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Group Purchase: Fiat Collection Clean-Out


If you’re a Fiat fan, there’s a chance your ship has come in. Up for grabs here on eBay is collection of vehicles being sold by someone who sounds more like an antiquer than a car flipper, so there’s a chance to walk away with a deal if the bidding stays around the opening number of $3,000 (and there’s no reserve). Featuring a variety of 850s, there’s a mixture of what looks like restorable projects and rusty but parts-rich rarities. 


It’s clear that the owner of this collection had a thing for Fiat’s pretty 850 Sport Racer. While not particularly fast, these Bertone-styled coupes had some success on the rally circuit. While just over 4,000 are estimated to have been made between 1970 and 1972, they have limited collectability today. This one seen here appears quite rusty and to be a 1971 model. Likely good for just parts at this point, it looks to have a solid interior with lots of nice bits left if I’m following the order of the photos correctly.

s-l1600 (8)

This is the back-end of the car featured up top, which I believe is a 1970 850 Sport Coupe. The engine cover hints at the rear-engine layout these little Fiats utilized, which left minimal room for under-the-hood fiddling. Good for about 90 m.p.h., they weren’t speed demons but the cars were quite light. Front disc brakes and rear drums helped slow the 850 down, and this example appears to have less porous metal than the Sport Racer.


Then, there’s also this oddball: a standard Fiat 850, which was in some ways a successor to the classic 600. This one has lost all of its paint but the metal looks surprisingly solid. Also rear-engined, it could be a “Super” model which packed a whopping 37 b.h.p.! Taken together, this is quite a collection of parts with an opportunity to create one or two good cars out of the lot and sell off what you don’t need. The seller wants someone to take it all, so you’re committed to hauling it all home if you’re interested in being this 850 collection’s next steward.


  1. jim s

    this would be interesting for someone who was into fiats, like Josh. but it might be to soon for him to start bring parts cars home to fill up the yard/driveway/garage/house! no bids yet so maybe the seller will take an offer. interesting find.

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  2. George Member

    The 850 racer fits into my weird universe of delightful little cars that I would like to have

    Built with steel the thickness of aluminum foil, and the structural rigidity of homemade pasta, a little rust can be dangerous very quickly

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  3. Jubjub

    Aww, that sedan. I really like all three but that’s the one that’d get any effort from me. “Looks” the most sound.

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  4. Joe

    Well since I like the 1970 850 Sport Coupe and you guys like the others I say we buy the package and split them up !

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  5. Al Hubbard

    My friend Lee asked me to come with to see a Fiat collection similar to this 20 some years ago. When we got done looking at the mess, the owner asked Lee how he would pay for the collection. Lee told the owner “I’m not paying to clean up this mess”. The guy called back six months later, and Lee got the collection for free.

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