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Hemi Powered: 1939 Ford Coupe


With stunning looks and an interesting back story, this ’39 Ford coupe is certainly interesting. With possible moonshine roots from Tennessee, this Ford was customized in the 1950’s really having an excellent period look. With bidding up to $19,300 with the reserve unmet, we wonder what it will take to get this one. Find it here on eBay out of Plainville, Connecticut.


The 276 Desoto Hemi V8 is nicely tucked into the bay and is in excellent working order. The 39 Ford transmission has recently been rebuilt, making for a solid drivetrain. This Ford has been updated to a 12 volt system as well. We suspect this Coupe is a joy to drive with the 276 Hemi in it, and if this was a moonshine runner, likely difficult to catch.


The interior is fabulous in this ’39 Ford. Clean and very period correct, the interior looks more like a time capsule. The door panels and the seat look nice and this Ford sports a ’49 Mercury dash.


The body of this Ford looks fantastic. The paint look great and there is not specific information, but it would appear this is an older paint job or dare we say even original paint? There is no evidence of rust whatsoever on this Coupe. The chrome and trim look nice and this Ford also has Dodge taillights, another subtle period modification. The floors in this Ford are rock solid and beautiful. The trunk floor is solid as well but at some point in this Fords life a fuel cell was added, though the original gas tank it still in the car.


The seller has kept up with maintenance needs for this Ford and this Coupe is ready to roll. With fantastic period looks, and a great drivetrain, this Ford will certainly be appreciated and cherished by its new owner. What do you think will be the sale price on this ’39 Ford Coupe?


  1. Bobsmyuncle

    The interior looks really good no question but to say;

    The interior is fabulous in this ’39 Ford. Clean and very period correct, the interior looks more like a time capsule.

    and not mention the two split seams is odd.

    That fuel cell needs to be secured with something other than plumber’s strap (even if it IS the heavier strength version).

    Am I seeing correctly that there is an opening from the truck to the cabin?

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Spot on Uncle Bob, those seats look well worn and that fuel cell strapping is a joke. Does one have to crawl into the trunk to fill the tank?

  2. Mike

    Awesome ride

  3. Somer

    Looks like period seat covers to me, which is cool. Grill/ fenders look more like 37/ 38 to me. Nice car ! If I didn’t have a 35 3 window, I’d be bidding.

    • Dennis M

      That’s a ’39 Standard, looked a lot like the ’38 Deluxe.

  4. Tony Goodner

    If it really is a moonshine car there would be a passage to the back from the cabin and acceptable fuel cell which kind of held the good fuel!

  5. Wayne Graefen

    Moonshiner’s were not in the habit of using customized tail lights (Buick), faired in license plates and doing dashboard swaps. Everybody with a late ’30s Ford thinks mentioning ‘shine running will increase value. Sorry, disbeliever here.

    However on a positive note, the DeSoto Hemi, being a bit physically smaller than the Chrysler, does in fact clear the firewall and nestle into the engine bay of these Fords and is a great choice. Whether the ’39 trans is up to the torque is another story.

    I’d own the car but I stop telling the story.

    • JW454

      It’s Moonshine days could have come before it’s Hot Rod days. Just sayin’

    • Lion

      I agree, Wayne, but I do like the ’49 Merc dash and steering wheel in place of the stock ones. I also don’t think shiners would run fat white walls, and they really detract from the look of this coupe.

  6. Glen

    I wouldn’t be a good moonshine runner, I’d be drinking it! Is that Steve Earl I hear?

  7. Dennis M

    I agree with Wayne, early hot rod – yes; moonshine runner – no!

  8. Car Guy

    What a great color combo, and stance!

  9. scottymac

    Enthusiastic description. Door panels look shot, seat cover is ripped, who knows what is hiding beneath. Back bumper looks like it was polished with steel wool. Typical Ford door handles look shot. Are the floorboards (transmission cover) included? Is that a ’54 Packard Caribbean sitting next to the yellow Ford pickup?

  10. Ck

    I like the car ,I like the story who’s to say that this car Didn’t run moonshine. I’d fix what needs to be fixed and leave it the way it is .

    • Dennis Wilson

      *I* will say that this car did not run Moonshine!!

      Prohibition ended in 1933, this car was built in 1939.

      • scottymac

        Junior Johnson ran moonshine in a ’55 Chebbie.

  11. Another Bob

    It’s only desirable if a famous Moonshiner ran it. I do love this car and it makes you notice how beautiful this design is.

  12. Trent Poole

    It’s just a cool old car regardless of whether it ran shine or not. I’d take this one over any of those $100k glambots they are building these days.

  13. DENIS

    I luvet, and who gives a damn if it was a “shine-runner” or not? I’d like to own it but it’s at the upper limit…

  14. Robert

    I was working as a telephone man in Torrance, California back in the summer of 1963 and noticed this 1939 ford standard coupe parked in front of a house. I stopped and asked if he was interested in selling it. It was his daily driver and in original condition with a little 60 hp flathead. My salary at the telephone company was $76.50 a week and it was hard to part with the $125 for the car which he was using as a daily driver. Today retired living in two states but I still have that coupe sitting in my garage and hasn’t seen the sunlight for almost 30 years. The only change is I had a TEMPLE BUILD flathead with a 3/4 race cam and adjustable valves done in 1969. How many remember TEMPLE? I keep the cylinders oiled and motor turned but right now at the ripe ole age of 76 it’s the time and energy just to wheel it out into the sunlight for a spin. Through the year I have acquired a gazillion and one spare parts including running gears. So in the near future when my wife calls for all my stuff to removed it’s going to be one hell of a deal for someone. Oh almost forgot the main thing… that 39 ford transmission was almost to much for 60 HP. Good luck with that hemi.

  15. Biggles21

    Can someone tell me why people see the need to cover the license plates up? Is there a scam I’m not aware of in the States?

    • Bobsmyuncle

      It’s a risk every day and in every country to some extent even just driving around, any time your plate is on display.

      Given that the DMV or whatever acronym is used in your locale use low paid average Joe’s they are ripe for accepting money for info.

      So if the criminal element decides to go shopping for a ’39 Ford Coupe and come across this listing all they need to do is pay off a DMV worker to get the address.

      Now as I said that’s a risk just driving around, but the odds are less that a potential thief is going to spot and target your ride. If this is a concern for people, they should be much more concerned at car shows where a local thief can window shop.

      Another interesting angle to this; I came across a photo of one of my classic cars parked in my driveway on the internet. It was just a random photo that some enthusiast took and posted.

      The problem is, if you click for more info most photos taken by digital cameras and certainly cell phones tag the photo with additional info including location. So covering your plate isn’t always enough.

      Here is an article on a car theft ring that used the DMV in their crimes. I’ll add this scam was brilliantly evil.

      As an aside (sorry for the long post);

      There was a rash of stolen Jeeps in Houston earlier this year. They had video of the criminals “doing something with what looks like a laptop” but had no further leads.

      When I read about that I clued right in knowing about the bust up here in Canada. I hesitated to contact them feeling like a busy body, and certainly the cops know about this type of scam right? After a couple days I felt like I had to, so I emailed the Houston PD and let them know about ‘our’ case. Turns out it was news to them and helped them solve the case!

      • Biggles21

        Thanks Bobsmyuncle. I’m up in Barrie and I guess I just never considered the consequences because I’ve never been targeted in this manner.

  16. Lion

    Waitago man. Yes, never hesitate to contact police if your suspicious about any activity. When I was called on the phone and told I had a warrant for my arrest from our CRA (Canada Revenue Agency for you US guys) I called our local cops to report it. They were very grateful and said they need this info for our scam busters.
    Don’t forget, too that you can view anyone’s street on Google Maps, etc. When I checked our street my garage door was open and my ride was in full view.

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