No Reserve: 1949 Spartan Mansion Travel Trailer

Take it from someone who spent 5-years living in one, touches of luxury can make life in a trailer quite bearable. The Spartan Travel Trailer was considered to be the Cadillac of the breed, and they were not a… more»

Head-Turning Hauler: 1968 Belly Tank Trailer

Sometimes a vehicle without an engine really draws my eye, this is one of those cases. This is listed by the seller as an “Unspecified 1968 Belly Tank”, but it’s basically a custom belly tank trailer for a motorcycle…. more»

The Last Ride: 1953 German Hearse Trailer

As I found from some reading, for a long time if you were to be buried in Germany , your family had the choice of a powered hearse (more money) or one of these trailer hearses, which allowed the… more»

Two Owners In 81 Years: 1936 Mullins Red Cap

Back in the thirties, trailers like this Mullins Red Cap were very popular. They made the family sedan more functional when money was too tight for a truck. This particular trailer was one of the more popular offerings and is… more»

Stylish Hauler: 1937 Mullins Red Cap Trailer

A small, non-camping trailer on Barn Finds? Yes, but not just any trailer, this is a 1937 Mullins Red Cap Trailer and they’re as rare as, well, as rare as trailers on Barn Finds! This sweet, little carry-all is in Custer,… more»

It’s A Wing, It’s A Plane, It’s Super Teardrop!

When you look closely at this gorgeously fabricated teardrop trailer, it’s obvious that it was put together by a serious craftsman. I’m guessing whomever it was built aircraft for a living, or at least learned their craft that way…. more»