Stored 20 Years: Honda Motocompo Trunk Bike

I saw this early-1980s Honda Motocompo on eBay a week or two ago when it was listed previously. It must not have hit the seller’s reserve so they have it listed again here on eBay in Rensselaer, New York. The current bid price is just over $2,600 which I would guess is less than half of the reserve price so maybe that’s why it’s listed again.

I wrote about a similar Motocompo about two months ago and cricket sounds literally echoed through the hallowed marble halls of One Barn Finds Tower. It garnered only two comments which is why I didn’t write about this one when I recently saw it. A loyal and anonymous Barn Finds reader sent in this tip so I thought I’d give it another try. You can see how it folds up which was really its big claim to fame. Fold it up and put it in your trunk or back seat and you’re off. When you get to the edge of town, just park your cage (car), open up the Motocompo and ride to your innercity destination with no parking hassles or fees.

My last post was more of a tutorial. I thought that a few readers might be interested to know what all of the oddball knobs and switches and other things were for, but I don’t know if that went over too well. Most people haven’t seen a Motocompo and I always like learning about vehicles that I haven’t seen before or don’t own. They were only made for three years, 1981 through 1983 and were never officially sold in the US.

The seller says that this one has been stored inside for 20-25 years which seems like a lot until I realize that I’ve had two motorcycles stored since 1986. I know, I know. The Motocompo is even smaller than you think. They’re less than 4-feet long and when the dimensions list the height as being just under 3-feet, that’s the handlebar height. The seat height is ridiculously low. I just rode mine a week ago and it seemed even lower than usual, I hope that I’m not still growing.

The seller says that some of the frame had surface rust that was painted over but it doesn’t need to be restored. The engine is a 2.5-hp 49 CC two-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder and this one has a rebuilt carb and starts and runs just fine. They aren’t fast and if you need to travel long distances or at speeds much higher than 30-35 mph they probably aren’t for you. But, they sure are fun in that they make you feel like a kid again. Are any of you into small two-wheelers like this Motocompo?


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  1. Timothy J

    I don’t know how I missed your previous write-up, but I’m glad to have learned about these quirky little things. The 80’s were awesome!

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  2. chillywind

    I missed the previous write up as well.
    Never have seen one of these,
    Barn finds rocks!

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  3. rustylink

    geeze if I had unlimited disposable income I’d blow it on this. Sure, it makes no sense, looks uncomfortable to ride, and I’d quite frankly I’d look like a circus bear on it. It’s just so cool and well designed that I’d love to have it. I’d have to use it at least a few times on my 5 mile commute into DC and leave the Bonneville at home.

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  4. Dennis Marth

    Back in the “olden days” my friends and I would joke about putting a Mini Cooper in the trunk of our friend’s 1965 Cadillac as an emergency vehicle. This one looks easier to deal with and is equally cute and silly! Folded down it looks a lot like my Honda generator. They’ve made many interesting toys over the years, this is certainly one of the coolest.

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  5. DougB

    I love these, and the idea that it was designed to nestle into the hatch of a Honda subcompact car, and considered looking for one to carry around in the back of my VW Bus…but the plethora of electric scooters available now made me go that route instead.

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  6. Sam61

    Very cool and looks like fun…just not $5 grand of fun.

    My son and I went to Carlisle last month which made me think of the old guys that ride around the swap meet on converted coolers and barstools.

    The Honda is much cooler and hip…cruise around tuner/JDM swap meet.

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    • JMG

      I guess it is worth wherever the bids end up at….

      And I think it is SUPER cool…

      But yeah. I think the bids have already reached near-silly numbers @ $2600…

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  7. Steve

    A Briggs and Stratton mini bike you can get at pep boys around Christmas for $500 if we need to revert back to our childhood

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  8. Unobtanium Matt

    These were sold as packages with the Honda City in Japan. The City – a small hatchback itself – has a space in the rear hatch area for this bike. Such an amazing concept.

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  9. Comet

    I believe these were designed to fold up and fit into the luggage compartment of a tiny home market Honda car. They pop up from time to time, perfect ones seem to bring real fold’n money.

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  10. Howard A. Member

    No question who submitted this one. Same old thing, Americans just have no need for this kind of transportation. Not yet, anyway. Can you just see the Ram diesel dually pickup driver reduced to this? I think they’d kill themselves first. I get a chuckle how 30 mph and up, is in red. Not an issue.

  11. Ian C

    I was thinking about what the proper engine/trans upgrade would be…….. and then I had a mental picture of getting into a “tank-slapper” on this thing. HAHAHA!

  12. Francisco

    Too easy to steal.

  13. Roy L

    Kool and the gang.

  14. G. Pierson

    There’s a Honda dealership in Morgan hill California that has the little right hand drive Honda this little bike was made for. It has a space in the trunk that it fits into perfectly. The dealer owner collected cars. Cool little thing

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