Ground-Breaker: 1968 International Harvester Scout

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Although primarily known for the manufacture of farm and industrial machinery, International Harvester was a company that delved into such diverse areas as gardening equipment and electrical appliances. The Scout was another example of this diversity, and many people believe that the Scout was one of the cars that led to the birth of the modern SUV. This Scout will require restoration, and if it is something that you feel that you would like to take on, then you will find the Scout listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Farmington, New Mexico, and is being sold with a clear title.

The owner provides plenty of photos of the Scout, and it really is solid. There are a few dents and dings present, but none of them are particularly bad and should be an easy fix. Unfortunately, while this vehicle was hidden away, it looks like somebody got into the barn and added some unwanted graffiti to the driver’s side of the vehicle with a rattle can. While this is an irritation, I think that this could be removed with a bit of careful work with a buffing compound.

The interior of the Scout was designed to be rugged and hard-wearing. This interior of this particular vehicle is no exception and is in good overall condition. The only real fault that could be picked with it is the fact that the driver’s seat has received a new cover at some point, and it doesn’t match the original on the passenger seat. Otherwise, it’s all pretty good. One area where we are in the dark with this Scout is the engine. The owner doesn’t elaborate on what type of engine is in the scout (4, 6 or 8 cylinders) or the condition of the engine. All we know is that the vehicle has been sitting for 15 years and that it doesn’t have a battery.

A good 1968 Scout will start in the market at around $15,000, and the prices really climb from there. This Scout needs some work, but it does appear to be a very solid vehicle. The real determining factors in the value of the vehicle are to do with the engine. We really need to know what type of engine is fitted to the vehicle, and we also need to know its condition. The owner has set the opening bid for the Scout at $7,500, but there is also a BIN option of $15,000. Whether this is a fair price will be determined by those two factors.

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  1. JerryDeeWrench

    Looks like it has a 304 engine. This was the first year for that. Nice one.

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    • Adam ClarkeAuthor

      Thanks for that Jerry. I didn’t want to make the call on that, because I really wasn’t 100% sure. I appreciate your input on it.

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    • Roger

      Think I see the V8 emblem on the side which signifies either the 266 or 304,my uncle who was a dealer back then sold one similar to this one but was a ’67 model.

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  2. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    15K to drive around in this? Not in my world. Many years ago I drove one from Wisconsin to Utah with my 71 Superglide in the back. It was OK back then. I do enjoy driving my 1960 Willys in the winter, but only to the Village or Brodhead. 15 miles away. This thing will beat you up also. I might be in at about $1500. I know, never happen.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      I hear ya’, you have to admire their optimism. These people dealing with $50k dollar 4×4’s all day, clearly this one must be worth $15,,,nice try.@ $7,500 it doesn’t have any bids. A V8 may increase the price some, but these typically had the 4 cylinder and not much to rave about. I will admit, it’s tough to find one like this, but $2g’s tops.
      In an unrelated matter, since there’s no PM service, hey Mike, I thought you lived by Eau Claire. Many years ago, I hauled a semi load of fertilizer, in bags, to a big farm just outside of Brodhead. I thought it a bit odd, there was no machinery for such a big farm, lot of horses though, turns out, it was an Amish farm, and the people were really cool. We unloaded the trailer by hand, I was there all day, but they fed me, and I learned a lot that day about the Amish. Turns out, I may just stay in Colorado. They have much better healthcare. I want to sell the GMC and get a 280Z and see the west.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        Morning Howard. Pretty strange. I live on the river north of Albany. About a dozen miles from Brodhead and know the farm well.The Detweiler Family owns it. You are right, nice people. Every summer they have a huge auction, quilts, furniture and so on. People come from across the country to buy and flip there goods! Best of luck on your choice of where to hang your hat. That 280 would be a blast out there! Post some pics when you find one. Take care, Mike.

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      • Chris in WNC

        looks the $7500 opening bid was a trifle optimistic.
        after 5 1/2 days, no nibbles.
        extremely cool vehicle if the seller wakes up to reality……

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  3. Al

    An interesting fact is that International Harvester paid Nodwell muskeg tractor company in Canada a large sum of money to acquire the „Scout“ name,
    only to abandon the manufacture of IH Scouts in 1980. In 19 years, it is difficult to determine if IH ever recovered the cost of the name „Scout“.

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  4. Dave

    $15 k? This guy better get his head out of the glue pail.

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  5. Terry L Johnson

    The Scout used many drive train parts that were also used in the Jeep. Had a red CJ years ago. Bought a rusty Scout cheap that had an Overdrive and big wheels and meats. Pulled the OD out of the Scouts T 90 (I think) and popped it into the Jeep tranny, and changed over the wheels/tires. Then sold the Scout for what I paid for it 2 days later. Such a deal. :-) Terry J

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  6. TortMember

    It states the interior is rugged and hard wearing. That may be the case with the interior but we had a 68 that you could stand and watch the body rust.

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  7. DB

    My Dad had one of these when I was growing up – used it to travel to our cabin – I’m thinking 15k is a dream price, and I can concur from personal experience this is one of the rougher riding vehicles of all time!

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