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Holey Buckets: 1966 AMC Rambler Wagon


Old station wagons are becoming popular, it’s mostly the wagons from the Big 3 though. In the 1960s it was American Motors that was challenging the Big guys long before the Japanese took them on. In several ways, American Motors was ahead of it’s time and offered several safety features the others did not. Have a look at this video to see these features and how far we have advanced in the last 50 years. This wagon listed here on craigslist was put away decades ago. It’s had all the necessary mechanical work performed to revive it. It runs and drives well. Perhaps this is a wagon worth considering. The asking price of $5,450 is a little high, but even at this price it’s a bargain to comparable Chevy wagons. The sun at this angle really shows the dents on this side but it still looks pretty nice for a 50 year old car.

left rear

The left side looks a lot nicer. This car must have been repainted at some time.

front seats

Bucket seats were an unusual option, especially in a station wagon. It appears some creature enjoyed them a bit more than they should have.


Under the hood everything looks complete and original except for the battery and radiator.


It looks like with just a little upholstery and carpet work this could be a nice driver. The asking price is high, of course. It’s probably closer to being a $2,500 car, but with all the work the seller has done and the lack of rust it should be worth a bit more, don’t you think? Could you forgive this wagon of a few dents and enjoy it for what it is?


  1. Mike H. Mike H

    I grew up riding in the third seat of a 1965 770 Cross-Country in poo brown. This one brings back some memories.

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  2. Mark Hoffman

    memories for me also. a neighbor had one like this, white with same blue upholstry…….I rode in it many times from 1968-1971

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  3. Howard A Member

    Wow, looks like one of those “prototype” AMC wagons,,,, I know, we beat that to death, but I’m still chuckling about it. I hate to disagree with David, but this, as current trends dictate, seems to be a great deal for this car, especially from/in California, where everything is double in price. AMC wagons were pretty rare, and to see one like this is quite unusual. My old man had a billion and 6 cars, many wagons, and many Ramblers, but never a full size AMC wagon ( he did have an American wagon) This nice enough to drive, and nice enough to show, and the price is right. AMC fans, can’t go wrong here.

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    • David

      WOW! Thank you Howard! I never thought I’d see the day when someone would see the value in a car like this. It seems like most folks would rather save a little money and buy a rusty old wreck then pay a bit more for a nice car like this, even with a few dents.

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  4. rbr

    Did AMC have a smog pump on their 327 in ’66 or is this a replacement engine? Even in Ca. I don’t remember them until ’68.

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  5. rbr

    Thanks, I couldn’t remember but given the condition of the rest of this car I couldn’t imagine anyone adding one! Good looking car, good luck with sale.

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  6. Ron

    what dents?

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  7. Ron Engel

    Door fits are HORRIBLE! I am not sure the rear sail mouldings were screwed on to the body with sheet metal screws. Looks like some other moulding the same procedure .

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    • Mike H. Mike H

      I believe that they came that way from Kenosha. Here is the featured car’s brother in a Montana boneyard; note the similar ‘D’ pillar trim mountings? Door panels were also attached using sheet metal screw, if I recall.

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  8. JCW

    Not a fan of 65/66 but, would love to have a 63 or 64 wagon for a custom project I have in my head. Anybody know of any with-in about 100 mile of so of Pgh. Pa.

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