Horseplay Encouraged! 1975 Ford F-250 Ranger XLT

Showing glossy two-tone paint and few visible imperfections, this well-equipped Ford is almost too pretty for work. However, with some wear in the bed and Ford’s mighty 460 cubic inch mill under the hood, this “excellent” running truck would likely accomplish myriad hauling and towing jobs with no complaints. Visit the listing here on eBay for more information and your chance to own this 1975 Ford F250 Ranger XLT, located in Washington, District of Columbia.

Back in the early 1990s my Ford mechanic called his 1976 Ford F250 Ranger XLT “the best truck Ford every made,” and claimed he could sell new ones for $20,000. This ’75 version is nearly the same, and this rig would compare well to any modern truck over a given 10 years and 100,000 miles of service, at least in its ability to do work, avoid maintenance, and drive comfortably.

Virginia ranks as the sixth “horsiest state” in America, with a high density of horse farms near Washington, D.C. Combine that with this truck’s dual 19 gallon tanks, trailer mirrors, two-wheel-drive, bumper hitch, 460 V8, automatic, air-conditioning, and power windows, and I’m going to guess this fine-looking vehicle led a life of relative leisure punctuated by heavier-duty work pulling pampered equine cargo, a task that calls for delicate use of the brake and gas pedals. My Aunt owned a horse farm and her 1979 Ford F250 served exactly this purpose; she had it professionally detailed at least once a year, though after the first time she told them to skip waxing the bed since it transported manure every day.

The seller claims the 89,765 miles is accurate, and the 460 received a $3500 rebuild several years ago. Typical mid-1970s horsepower numbers were nothing compared to today, but torque, the literal “ability to do work” made these trucks feel more powerful than the numbers suggest. How would you put this blue and white beauty to work?


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  1. Paulbz3

    As the Eagles once sang, “Already Gone”…

  2. John M.

    The listing has already been removed.

    • Steve R

      Something is unusual about the way it was removed. Normally you can still find an ad a seller has removed either through sale or otherwise. This ad seems to no longer exist. It makes you wonder if it was an administrative action on eBays part.

      Steve R

  3. Brad

    This truck has Washington state plates not Washington D. C. If it is in Virginia now it took a long drive recently.

    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Hi Brad – You’re right! The listing had “Washington, District of Columbia” so I the seller probably clicked on the wrong option. I should have removed my progressive lenses and taken a closer look. lol Good eye. Thank you Sir!

  4. Classic Steel

    Trucks sell quickly 😫

  5. jw454

    It looked like it was in good shape with relatively low miles. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the miles will probably remain low as it will be very costly to drive with that 460 under the hood. My 1976 was only a 360 and it was doing good to get 8 M.P.G. I really like these trucks but, they’re a very thirsty bunch.

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    • grant

      My ’88 with the 460 got between 10-12, no matter how you drove it. Run to the store and back? 10 mpg. Tow the 24 foot boat to the coast? 10 mpg.

  6. Kafka Esquire

    “Virgina ranks as the sixth …“”

    Oh. Thaaaaaat’s how it’s pronounced. That will help when I have the talk with my kids.


  7. Ralph Terhune

    My dad bought a new 1975 Ford F150 Ranger XLT back in ’75 and it was equipped with the 390. I don’t think the 460 was available until ’78, but I could be wrong. Does anyone know better than me?

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Ralph – I would have guessed ’77 myself to coincide with the introduction of the 351M/400 engines but I checked Wikipedia and the 460 was introduced for ’74 in the Camper Specials.

      • Ralph Terhune

        Well, there ya go….

    • howard

      We had a friend that had a 74 Ford Pickup with a 460ci and a 4speed on the column. I didnt even know that they they even made one.

      • Tom Justice

        I knew many European cars did but I did not know American vehicles did; seems like there were more than a few models that did.

  8. jaymes

    mirrors are hideious

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Actually, most of these fancy Ford’s, especially with big motors, had campers on the back, and those mirrors were needed. Being as clean as this is, I’m sure it had a camper.

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  9. JW

    Beautiful older Ford, too bad it went so quick .

  10. Greg

    Hey fellas, there are still tons of 60-70’s rust rust free left in the high elevation areas of Colorado than can be bought for NXT to nothing…. Greg

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Shhh, Greg, don’t say anything. I’m looking for one of these on the high plains right now. You are right, 2-3g’s buys a good one out here, not this nice tho.

    • theGasHole

      What the heck is wrong with you Greg? That whole thing is like Fight Club: The first rule of where old trucks are is not to talk about where old trucks are!

  11. howard

    We had a friend that had a 74 Ford Pickup with a 460ci and a 4speed on the column. I didnt even know that they made a 4-speed on the column. I always wanted one for my van.

  12. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    Beautiful truck, love the color combo. The 460 would be overkill for everyday driving but people bought an F250 as a work truck, not for sporting around in like the urban cowboys of today. Heavy hauling made torque a necessity so a 460 was the way to go back then. Those west coast mirrors were very common on pick ups then, they were actually needed when towing a large, wide trailer.

    I would definitely lose that dopey bug shield and those awful-looking cab steps unless you’re vertically challanged.

  13. KSwheatfarmer

    Neighbors had one of these in 4×4. It must’ve had some heavy duty specs because front bumper was about 4 feet off the ground. I know they bought it new and never modified any thing. Kids today call them ‘Factory High Boys’. She took care of all the farming and ranching while he worked road construction. She had a small step installed to help with getting in. It was very well worn the last time I saw it.

    • theGasHole

      I have a 1971 factory “Highboy” and yes, you almost need a ladder to get into it.

  14. CanuckCarGuy

    Lot of old Ford trucks rolling out from their barns lately…a sure sign of Spring, despite what the groundhogs might think!

  15. Rube Goldberg Member

    It’s really a treat seeing these vintage trucks that are coming out of the west. Very few other places, will you see a truck in this condition. Either they rusted to pieces or they were used until they broke in half. These had 2 gas tanks for a reason, you’d be hard pressed to see 10 mpg, pulling something, even less. I bet there’s still a bunch of these in garages. They were very popular.

  16. KSwheatfarmer

    Rube, you hit the nail on the head here. We have three of these in the line up,two being farm trucks and one was a camper puller. Perfect body on the puller,could not resist driving it home for one thousand bucks. Will try to get those farm truck pictures I promised after the up coming REO.

  17. KSwheatfarmer

    Opps my bad Diamond T.

  18. Troy s

    Popular body style, still see these around. Solid as heck Ford truck, only drawback being the twin I beam front suspension. The 460 will break the bank with today’s fuel cost’s, but it would still be fun to drive every once in a while. I still consider the pick ups made from the late sixties thru the late seventies to be some of the best looking trucks ever built, regardless of brand.

  19. Chuck

    I had a ’75 F-250 4X4 4 speed on the floor with 4.10 positraction axles. I never saw a 4 speed on the column. The 360 was an anemic gas hog, but that was the only engine available if you got A/C, P/B & P/S. The 360 went south, and I installed a 428 Police Interceptor special in it. Fit right in there, with just a couple of different parts. I put a 780 Holley on it, and it ran really well. I don’t care how you drove it, 12-13 mpg was all it got. It would pull a barn down the road, though, and would pass everything but a gas station!

    • Troy s

      Like that 428! 12 miles per gallon or so but with some real snap, fair trade. Smog hobbled 460’s got a lot worse but wouldn’t push you back in the seat, not like that 428 would.

  20. DJW photo

    My Dad had an F150 with the same color combo. Brings back memories. He’s in his 90’s but still remembers that truck. would love to find one for a little surprise while we still have him.

  21. 86 Vette Convertible

    Looked nice. To handle the fuel issue, check into a Gear Vendors overdrive unit or a tranny/diff swap. Personally I think the overdrive unit would be the way to go and from what I’ve read they’re built to take pretty much any abuse you can throw at them. I’ve read about some of the 1000 hp cars on the Hot Rod Power Tour having them and they’ve apparently held up to that abuse.

    Just a thought.

  22. chad

    ’73-9 my fav.body style of any p/u ever made. ’76 (or 7?) F250 wuz last ‘high boy’ manufactured. 460’s good 4 a race motor (camed, timing advance). Replace w/cummins/allison better MPGs & power…
    Wash State? DC? AC? what’s the difference with a motivated buyer…

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