High Mileage SVT: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

When we consider buying or investing in a “collector” vehicle, there’s typically an immediate aversion to an example with higher miles. But can some of those concerns be offset when the vehicle in question has been substantially updated and improved under the skin? That’s the case to be made for this higher mileage 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra, which has almost 160,000 on the clock and a few modifications to report. The seller also divulges the myriad improvements he’s made in his time with the Cobra, which addresses many of the wear-and-tear items that would likely rear their head at this point. Find the SVT-blessed Fox body here on eBay with bids to $23,850 and the reserve unmet.

The SVT Cobra is one of the stalwarts of the domestic muscle car scene from the 1990s, and you’d have a pretty perfect period-correct garage with one of these and a GMC Typhoon parked inside. The Cobra featured revised styling pieces like the rear spoiler, along with those awesome polished wheels, both of which appear to be in excellent condition here. The “Bright Red” paint presents well and the seller notes the car was fully detailed prior to being offered for sale. The Cobra resides in Temecula, California, which hopefully means it has never seen much in the way of snow or road salt. The seller notes the exhaust has been modified with a Bassani cat back, X pipe, and equal-length headers.

Despite having almost 157,000 miles on the clock, the interior of the Cobra remains in excellent condition. The gray leather bucket seats appear to be in very good shape, which is likely due to receiving new seat skins that were professionally installed a few years back. The carpeting is new as is the steering wheel, and additional sound-deadening material was added underneath the carpets. As you can likely deduce, the Cobra may have looked fairly tired inside by the time it reached 160,000 miles, and was in need of a refresh. I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota R/T going through the same thing, which means the carpets are coming out along with the seats and door panels, all being replaced with new materials and components.

The back seat appears to have never been used, but the seller mentions that the new seat skins were also procured for the rear seating surfaces. This Cobra also comes with many mechanical repairs and upgrades, including a new Ford Motorsport clutch and cable; new front and rear control arms; all new braking components; new pads and rotors; new swaybar bushings; and four new struts, among other repairs. Suffice to say, even with the higher-than-normal odometer reading, this Cobra presents incredibly well and will forever be a collector car that can be driven as opposed to a low-mileage display car that will never turn a wheel in anger again on the basis of “preservation.”


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I think Jeff has properly characterized this SVT Cobra. We don’t usually see one with (very) high miles, but this example has been extensively refurbished. So the question of whether to drive it is not an issue. But it’s not cheap; I guess the seller is trying to recoup the refurbishment costs.

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    • RayT Member

      No, it’s not cheap, but it’s much less expensive than the low-miles garage queens that so often seem to appear on sites like BaT.

      This one speaks to me. It says “Drive me!” And that’s what I want from a Fox-body Cobra. I put a lot of miles — but not enough — on a couple of them when they were new, and suspect if I could have paid the tab for one then it would have a lot more miles on it than this one.

      The previous owner knew what they were about: drive it, fix what wears out, drive some more.

      To me, these were the most desirable Mustangs (excepting the early Shelby GT 350s) and If I had the resources, I’d be giving the seller a call. If you ignore the numbers and judge a car by its sound, responsiveness and road manners, you’ll find this as captivating as I do.

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    • Roy L Wingfield

      Even so, that’s to much money, way to much!!!!!!! That’s around the sticker price new. At this point, I’d just keep it and my conscience. TOO MUCH MONEY

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  2. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Love to read and see these cars being driven. I think $30,000 would be a better price. And you can drive it like it was stolen!😂 I love to have this in my driveway! But my wife and insurance company would not be happy! I like to drive with my right foot down to the metal! 😂 Good luck to the next owner!! 🇺🇸😄🇺🇸

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  3. Mark

    I wouldn’t touch this one. It seems the odometer is questionsble especially with owner 7, and 33k is a lot of money for that reason alone.

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    • Roy L Wingfield

      Even so, that’s to much money, way to much!!!!!!! That’s around the sticker price new. At this point, I’d just keep it and my conscience. TOO MUCH MONEY

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  4. Mike Wefler

    I had a 89 gt….
    People got lx’s and modified body and upgrades to mechanically….
    That struck me out of place if im not mistaken???87-91…thats an airbag steering wheel…
    My 89 gt did not…liked it though…
    Hood and bumper/air vent of lx? Rear lens covers of lx…not a gt…
    People put badges and such onto lx titled cars …as insurance was cheaper and could put gt accessories of a gt
    Rather not criticize have to say it’s a beautiful specimen it survived all the crash days all the days where people totaled them out and then they all disappeared that beautiful model run of year like I had and they ended up being funny cars and drag strip cars because I had mine four and a half years living in Chicago and the damn thing finally got stolen four and a half years later those were the beautiful days I was 25 till I was going on 30 years old when I had that car after my dad died and I paid the bank note off with life insurance and owned it out right

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  5. Roy L Wingfield

    most all of these cars are overpriced.

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