Hemi Orange? 1970 Dodge Super Bee

The Dodge Super Bee may have been one of Chrysler’s least popular muscle cars, being outsold by the Plymouth Road Runner and other Mopars of the era. But in 1970, out of 15,506 total Super Bee production, 1,268 copies were built with the potent 440 V8 6-Pack (3×2-barrel carburetors). Sadly, this car lost that set up years ago, with a 383 4-barrel in there now. This will be a major project to restore, especially if you want to source a date-correct engine and 6-Pack. Located in College Park, Maryland, this barn find has a starting bid of $15,000 here on eBay, but no one has clicked the button yet.

Chrysler redesigned their mid-size cars in 1968 and the Super Bee was born at that time. Like the Road Runner, the name was a bit gimmicky, named after the B-body platform the Coronet was built on. Coupes and hardtops were offered, with the pillarless version being more popular. Other than the Hemi, the least-produced version of the Super Bee in 1970 was the V-code 440 cubic-inch with the 6-pack set-up that output 390 hp. The seller’s car left the factory that way and – despite its condition – would be in demand today if it were numbers-matching, but it is not.

We understand this car was sitting in a barn for years before the seller found and brought it home. Other than crawling around underneath to assess what it is, no work seems to have been done. While the seller says the floors and frame rails are good, much of the sheet metal has deteriorated, with lots of surface rust present, too. While the trunk contains a myriad of parts, when you dig through it all, you’ll find some holes in the floor. Rust is also present around the windows and the doors are out of alignment.

We’re guessing the original color of this Super Bee was Tor Red or Hemi Orange, which has faded badly on outward-facing surfaces. The car is not complete, with at least one bucket seat missing and the steering column has been replaced, possibly with one from the previous model year. This Dodge was fitted with an automatic transmission, power steering, and a deluxe gauge package, for which the tachometer appears to have been changed out. A spare manual tranny comes with the car, but the keys are long gone.

If you were to bring this car home, you’d have a restoration in mind because the starting bid alone far exceeds its value as a parts car. Would you rebuild the 383 or go hunt down a 440 6-Pack? You’d have to go with the latter if you were looking for maximum future resale value as the 383 was the standard powerplant and far outnumbered the 440 and Hemi combined.


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  1. Melton Mooney

    Yep, nope. The VIN is awesome. The rest…not too much.

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  2. Don Eladio

    Sweet car…about 50 years ago. Once the original engine and transmission are gone, they’re worth nothing to me.

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  3. wallyum

    If you take your $15k anywhere near this, you’ve clearly hit the Powerball and have a tortured artist kind of thing going.

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  4. rick

    Always liked the Super Bee the best. In the West Texas town I grew up in, muscle cars were the rage. Lots of SS396 Chevelles, Camaro SS350’s, Road Runner 383’s, a 64 Impala 409, even a Challenger 440. I had a 64 Galaxie with a 390. Couldn’t hang with those guys in the 1/4 but had a great top end. (had overdrive). My cousin bought a new Super Bee. Blue with a white interior. Bench seat with a column shifter automatic. Beautiful car. The girls thought so too. That’s why he bought it equipped like that. Could put his arm around the girl while driving. Since he was a mechanic at my uncle’s garage, he was able to wring a lot of HP out of that 383. Those were the days.

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  5. John Harmer

    Fixing this car would require a tetanus shot from fixing all of the rusty metal work. It’s possible to get it done but you would be upside down when finished. That it’s incomplete doesn’t help. But would be pretty nice when finished and a Mopar you Don’t see every day.

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  6. Reno West

    Which ocean did they pull it out of?

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  7. Mark

    Looks more like Go Mango orange than Hemi orange.

  8. James Sayre

    If you think this is worth that kind of money, I have a 1960 T-Bird not all rusted out with factory 430 auto running and driving for 15,000

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  9. John

    Jeff Foxworthy – You might be a Redneck if you think your beer can recycling container is worth $15K

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  10. hank

    IDK what the seller got for coming up with this ridiculous number, but he should have gotten 25 to life.

    You would have at least thought the guy would have taken a pressure washer to that shell. I’d give him 500 for it, and STILL end up upside down.

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  11. 1st Gear

    This was indeed a beast back when it was useable, sorry to see a somewhat rare monster out to pasture

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  12. Howie Mueler

    What a pile of_____!!!

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  13. George Mattar

    Sounds like another idiot who lost a fender tag. Why would you remove it? I have a friend who took the VIN plate off his 70 Corvette, well it was rusty like the rest of the windshield pillar. He put it on his coffee table. GONE. Back to this Barrett Jackson dreamer. Just another pile of junk he wants some one else to fix. Put $15,000 down on a new Challenger R/T and cruise at 80 mph with 24 mpg and the air on.

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  14. Tyler

    $15k for this, or $17k for the running/driving blue 73 Challenger? That’s a no brainer.

  15. Gtoforever

    I am starting to really look forward to these mopar listings. After a long hard day, it’s good to laugh really hard out loud!!
    But we all know it will end up in Scottsdale..

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  16. TWeiskotten

    I had a 1970 Super Bee…383 4 barrel, plum purple. Sold it for $600 when I got out of the Air Force and went back to college. That’s about what I would offer for this example of what used to be a great car!

  17. erik johnston

    last post,you should have kept it.I am almost done with my 71 twister duster new orig. fc7 paint.floor manual shift,buckets. I got it free in 2004 Its all a 340 car would be,but orig. a 318.any mopar with that condition and is worth a big pile of change.

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