Big Block 4-Speed! 1968 Dodge Charger

The owner of this 1968 Dodge Charger is a person that I have complete respect for. He owns a car that needs restoration, and he wants to undertake a resto-mod project. However, he is unwilling to subject the Charger to that process, so is looking for someone to take this largely complete car, and return it to something approaching its former glory. The Charger is located in Mechanicville, New York, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The Charger is an extremely popular car, and with bidding now sitting at $12,400, I’m not surprised that the reserve hasn’t been met.

The first thing to note about the Charger is that it didn’t start life finished in its current Light Blue shade. It was actually finished in Racing Green with a white vinyl top, which is an attractive combination. The car does have some rust issues, but these aren’t actually horrendous. These seem to be confined to the lower surfaces of the car, including the quarter panels and rear valance. The rear floor on the driver’s side has a few spots which may be able to be patched, while the same is true of the center section of the trunk floor. Structurally, the Charger looks to be solid, with only a coating of surface corrosion visible on the underside of the vehicle.

The interior of the Charger was originally upholstered in white vinyl, and while it may not be apparent in the photos, almost everything is still present. Alright, it might need a lot of work, but at least important components like the center console, gauge cluster, and dash trim are all present. There are a number of other parts included in the sale, and this will help to give the next owner a bit of a head start in the restoration process.

What originally occupied the engine bay was a 383ci V8, but as you can see, that’s not there anymore. This isn’t the end of the world, because the owner is including an 8/67 date coded 440 short block, along with more mechanical components than you can shake a stick at. This includes cylinder heads, intakes, bell housings, a 4-speed transmission, power steering pump, starters, and a whole heap more. Depending on where the final bidding on the Charger goes, he might even include an additional 440HP short block and Crane Cams gold roller rockers. If the bidding doesn’t go high enough, then the option will still be there to purchase these items separately.

I can see why the owner of this Charger doesn’t want to follow the resto-mod pathway with this car. There is certainly the possibility available to return it to some semblance of its original condition without spending obscene amounts of money. If the next owner does decide upon a restoration, I guess that it will come down to a choice of either reconditioning and fitting the 440 or go searching for a date-correct 383 to slot into the engine bay. Which way would you go?


  1. Keith

    A roller with parts at 13k reserve not met?…….Wow!

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    • Steve R

      I personally wouldn’t be interested. But for someone that wants an early Charger that isn’t going to spend a year or more in a body shop repairing rust there is a price to pay.

      Buying a desirable car is expensive. Since I was a kid in the 80’s I’ve seen countless cars that I would have liked to own reach a price point I wasn’t willing to pay. When that happens, you move on to something else. There are a few people that frequent this site that like to blame “rich guys”, but they are just whiners interested in pushing an agenda, they have repeatedly stated they don’t even like the cars the complain about.

      Cars are an expensive hobby, there are ways to mitigate the damage to your wallet, most people aren’t willing to search out that route.

      Steve R

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      • Crazyhawk

        Steve u need to copy this comment on just about every post on here. Perfectly said.

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      • Little_Cars

        Every single panel on this thing can be considered in need of work. Whether it takes a year, or a couple weeks/hours like on TV…this is not a quick process to do it right. At first I was going to say the front bumper and grille look useable then saw that inexplicable gouge on the drivers side of the bumper tip. Oh, what wheels this beast possesses! Slotted in the front, oval in the back, steelies on the passenger side.

      • zemario

        Certainly not the best I’ve seen!

      • triumph1954

        Steve R. Perfect and so true. Whiners are the ones ruining this site and the old car hobby.

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    • zemario

      Very special and dispensable

    • STEVE


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      • Little_Cars

        Yawn. These weren’t classic muscle cars when new, and for the next couple decades if not more! They got thrashed like the intermediate tin boxes they were — sold cheap to the masses. We’ve since attached a value and a name to a lot of models that were disposable at the time. My MGs pretty much were throwaway cars that somehow survived the ravages of bonehead previous owners.

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Not the most rotten we have seen here, but its been whupped on all sides. Mcho bodywork here, if you are ok with that and all the missing parts you will need to hunt up, go for it, almost looks like a parts car. wonder what the reserve is? Anyhoo, whatever floats yer boat. Keith is right–seems pricey for what you’re getting, expect to find more rust in this rust belt car. Good luck.

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  3. TimM

    Taken apart and not put back together!! I guess the bright side is there’s a motor and trans so it will only nickel and dime you to death!!

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  4. George mattar

    Unless you are a skilled body man, stay away. I have a close friend who drove home a 1970 Charger and started taking it apart. All new AMD metal and he is broke and can’t finish the car. By the way, those so called perfect replacement AMD fenders are garbage. Do not fit.

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  5. Del

    Needs everthing. Was already parted.

    No way.

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  6. Pete

    I.’ve been restoring cars .since I was16 years of age.drove 50.s 60s 70s and some 80s.from. Philly and nj.18 guys worked in my shop in the 80s we restored (rusttangs).charge it’s .lol same as rusttangs.jag u that came from pa or Jersey had rust .the customer thought you could just wave the magic wand and cars tomes the amount to do the same car today .that charger today finished buy a professional 65kand up to 90 k for every detail on these cars.if the car is taking care of it still needs maintaining.just like the cars today..I res my case comment s about how you can do it for less .don’t want to here it at 75 years of age.

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  7. zemario

    car very difficult to solve.

  8. Del

    There is nothing left of this to solve.

    The shell is not worth anything

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