Holley G-Force One Project: 1987 Pontiac Grand Prix

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The Pontiac Grand Prix received a radical change for the 1988 model, featuring an all-new modernized body plus a front-wheel-drive system, replacing the RWD that had pushed the car since its introduction in 1962.  With sales on a steady decline, I get that this change was needed, but there’s just something about the appearance of the 1981-87 bodies that’s still sort of magical in my eyes.  The folks at Holley must think so too, as they took a special interest in this 1987 GP and began transforming a luxury coupe into a pro-tourer.  However, with their business booming, the project has now ground to a halt.  If you’d like to take it to the finish line, the Pontiac is now located in Smiths Creek, Michigan, and can be seen here on eBay, where a current bid of $56,000 isn’t enough yet to make the reserve disappear.

Unlike some unfinished business, we get a pretty good explanation regarding this car’s history, dating all the way back to day one.  It seems the Grand Prix was the first 1987 model to roll off the assembly line, as it sports 00001 in the VIN.  What followed was the Pontiac spending decades in a private General Motors collection, with the car showing just over 50 miles on the odometer when it was acquired by Holley.  The name G-Force One was chosen as a name for this project, based on the Grand Prix sporting a GM G-Body, combined with the VIN of 1.

Although the project has moved farther north, the Grand Prix still has a Kentucky title, so it stands to reason that some of the already completed performance upgrades may have taken place in The Bluegrass State, as Holley’s headquarters is located in Bowling Green, KY.  However, many of the steel mods are credited to Bobby Walden, owner of Walden Speed Shop in Pomona, California, who has over 30 years of experience creating custom metal.  Bobby provided the wheel tubs, floors, and trunk material.  ZRODZ And Customs of Knox, Indiana, is responsible for the fiberglass bumpers, carbon front fenders, and the snow-white paint job.

The factory drivetrain has all been removed, and in its place now is a Chevrolet LS7 engine with some Holley accessories, including an EFI Dominator electronic control unit and mid-mount accessory drive.  A Tremec 6-speed manual transmission has replaced the automatic, sending power to a Ford 9-inch rear end via an aluminum driveshaft.  Down below, Art Morrison Enterprises custom-built the frame the body is riding on, with a host of other parts attached to ensure this Grand Prix has no issues in the handling department.

It appears the interior may be the area where the next owner will be spending the most time, as things inside seem to be where this project ground to a halt.  However, a good start has already begun here, with Recaro seats in place along with a custom-made roll cage already installed.  Perhaps the most out-of-place item here is that steering wheel, which doesn’t give sporty vibes at all and looks more like a Buick product.  As close as this project is to being finished, thinking about the costs involved in taking this one to completion, how much would you be willing to spend on this 1987 Pontiac Grand Prix as we’re seeing it right now?

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  1. PaulG

    Seems odd that they would use a museum piece to modify when there’s a decent supply of GP’s out there.
    Serial number one really doesn’t mean much on a vehicle such as this…

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    • Nelson C

      …No, but I get your point. Maybe starting with a clean car helps keep the whole thing “new”. Trim up the inside and finish what was started. Seems like the big money is already spent

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  2. Lakota

    This car went straight from the production line being it has only 50 miles highly doubt it has ever spent a single night outside. Starting with brand new car that has never been messed and had zero rust when this project was started. Along with being the first one off the production line is the reason why it was used for a very expensive build.

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  3. Steve H

    Wonder what the major issue is with the title?

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  4. Mike H.

    Man, I love the 80’s G body cars. This one is amazing, the aggressive stance and the tire wheel combination is awesome. Whoever is rich enough to get their hands on this beast will be a very lucky person. What a beautiful car even with a bit of unfinished work you can still see what it will become after that work is complete. Fantastic car and story, thanks BF!

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  5. Joe Haska

    I know the person who should have this car and can afford it and use it. I also can’t believe he doesn’t know about it. I will be anxious to see who buys it.

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      Dennis Collins?

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      • bobhess bobhessMember

        Dennis would probably have Gas Monkey build him a car. I like this car, and of all the cars we’ve built we never had a totally clean car to start off with. Would have liked to have had the chance.

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  6. Fox owner

    Don’t like how it’s been lowered and I don’t like it in white. I do like all the speed work that was done. That engine fits in there like it was made to. It does have that Grand National look to it though, I don’t think it will be worth as much.

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  7. Joe Haska

    No the person I am thinking of runs in the professional class at all the Goodguys Auto Cross Events and does very well. I think this car would be killer for that, but the truth is I don’t know enough about it, to make a statement like that with any confidence. I just know the car would look great there. If you haven’t seen the auto cross you should ,some of the cars are amazing and the top drivers are too.

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    • bobhess bobhessMember

      Auocrossed at 15 and ran my last one in 2017. Great fun, great training. Would still be doing it but wrecked the car on oil on the track at Sebring Thanksgiving weekend of 2016. Agree this car would be great for the Goodguys events.

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  8. Smoke Johnson Customs

    A customer of mine has purchased this car. I am picking it up Friday to take back to my shop to finish. We plan to unveil it at SEMA this year. I will post updates on my Facebook or instagram page as much as possible. There’s a lot of mixed feelings about this car but in person it is a work of art. Best thing about it is that it will be a functional work of art.

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