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Hobby Turned Addiction: Triumph TR6s


Reader Carl F. was surfing his local Craigslist and stumbled across this listing for a collection of Triumph TR6s. The seller started buying TR6s as a hobby, but things got a bit out of hand and before long they had a number of cars and a ton of extra parts. It’s time to recover from their affliction, so they are cleaning out the barn and selling off all the extra cars and parts. Thanks go to Carl for this tip!


Besides having several complete cars, the seller also has both new and used parts for sale. They have everything from body panels to engines and transmissions, so if you are in need of something particular, give them a call. British roadsters are going up in value and the TR6 is still relatively affordable, so if you are looking for a hairy chested roadster, one of these might be a great choice. Carl thinks this barn is about 25 miles from his home, so perhaps he could go over and take a closer look for us.


  1. Badmotorfinger

    I already have 2 and could use a few more and its in my neck of the woods instead of the left coast.

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  2. C. W. Muse

    I always wanted one of these. Frames are the big rust issues.

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  3. Dolphin Member

    Sounds like the seller has owned these long enough and just wants out. I can understand that, but there are simple things that would have boosted the chances of sales, like pulling the cars out into the light of day, getting more and better photos, and some description of each car. When in doubt, more marketing is better than less marketing.

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  4. Mark E

    Call me a masochist but if I was going to do this, I’d want ALL of it. Of course that would entail having an acreage with a pole barn so that takes care of that.

    Now, if I can get on my soap box, I simply DESPISE CL ads like this one! One dollar? Exactly WHAT is available for one dollar? Once I retire you better watch out…I’m gonna find a hungry young attorney and sue anyone who refuses to sell to me for one dollar! Grrr… >_<

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    • rancho bella

      I’m “not” standing up for the guy but I have posted several items on Craigs list and attempted to place a price on the header……..I’ll be darned if the same thing didn’t happen to me.
      I’m with you, I’d want the entire package. And, I also don’t have acreage :(

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  5. Steve

    Several years ago I was looking for an early MGB, and I called a number in a newspaper ad. The lady said her husband was at work but that I could come see the car, so I did. When I got there I noticed a few MGs, and she said he had 7. So I asked her how she felt about that, and she said, “Well, at least I know where he is”. So it’s better to be in the garage, so that she knows where you are, rather than being out tom-catting around (or whatever).

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  6. paul

    That’s it, what a great idea, I’ll jack the Corvair up slide the creeper under stuff my jeans with newspapers slide my work shoe’s on the bottom of the jeans & I’m good to go!

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  7. jim s

    more then 1 car and lots of parts, what’s not to love about this ,if your close and can do a PI. great find.

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  8. Leo

    The ad says the cars are going for 1500.00 to 6000.00 :)

    Which car is selling for what is based on your level of interest when you call to inquire. Same as the parts, your amount of interest will predict the starting and ending price lol..

    Frankly, I hate ads like this one as I have found the seller isn’t “getting out of the addiction”, just thinning it out at top dollar.

    On the subject of “top dollar”, garage finds or even project finds aren’t bought cheaply after being featured on a web site like here and other places. Once featured and the phone starts ringing, any chance of a “deal” went away unless it is a less than desirable model. Any body follow up on the Sunbeam Alpine featured a couple of weeks ago?? It turned into a “make me an offer and I’ll see of it is higher than the ones I have from 5 other interested people”. Whatever… Have fun… If I wanted to get into a bidding war I would go to ebay or an auction house… For lookers, dreamers, and those with deep pockets chasing ads that have been featured is a blessing but for those who are seriously wanting to find an affordable project it is a curse. Want an affordable project you had better learn how to search it out before featured somewhere :)

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  9. Leo

    Is there a REASON my posts are not allowed or showing up?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Sorry Leo, you misspelled your email so the system thought you were a new commenter. We fixed the problem. Thanks.

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  10. Tim H

    Addiction? What Addiction?

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  11. Rob Member

    With respect,, the term “make an offer” does not, and has never implied exclusivity or a private showing with an allotted time for both parties to reflect on it and accept or reject.

    It is an open invitation and a seller would be a fool to jump on the first or second offer.

    The seller is just exercising due diligence as he/she should be.

    As always,, JMHO.

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  12. larry

    As a general rule, I don’t make offers. I feel if it is your product, you should know the price, or at least what you want. Setting a benchmark for someone is not always the best way to go.

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  13. carl

    Are these Barn finds still available, looking for Triumph tr6 ?

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