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Highly Original! 1971 Pontiac LeMans

By the mid-1980s it would have been difficult to find a ’71 LeMans this original unless it belonged to someone over the age of 70. Today the odds are even smaller, making this 1971 Pontiac LeMans in Cornelius, North Carolina an interesting find indeed. Described as a good-running driver, the LeMans sports a 350 cid (5.7L) V8 and three-speed automatic. It’s up for auction here on eBay, waiting for the horse to leave the gate when someone bites on the $7500 opening bid. Two days remain for potential suitors to test the waters and the seller’s Reserve.

Originally equipped with a two-barrel intake and carburetor, the 350 breathes more freely through this Edelbrock intake and four-barrel carb, tastefully painted OEM blue to mimic the original parts. The original intake setup has been preserved and comes with the car. This is not a hot-rod, folks, and let’s hope whoever buys it next respects that. Air conditioning has been upgraded to R134A and the seller reports no leaks and cold airflow for multiple years.

Some may favor more subtle tail pipes on this virtual survivor, but the twin exhaust exits with skinny tires recalls a time when even non-performance-minded owners might spring for dual exhaust at the muffler shop. After owning the car since 2015, the seller is ready to move on, and blessed the car with tune-up parts, hopefully setting the stage for a smooth transition to new ownership.

Seat covers obscure what is probably trashed original upholstery, but it beats the “Western Blanket” treatment any day. Nothing says ’60s or ’70s like matching paint and interior. Don’t care for blue? Best move along, then. Maybe an all-gold one will turn up tomorrow! The molded dash with driver-centered pod shows modern styling for an early ’70s mid-size. Credit the seller with a detailed and comprehensive description that puts listings we’ve seen for six-figure cars to shame. That sort of effort normally bodes well for a no-surprises sale. Is this nearly all-original LeMans too boring or just right?


  1. Moparman Member

    First, the rust/paint issues require immediate action. Secondly, the only change I’d make to this one would be to swap the steelies/wheel covers for a set of Rallye II wheels w/ trim rings, and maybe a set of OEM type vinyl seat covers.
    CLWTA!! :-)

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    • nlpnt

      IMO Rally wheels would make it just that little bit less special and more like every other everything from the late ’60s/early ’70s is a musclecar car but as long as you keep the steelies and full covers with the car…this is still in imminent danger of being turned into a GTO “tribute car” in resale red…

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      • Moparman Member

        Noted. But I personally prefer wheels to wheel covers, and I also LIKE a wheel/white wall tire combo! :-)

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  2. joenywf64

    I don’t think Pontiac offered it, but it would have been interesting if the base ’71 GTO came with that non endura front end pictured above – like you could get a base ’68 GTO with a chrome front bumper, tho few did – i would think.

    • Keith

      No the 71 GTO was only available with the endura from end no delete option like the 68 GTO

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  3. Matt Murray

    Had a good friend growing up, he was Pontiac and I was Mopar.
    He had a few layman’s. And a 70 goat ragtop.
    His layman’s like this he put a 400 in it and called it his “lamansarati ” always thought that was funny even 30 years later

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  4. Dave in Arlington, TX

    Cool car. White color at A-6 A/C compressor clutch indicates it has been very hot at some point. Would want to check compressor pulley bearing to see if it’s been damaged by that heat. Easy fix regardless. Car has lots of possibilities.

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  5. AndyinMA

    Ugh I hate these since one of them pulled an illegal uturn in front of my beloved 79 camaro and destroyed it.

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  6. Matt in L.A. Member

    This like my 72. Mine looks more GTO: rally IIs, bucket seats,console, endura front. That said, Todd was right! This is NO hot rod. I added the 400ci intake, period correct quadrajet and Ram air. NOPE! She’s smooth, perfect for cruising. Fine for L.A. but step on it to get on a freeway and you just know there outa be more!

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  7. Stan

    These came with the anemic final drive ratio of 2.56:1 as standard equipment.
    2.78 was an optional but not much of an upgrade. 3.08 was the best it could leave the factory with i believe.

    Nice around town driver. I’d treat it to a few cheap cop car type of upgrades.. a trans cooler, sway bars, 3.50 gears and enjoy.

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    • joenywf64

      ’76 t/a’s with 400 motor & ’77s with the base L-78 400 motor
      both got 2:41 rear axle ratio with automatic!!

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      • Steve Clinton

        There’s always one who wants to drop a huge V8 in a perfectly stock collectible.

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      • Stan

        Buddy had one in h.s mint condition too. But what a slug off the line w that setup and the automatic

  8. Lance Platt

    When I was in college, this was my dream car right down to the blue paint and fully equipped with air conditioning and automatic transmission. I respected Chevrolet and the smaller Fords too but the local dealer, Marte Pontiac, was the most trustworthy in Columbus, Ohio. This car for sale has been professionally modified but in a very good way for better performance without changing the classic lines of the Lemans. I prefer the 1968-1972 styling to the colonnade restyle that arrived in 1973. What an awesome Barnfind!

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    • chuck

      I grew up in Columbus and remember Marte Pontiac. Used to cruise the Patio, and watch the illegal street racing on Morse Rd. Those were the days!

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      • Rick

        Marte Pontiac was a great dealership. I remember when they were on N. High and (I believe) 5th Ave. Then they built the beautiful dealership on Morse Rd. Looked at a 69 Gran Prix there. Looong hood. Most beautiful car I had ever seen.

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  9. Erik

    Shame on the person who buys this and does not leave it STOCK as “It’s only stock once and stock never goes out of style or never loses desirability”. And do NOT chuck the steelies and hubcaps either but rather choose to be DIFFERENT rather than the MASSES!

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  10. NJ Driver 54

    Growing up we had a 1971 Lemans Sport Coupe-Castilan Bronze with an Ivory Viny padded roof, 350 V8 & automatic. I think that the V8 had a 2 barrel carb . Our Lemans mpg 10 city and 14 highway or thereabouts. It had power drivers seat, am/fm, ac -power windows. It was a beautiful car -the interior was ivory. Unfortunately it developed a bit of rust in the front fender -lower section by the passenger door. The hose that ran water condensed from the ac became clogged and water accumilation occured.It did not last long we had it 5 years and it was used a lot. It may not have been the best built vehicle but I sure do miss it.

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  11. NJ Driver 54

    One more point about the 71 Lemans -my dad added bumper guards to the front . I kep thinking that today if I had our Lemans with those front bumper guards I could really do some significant damage to todays so called “bumpers”.!

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  12. Steve Clinton

    “If you are looking for an original 1971 Pontiac LeMans, it would be hard to find one that is as solid and complete as this one.”
    Or one with a longer description.

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  13. Richard M Chuda

    I had a Lemans Sport with buckets and console. I loved that car. 350 4 barrel engine. I remember crawling under it in my garage installing dual exhaust.

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    • NJ driver 54

      Ours also had the buckets and console. It probably did have a 4 barrel carb. Those buckets were comfortable especially with the power seat option

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  14. S

    Im very OK with this car. I would buy it and drive it – though I would have to fix the rust issues.

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  15. Richard Todte

    I’m thinking fix the rust issues new fresh factory paint, new wheels and white letter tires it would be good to go, would remind me of my 1972 Chevelle malibu, just a cool looking driver :)

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  16. DON

    One things for sure, the engine is not painted the right color for the year ! i Pontiac had a metallic light blue/green , not this screaming gloss aqua

  17. Rick

    Buff her out ,a set of cragar ss wherls a set of 60s and set of 3.73 gears and go cruize .

  18. NJ Driver 54

    Pontiac had some great cars over the years .Tthe corporate brass at GM turned Pontiac into a shell of what it once was never ever to become great again.. Perhaps other then the rebadged imported Holden Pontiac at the end had as much driving excitment as a wet paper bag. GM at least tried with Olds, the Intrique, Auroa and Alero but they did not care about Saturn, (I am a 2xs Saturn owner) turned Sabb into a glorified over priced Chevy and as for Hummer its has returned electrified. What happened to Pontiac is a shame becauser there was so much potential for the future.

  19. Lance Platt

    Marte Pontiac had already moved from North High Street to 960 Morse Road in Columbus, Ohio where I bought my 1974 Grand Prix and 1979 Bonneville. Did not like that 301 engine but the used car was dependable nonetheless. My mom had purchased 1958 and 1964 new Catalinas from Herman Marte. Bob Daniels Buick bought the dealership in 1982. So I never got that LeMans like I thought as I loved the styling of the 1974 GP when we went used car shopping for my college graduation in 1976. What great automotive memories!

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  20. Lance Platt
    • NJ Driver 54

      Thanks for posting this. I cannot remember when I last saw an ad for a new car dealer advertising rust proofing! My have times changed

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