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Head-Turning Hauler: 1968 Belly Tank Trailer

Sometimes a vehicle without an engine really draws my eye, this is one of those cases. This is listed by the seller as an “Unspecified 1968 Belly Tank”, but it’s basically a custom belly tank trailer for a motorcycle. They have it posted on Hemmings with an asking price of $2,750 or best offer. It’s located in Portland, Oregon.

This unbelievably cool trailer was formerly a “Corsair A7 drop tank” according to the seller. Yes, it’s a fully-functioning trailer with “functioning brake and turn signals, and rides on 7.00-16 Firestone Deluxe Champions tied in to TA1000 torsional stub axles.”

I’ve seen a couple of belly tank cars being pulled towards Salt Lake City and the Salt Flats, but I have never seen a belly tank trailer. I’d be paranoid about having such a narrow trailer but they say that it tracks straight down the road. This trailer was recently sold with a restored Honda Scrambler but the new owner must not want or need the trailer. And, I’m not quite sure how a person would even get a motorcycle in there? I expected to see some sort of ramp system or maybe one whole side comes off?

I can imagine that this trailer alone would draw a crowd bigger than if a person were driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari, and it’s only $2,500, give or take.

The seller includes this great photo showing interior dimensions so a potential buyer can see if their bike or whatever will fit back there. Have any of you seen a belly tank trailer? Would you have any use for this other than for the reason that it looks great and is fairly inexpensive?


  1. Bobsmyuncle

    This was sold on Bring A Trailer not long ago.

  2. DrinkinGasoline

    Better off as a canoe ? I see no other use for it as it sits.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Ditch the wheels, add a couple of paddles and life vests….Sunday afternoon fun on the local river or lake !

  3. Michael Sietz

    When they say that it is a motorcycle trailer, they mean a trailer towed by a motorcycle

    • sparecr

      No actually when it was on Bring a Trailer, It was shown with a bike inside the trailer. It was designed to be pulled behind a 4 wheeled vehicle.

  4. Coventrycat

    Kind of a waste with only two wheels and limited hauling capacity. I’d rather see it with 4 wheels and a hi performance 4 cylinder tucked in there.

  5. JagManBill

    I thought it was a trailer to pull BEHIND a bike…

  6. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Boy, this thing is sweet! I would put in some bucket seats and an ice chest and take my buddies for a flight. Don’t forget the nose art!;_N53594@LGB;28.07.1995_(4929204799).jpg

  7. Whippeteer

    In the previous ad they mentioned that the bike had to be lifted up and placed in the trailer. So unless your bike is a static display in the trailer, not too useful for that. I like the idea of a couple of bucket seats and a cooler for friends. Trailer it behind your streamliner?

  8. Whippeteer

    OTOH you can change it from a trailer to anything that you want. What is the starting cost of a good belly tank from that era today?

  9. Bobsmyuncle

    Scotty why did my comment get deleted?

    EDIT- hmmm only appears when logged on???

  10. Mark S.

    I’d scrap the trailer idea, it would take 40 acres to turn this rig around anyway. I’d shorten this down to a manageable size and build a side car out of it, then attach it to a vintage bike. I’ve seen one done and it was about the coolest side car rig I’ve ever seen. Google custome sidecar bikes and you will find it in images. The guy that built it has it looking like a wwii fighter plane.

  11. rod

    50 hp electric motor and 12 Lithium batteries and a couple more wheels and you’ve got yourself a hotrod that would seriously envy challenge a Tesla in ludicrous mode, given the launch weight of that thing. I’m already dreaming.

    Course, I’d have to get my grandkid to drive it, given the belly wouldn’t fit in the belly tank.

  12. rod

    50 hp electric motor and 12 Lithium batteries and a couple more wheels and you’ve got yourself a hotrod that would seriously challenge a Tesla in ludicrous mode, given the launch weight of that thing. I’m already dreaming.

    Course getting the belly in the belly tank is an entirely different matter.

  13. sparecr

    This was on Bring a Trailer maybe a year or so ago. It was pictured with a nice bike. everyone asked about the bike. Not sure if he is showing it without the bike now to avoid distraction or if the bike sold. The biggest question is how do you get the bike in or out, easily?

    I think it is cool, but what would you actually ever do with it?

  14. rod

    I see potential

  15. cidevco

    I can’t remember where I saw this a few months ago for sale but it was attached to a classic car that was being sold. Maybe Craigslist or eBay. I guess the trailer is not needed. It was a motorcycle trailer when advertised before.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      It was on Bring A Trailer.

  16. AF

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