. This ’69 Z28 has largely original paint in a color (Rally Green) that only applied to five percent of overall Camaro production. Apparently needing little, this Chevy is in East Haven, Connecticut, and is available here on eBay where the reserve has gone unmet at $53,100.

Chevy hurried to get the Z28 ready for the SCCA 1967 season, so output only amounted to a few hundred copies. The car would pick up steam year by year before becoming a key offering in the Camaro line-up. The motor developed for these hot rods produced nearly one horsepower (290) per cubic inch. The Camaro would enjoy its best year to date in ’69, due in part to the build run being extended by three months while waiting for the all-new 1970s to make it to market.

Rally Green is a wild and “groovy” color that was offered in 1969 and was not unlike those crazy ones offered by Chrysler with their “Hi-Impact” series. I don’t recall the hue, but it’s hard to forget others like Hugger Orange. If the math for Rally Green across all Camaros could be applied to the Z28, perhaps only 1,000 Z’s left the factories in this color. So, the survival rate of a Camaro like this one could be rather rare.

According to the seller, the powertrain for this car is period correct but not matching numbers. However, the 12-bolt rear end with posi-traction is. We’re told the automobile runs and drives as it should, so it won’t have to spend any time with a mechanic to bring it up to speed. The interior is original and looks great and most of the paint and all the stripes are from Day One, some of it having been redone thanks to a fender bender in the 1980s. A little bit of rust is said to be lurking, but it doesn’t pop out in the photos.

From what we can tell, the seller is a Camaro fan, given the presence of another ‘69 Camaro in the garage, that one a red convertible. He/she bought the car last year and only drove it a few times. A recent change in the seller’s financial position now requires the car to be liquidated to free up capital. Who’s up for a nice Rally Green Z28 with a 4-speed?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    That is a super-pretty color!

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  2. Maggy

    I love these cars.Outta my price range now.When I was 6 and my cousin was 16 back in 72 he told me he was gettin one and gonna race it.First one at 16 was a yellow one with black vinyl .Drove home from great lakes dragaway real easy with a rod knock after over revving it and sold it to neighborhood landscapers for 1k.Still started and ran.2nd was a Fathom green one with no vinyl when he was 17.Scattered the trans in that at the strip.My uncle was pissed but gave him the $ to rebuild it.I still remember him screaming how much those Great Lakes trophies cost him. That one got rear ended twice and he didn’t like the body repairs 2nd time around and traded it for 67 or 68 z28 about the same color green as this one.The guy he got it from put a th400 in it for drag racing but left the pedals still there.My cousin went in the army in 74 at 18 and traded it for a 70 yenko nova 350 4 speed to a guy on base.Said the Yenko was his favorite.He always said his 302”s would start screaming at around 15 20 mph rolling like nothing else.Off the line not so much. Glwts.Nice car.

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  3. Mike

    “needing little”? ‘runs and drives”? I see a hole where the shifter should be.

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    • moosie moosie

      I see a shifter where a shifter should be in photo # 5 in the EBAY ad , and it looks like a flat stick Hurst. And the seam between the rear lower valence and 1/4 panel looks to be about as typical of any fit from back then ?

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    • Joe

      Look again Mike.

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  4. John

    If I know these cars as well as I think. Judging by the back splash pan seam meeting the fender… The back bumper is about to fall off. Definitely not a 50k car .. sorry. But buyer beware I’ll bet there’s more than a “little” rust underneath

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  5. bone

    This was a really cool color, I’m surprised it wasn’t on more Camaros, or available on all models

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  6. John C.

    Anybody believe that the overspray story is from Original?

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  7. 19sixty5Member

    The little 302 was advertised as having 290 HP, when in reality, they were actually in the 350-400 HP range. With the standard 3:73 rear, they weren’t exactly a drag car, but going to a 4:56 or 4:88 made them pretty awesome street machines that surprised a lot of people.

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  8. David l Orr

    In 1969 I was in the Army and my buddy had a blue/white strips 69 Z28 but he had a friend who worked at the Chevy dealer and knew how to order a two four barrel 425 HP 302. You want to talk about a screaming car. He would troll around Birmingham looking for Hemi Cuda’s. Usually won. He was driving back from Georgia nice and easy and all of sudden a rod went out. Just like that. That was a heck of a ride.

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  9. James

    Hard to imagine a better example of 60’s muscle than this car right here. What a color combo.

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  10. steve

    I know a bit about these cars and from the pictures supplied, I see quite a few things that I’d want to inspect much closer. The car has potential but I feel it’s a $50K car at best. But an in-person inspection would be a definite must.

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  11. Melton Mooney

    Eagle ST’s went out of production in the mid/late 90s yet they look nearly new on this car. Poor thing hasn’t been driven much at all in the last 30 yrs. I hope the new owner remedies that.

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