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Hemi And A 4-Speed! 1968 Plymouth GTX Convertible

I’m not sure if this GTX Convertible is legit or not, but I sure hope it is. You see it’s a Hemi equipped 4 speed convertible, making it the rarest and most desirable versions of the Plymouth GTX. It’s clearly in rough shape, but the seller is asking $100,000 for it, which might sound lofty given it’s condition but the last one to have sold went for nearly twice that. It’s located in Syracuse, New York and can be found here on craigslist. Special thanks to Mike S for this amazing tip!

The seller claims this car is 1 of 12. Obviously they built more than 12 GTX convertible in ’68, but I’m going to guess only 12 were shipped with the Hemi and a 4 speed. They don’t offer any pictures of the VIN or engine tag, but at least they posted a photo of the engine. And it looks like a Hemi to me!

I can’t say whether this ad is legitimate or not, but boy I sure hope it is. It isn’t everyday that a rare and desirable Hemi barn find pops up on craigslist, so when one does, it’s a special day! While I couldn’t ever afford this Mopar, I wouldn’t mind seeing it while it’s still in the barn, and I noticed there looks to be something else interesting parked next to it in the barn. So do you think this car originally featured the Hemi/4-speed combo, or was it added later?


  1. CliffS Member

    Already flagged for removal!

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    • Toddjim

      Why is that? Ya suppose someone asked to bring the spotlights and magnifying glasses and the seller said “I don’t have time for that nonsense!”

      • Rion Ray Staats

        Craig if you look closely there is another mount for another carter carburetor behind the forward carb the carb is missing. Its a 2×4 intake manifold. The only thing that would concern me if this is a legitimate gtx hemi? The seller is asking way to high as is he would be lucky to get about 30k as is. If it rolled through auction restored he would get 50 to 70k if it wasnt restored but in peferect shape he would see a 100k or more.

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    • Jaime konja

      I had one in high school kept her for twenty years bust car ever kick my self in the ass for letting her go. Looks legit not sure unless I saw her nice ride I would love to have her. Good luck.

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  2. 'mario

    Ads been pulled already .

  3. flmikey

    …for that kind of jack, they best have the documentation to back it up…and someone who will pay that has the sense to ask for it…but I doubt it will bring that much…best find of the month…

  4. brian crowe

    This posting has been flagged for removal.

  5. Snotty


  6. moosie Craig

    These old eyes are telling me that the picture of the engine has only 1 carb. is that so? If so something isnt right, street hemi’s had 2 carter four barrels, Yep , for 100 K I would need a lot of documentation, seems fishy to me .

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    • brian crowe

      Craig, if you blow up the pic it looks like the rear carb is missing but you can see the opening for it

    • moosie Craig

      Upon further looking I think I see a mounting for another 4 BBL. behind the one pictured, I guess if your missing a water pump ya might as well be missing a carburetor .

  7. Al

    What a find!!

    I’m sure the seller will provide the vin# to the serious buyers for their research.

  8. PJ

    It was flagged for removal, my guess is someone seen it and wanted it so bad they took the guys contact information and flagged it so they’d have a better chance of buying it.

    • Toddjim

      It takes more than 1 flag to remove a post.

      • Dave Wright

        There are ways around that………only takes one determined flagger.

  9. Fast Eddie

    It appears that the back carb is missing

  10. Joe Nose

    Knew a fellow back in the late ’70’s that had one in red over white but even though it was less than 10 years old, the salt around Ithaca had created some phenomenal holes all over it. Wonder how much it would be worth now. Certainly no sense it would ever be worth $1,000 and never 100x that.

    • Russ

      If you can buy it for the VIN tag and the original engine and trans you can rebuild a car around it.

      • Steven

        Yeah, because this car is too far gone to restore. May as well commit fraud and start switching numbers.

  11. Mike H. Mike H

    Personally speaking, if I were to be owning something like this car and it was what I claimed it to be I’d be sure to have the provenance to show, and the LAST place I’d try to sell it is craigslist.

    The second to the last place would be eBay.

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    • Bmwtopgun1

      Due to the back carbrator and the water pump and other front things missing on the engine! It looks like someone put that engine in with the hood still on, and could not get the exhaust manifold to fit(looks like it is missing) between the steering shaft and engine head.So they never finished it?(Engine swap?)

      • ACZ

        Looks like a factory installation but what I would be worried about is the missing radiator and water pump. This is in cold country and if it wasn’t prepared for Winter, anything cast iron could be split wide open.

  12. Chuck Cobb

    WHY OH WHY with all the information about how ‘valuable’ Hemi cars are worth has this vehicle been left to deteriorate so long? Crying shame. If you don’t want to do something with it, let someone else have an opportunity.

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    • Bmwtopgun1

      Chuck i agree.But i would not worry about it because they did not leave the cars vin number for the real proof of this car!

  13. nessy

    It just goes to show us that very special cars are still in hiding.. Original Hemi 4 speed or not, it’s a true Barn Find. You can tell it’s been hiding right where it is for a long time. It may have been parked when it was just an old unwanted used car. Yes, there was a time when cars like this were junked. It may have been flagged since most people would believe it to be a scam but the car must exist. Here are the photos. I usually get a vibe, good or bad when I see a car like this. You know what? I think it’s the real deal. I just have that feeling….Never give up on finding that special old car in hiding. New finds are still waiting to be discovered.

  14. Jeff Staff

    All I can think of is the one they destroyed in Tommy Boy.

    • Russ

      They destroyed a 67 Satellite for that movie and I seriously doubt they invested in a hemi for the purpose.

  15. Bmwtopgun1

    nessy i very do agree with with your post.And i hope Mike S. got the Craigslist listing number or phone number for this Barn find! I’m sure it would help someone save this car from getting in to the wrong hands! Just a note.This is the best Barn Find ever!

    • nessy

      Thanks for your agreement in my comment above, Bmwtopgun1. If it’s real, it could be one of the best Barn Finds from this site ever but not the very best find. The very best Barn Find in my opinion on this site was that GTO Judge Convertible find from December 2015. So far, that one has been untouchable and it was 100% for real. This new Hemi find is still a bit of a mystery..

    • Rocco in Florida Member

      I guess if you’re a Mopar guy.

      What about the ’66 Shelby GT-350 carryover car a few months ago, if you’re a Ford/Shelby guy? I think it would be high on the list of Barn Find listings.

  16. Tom

    I believe only 36 conv. or so were built with a hemi . Very rare indeed .

    • Tom

      Not to mention only 12 with a 4 speed.

  17. Rustytech Member

    $100k for a VIN Hemi eng and 4 speed trans? Really? While I love Mopar’s, and I love Hemi’s and I love 4 speeds, that’s worse than crazy money, that’s silly money!

    • Steven

      You get a little more than a VIN, engine and trans.

  18. RollerD
    • brian crowe

      ya but you could make this one look like that one for $50K difference in price

      • Scat Pack

        No you couldn’t

  19. Greg Mason

    It’s great to see anyone restoring a muscle car. The problem I have is alot of these people are asking crazy money for alot of rust and mechanical problems. Can you imagine the cost of restoring this car. No seller wants to take that into consideration . If your lucky enough to be able to do it yourself great but most of us have to pay big money. Soon only the very well off will be able to afford one. Sad.

  20. irocrob

    Even if it was a factory 440 car and a convertible it is big bucks. I always loved this body style. I had a few challengers and cudas in the the late 1970s but never a GTX or road runner.

    • John D

      I had a 68 GTX convertible, with a 440 4 speed, since 1977 but had to sell it in 2012. I have been sick about it since. Though I tried for moderately big bucks, it was still rough enough that I couldn’t. A great car for the interstate and I am hooked on convertibles. I had a stroke in 2010 and my left leg does not enjoy clutches anymore.

  21. the one

    nuf said, it’s gone..

  22. Houndawg

    Obviously someone saw it and got their panties in a bunch. :)

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Deleted by author….

  23. mike d

    I too love the 68 GTX , and clicked to look at the ad.. I was hoping to get a more specific location , so I could offer up my ” services” and give it a closer look for anyone that needed me to ( no, I am not a professional ) but she looks pretty beat !!! … $10K… maybe… possibly… 100K ? I want the drugs the seller is on !!

    • Toddjim

      Mike d I don’t claim to be an expert on this but if the finished product is worth 200k then doesn’t that make the shell of the beast worth half that? That’s all they’re really after is the matching numbers, right?

  24. Jeffro

    #2 pricing for a #5 car. How much is your happiness worth?!

  25. Rocko

    Looks real. 100k is pushing it, i think the owner is just setting the bait and wait, i would do exactly that. Sure he could get 65~75 k for it from 4 or 5 potentials, but why not wait for the full 100. After all, this is the only one he will ever have, might as well let everyone know when and where. And no, you cannot get the motor in without removing the hood carb or no carb, unless you slipped it in from underneath. I say it is worth 100k in its original form. Congratulations whoever you are, i would love to clean this bad boy up!

  26. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Fender tag is there……..

  27. RoughDiamond Member

    A factory 4-speed in a ’68 440 GTX is rare in and of itself. Now factor in a hemi with a factory 4-speed and your’re talking super rare. Add the convertible in on top of that and the number produced is miniscule. It would take a Galen Govier Certification to check all the right boxes to know just how much the Seller is or isn’t in la la land. I don’t think he’s totally out in left field based on the incredible demand for super rare MOPAR muscle right now.
    I hate the thought of it, however, based on the cars I watched go across Barrett-Jackson in January, this car as a “Custom” would probably go through the roof in terms of dollars.
    A trick of Craiglisters is to see a listing they are interested in, get all the info for contact purposes and then flag it for removal.

  28. RoughDiamond Member

    Is that a Plymouth Arrow parked beside the GTX? That passenger quarter louver sure looks like one on an Arrow.

    • John D

      RoughDiamond and the rear window has that upswept window of an Arrow too. I always thought a 2.6 turbo out of a Conquest TSi would make an Arrow a fun car.

  29. Angrymike

    When ever I see the fender blinkers, it takes me back to my father’s 69 Road Runner, I’m guessing he filled it with GTX options, like buckets, 390’s and air conditioning other stuff that slip my mind. I know they were all options, but my father’s was pretty loaded. Lord I wish I knew where that car was now….. 😔

  30. rando

    2 scenarios. With the amount of stuff removed from the bay, it was either 1) a project to INSTALL a hemi into a non hemi car and never got finished. or 2) the motor is dead and was scavenged for parts over the years. Either way, I doubt it’s a viable project.

    If it’s a real hemi car, you got lots to contend with. You might be able to see if the motor is stuck or not – that’s about all you can figure out without a LOT of work.

    Or… the numbers turn out to show it isn’t an orgiinal Hemi car. Which decreases the value.

    either way,, not a $100K car. And the ad is going away anyway.

  31. jaymes

    sum ting wong with this

    • moparnewbie

      rando, agree w your assessment. sounds like those 2 scenarios are most likely.
      but, does the hood with the scoops give away any clues as to the what motor was factory?

      jaymes – ROFL!

      • the one

        look closely at the dirt and oil patterns, the fender well matches the pattern on the valve covers and fire wall brake master, an obvious boil over blown radiator or h2o pump. this in my opinion is the original engine.

  32. Rocko

    Today money only exist in a virtual world, banks are empty . This hemi ragtop will become a symbol of flashing ones wealth.

  33. mike

    trust me its real i touched it

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