Hemi Muscle Wagon: 1964 Plymouth Belvedere

1964 Plymouth Belvedere

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UPDATE 6/13/16 – This one has been relisted with a $33k buy it now!

FROM 5/19/16 – It’s not a barn find. It’s not even original, but this 1964 Plymouth Belvedere deserves to be on this page! We have featured a few station wagons recently that we thought would make good bases for big power conversions. Well, the dirty work has already been done here so why not just enjoy it? This wagon started life as a beige family hauler, but has been turned into a fire-breathing monster. There’s a Hemi under the hood and a four five on the floor! It’s located in North York, Ontario, Canada and is listed here on eBay where bidding started at $200.

426 hemi

There’s the 426 Hemi that was installed by the last owner. It was built by Dave Mann and puts out some serious power. Apparently, it was dynoed a year or so ago and was generating over 500 wheel horsepower! It would cost you some serious money to build an engine like that today, so it will be interesting to see what this eventually sells for. Some guys will probably want this wagon just for the engine, but I’d want to keep it all together. There are Hemi-powered Challengers and ‘Cudas everywhere, but when was the last time you saw a Belvedere station wagon with that iconic big block?

Five Speed

The exterior and interior were all restored when the conversion was performed and the work all looks topnotch. I wouldn’t change a thing in here. Well, I’d probably lose that cup holder and maybe install a more vintage looking tach, but that’s about it. Notice the shift pattern. The builder originally stuck a 4-speed Muncie in there, but quickly grenaded that while doing a crazy wheel standing launch at the drag strip. After that, they installed a TKO 600 5-speed. That must of held up a little better because the current owner has performed a few 5k clutch drops themselves.

Muscle Wagon

The Torq Thrust rims look great here and an extra pair are included complete with drag slicks mounted. This could be a fun car to drive to the drag strip, run a few very quick passes, and then grab some groceries on the way home. The mix of brute power, utility, and subtle good looks make this one of the most impressive muscle wagon builds I’ve ever seen. What do you guys think – could this be the ultimate kid hauler?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. DolphinMember

    Back in the day some guys used to prefer wagons for amateur drag strip fun because of the extra weight on the rear, which helps traction. You used to see wagons with big engines once in a while in Hot Rod mag and at the strips.

    The owner of a car like this won’t be short of attention at Show ‘N Shines. But I’d rather run under the radar, so as much as I like the Torque Thrusts I would change them for something less attention getting, and try to ditch the hood scoop, altho it looks like that might not be possible. The goal would be a stealth runner, and for that the wagon configuration would be the ultimate, especially a Belvedere, which IIRC was entry-level back then.

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    • Rob g

      I think if you delete the 426 badges you’d be sleeper enough. Nobody is going to suspect you are packing 484 ci of hemi under the hood!
      The hood is functional!

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  2. Rob g

    Hi guys. This is my car. And seeing all the wagons in the last little while and the suggestion of making a fast one, I thought it was a great sport to post one already done!

    Any questions ask away :)

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    • DolphinMember

      Fair enough about the hood being functional. Those big two 4 barrels on the cross ram manifold have the last say about it anyway.

      This looks like what we used to call a ‘sanitary’ build back when this wagon was a new car. That was the ultimate compliment back then.

      I see from the Ebay description that the car has a Roadrunner front subframe with discs and a hemi Roadrunner Dana 60 rear end.

      It sounds like you prefer the car just like it is now without power brakes or steering. But do you think the car is suited well to the street without those power assists, or is the car is best suited for the strip? Would it be too much of a handfull in the cut and thrust of driving in crowded places like the Toronto area?

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      • Rob g

        the lack of power steering or power brakes is really not what gets annoying in stop and go traffic, the clutch is heavy and a bit grabby, and that takes more concentration than anything. And going slow is not easy. I know that sounds stupid, but it really is hard to putter along at 40 km/h. you have to recalibrate your foot and your brain. I daily a 2007 diesel Grand Cherokee, so when i drive this you have to adjust because 1/4 throttle on both cars is vastly different.
        When you are moving the lack of power steering doesn’t matter at all. The brakes are strong and pedal effort is fine. Its not an auto cross or lapping day car :D So no power brakes is really not an issue either.

        Lets be honest here, this is not a daily driver. hey, more power to you if you want to but this is a fun toy that you can drive anywhere reliably, and very quickly. And it is a TON of FUN! I mean really properly fun. The manual makes all the difference, an auto trans would detract from the entertainment.

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    • Ronnie Gentry

      Thats a Powerwagon

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  3. Todd

    I dig this wagon ! I am building a 1970 Sport Satellite Wagon. 440 + 8 , auto ,391 positraction. Should be lots of fun.

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    • Rob g

      very nice should be a lot of fun!

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  4. TomMember

    Not typically a fan, but this is one cool ride. Very nice. I hope you get what you want! Very cool. Not crazy about the color combo, the seats seem to have a whole lot more teal/green in them and the balance of the interior more blue. maybe just bad lighting? .

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    • Rob g

      I think its just the lighting, I am pretty color blind lol So I don’t notice it as much. But now that you pointed it out u see it. But in normal lighting the colours are different. I’ll snap better pics in proper daylight this weekend

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  5. American_Badaz

    I am a big fan of wagon’s and this absolutely makes the list! Awesome car that I would love to own.

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    • Rob g

      the only way it would be more badass is if it ran a hilborn injection setup!

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    What’s she run in the quarter?

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    • Rob g

      runs mid 11s at around 126
      Really depends how well you car row the gears!

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  7. Rob g

    oh and I dunno if you can tell, but that’s a kids seat in the passenger seat. My 4 year old daughter loves the wagon. She has named it the angry wagon, because it always sounds angry!

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  8. Paul R

    It’s awesome, everything about it!
    Put some stock wheels with dog dish hub caps on it and it would be the ultimate sleeper!
    The lack of power steering or brakes is not an issue, the manual brakes will stop the car just fine.. They did for years.
    I am surprised such a mild camshaft profile was used during the Hemi rebuild. 260° duration on a 110 lobe center? That is crazy mild.
    Love it anyway, and if I didn’t do stupid responsible things like buying a new house, I would own this cool wagon!

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  9. Paul R

    I will give you 20K cash and my wife for the car, she is a decent cook!

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    • Rob g

      Haha :D. That would cost me money in the long run

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  10. DENIS

    I love wagons and I love ’64 Belvederes, so I gotta love this this thing. Somebody slap me, I’m a GM guy…lol

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  11. Ed

    Love it I had 1965 4 door 318 and it would smoke the tires real easy

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  12. Rob g

    This evaporates tires easily haha :)
    I am going to get some video this weekend

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