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Huge Barn Find Discovered in Idaho


Update 4/11/14 – Feel free to email Bruce for a complete inventory list.

From 4/2/14 – Over the past few weeks, I have been reminded that there are still a lot of really good people out there. Our move to Idaho has been quite an undertaking, but we were warmly welcomed. Many of you have offered to treat us to lunch and a few have even invited us over to view their car collections. It has been very exciting and has made the transition much easier. I want thank you all for that. One such reader, Bruce R, was eager to share his father’s impressive collection of British cars with us as soon as we arrived!


Bruce’s father worked hard all his life and spent the last part of it doing what he loved most. He loved to chase cars so he was always watching for special ones. Over the years he was able to amass quite a collection. His favorite appears to have been Triumph TR6s though. On our visit, we counted over 15! That was the most we have ever seen in one place. He also had some TR3s, TR4s, TR7s, and even a TR8.


The upper loft of his shop is so full of NOS parts that it looks like the back room at a Triumph dealer! This is just a small portion of what all is up there.


Besides the Triumphs there are also a few Jaguars, MGs, and a Morgan. He also had a Singer and a Berkeley at one point, but those have since been sold. There were too many cars to fit them all in the main shop at home, so Bruce’s father scattered them around town in multiple storage units. It was a lot of fun traveling around to each location and getting to lift the doors to see what was lurking inside! The list Bruce gave us had 37 cars listed and that doesn’t even include everything.


Unfortunately, Bruce’s father passed away a little over a year ago, so now Bruce has the momentous task of finding new homes for all these great cars. We have offered to assist in any way we can, so stay tuned. We are very excited about this one and this is just a little teaser of what’s to come! See anything in there you might be interested in saving?


  1. Mark E

    I’d love to hear & see more about the teaser pic car, second to last. Looks like a late 40s-early 50s MG maybe? Just the shape of the window is beautiful! Sigh… :/

  2. Bruce Rolfe

    Thanks Jesse. It was great showing you around part of the collection. We will get you out to the rest of it soon. Mark E that is a 1953 XK120.

    • Nathan

      Looks like he was a great car hunter. I would like to see the list as well. [email removed] I’d be a very serious buyer on a few of the cars.


    • Tim Bradley

      Amazing collection! Please send me a list of cars for sale. Love to have a TR6

    • Doug M. (West Coast) Member


      I live in Oregon and was happy to speak to your dad about his white Jag sedan . I was not able to get over to see his cars, but would really like to revisit the option now. Could you please email me the list, too. I am also a great TR6 fan, and have always wanted to restore a TR3. My email is Thanks!

  3. Jim Watson

    How do we get a list of the British Cars that he has?


    • Bruce Rolfe

      Jim, I need your email addy. It is in Excel format.

      Bruce R

      • Doug Campion

        Hi Bruce,
        Sad to hear your Dad didn’t seem to enjoy these as drivers. Could you send the list of cars to me?

  4. Brian

    Sorry to read that Bruce’s dad passed away. It does seem that he spent his last years doing what he loved and was fortunate to have the space and funds to not only chase antique cars, but to capture and bring them home to the zoo as well. Sounds like he truely “went out with his boots on” and no one could ask for better out of life than to spend it doing whay you love!

    • Bruce Rolfe

      Thanks Brian. He loved hunting for them.

      Bruce R

  5. Bryan Cohn

    Growing up on Bugeye Sprite’s, Midget’s, MGB’s, TR3’s, TR4’s, TR6’s, TR250’s, plus GT6’s, the occasional XKE and 120/140/150 plus later model XJS’s, I’ll can honestly say I’d like to save all of it!!!

    TR250’s are my personal fave and I’ll have one one day when I stop racing and am ready for a toy to play with on the street, drive on Sunday’s, take my daughter to high school or let her drive to school….god what am I thinking??? :)

    Still, having to store cars all over town is a bit over the top. Most sane people stop when they run out of space……hoarders are the same the world over and I’ll never understand them.

    • Lemble

      If we had no hoarders we would have no old cars or parts for them.

    • paul

      WOW, nice collection, sorry about dad & yes the 250 is one I never owned but could definitely do.
      I’m not sure hoarders is the right term here since they seem to all be in dry storage & most look to be quite nice apart from the dust.
      My personal favorite is the 120 & 3.8 MK 11 & having owned a few Brit cars it is always a treat to see a collection like this & someone who even went so far as to collect the NOS parts to go along with it.

    • Michael Rogers

      WHY darken the conversation with name calling?? you sound like the county mounty looking at my collection, it’s ALL junk to her!

  6. russell36

    I have a soft spot for TR33s. I had one when I was young. Wrecked it up and rebuilt it. Traded it later for a new Mustang. Only TR3s i have now are several scale models. However, I still have the instruments from a parts car. Sigh…

  7. Leo

    Sorry to hear of your dads passing Bruce. I too would like to see the list of cars. do you have prices attached to the list?

  8. James H

    Hi Bruce. Do I see a motorcycle handlebar sticking out? Does your father have any motorcycles tucked away in there? Cool pictures!

    • Bruce Rolfe

      James, We have 2 BSA’a a BUNCH of Cushmans and one Triumph Triton 750. Let me know if you would like the list.

      • James H

        Hi Bruce. Please send the list to [email removed]. I’m a lover/collector of british bikes and it sounds like he enjoyed them too.

  9. Nathan

    Bruce if definately like to talk to you about a few of the cars especially the jaguar and Morgan. [email removed] is my address. Thanks!

    • Bruce Rolfe

      email with list sent.


      • Mitch

        Hello Bruce,
        Sorry to hear about your Dad
        I am interested in a list of the cars for sale………I am ready to buy now.


  10. Leo

    Forgot… Email addy [email removed]

    • Bruce Rolfe

      Email with list sent. There are prices on there. They are merely starting points that is all.

      Bruce R

      • Lusso


        Can you also please send me the list of cars for sale.

        Thank you,

  11. Briscoe

    That’s a Morgan in the teaser. And a beauty it appears. What a cache’

  12. Carrie Trapp

    Wonderful collection that your dad acquired. Would you mind to share the British cars via email at [email removed] please? We live in Lexington, Ky and complete our own restorations to help preserve these treasures for future years to come. Thanks!

    • Bruce Rolfe

      List sent. Thanks


  13. Nathan

    not sure if my comments are posting but I am very interested in seeing the list. It looks like your father was a great car hunter!

  14. Rhett

    Hi Bruce,
    I’m sorry to hear about your dad, but glad you are going through the effort to find them good homes. I too would love to get that document if possible. [email removed]
    Many thanks,

    • Bruce Rolfe

      List sent.


  15. Eric Breslow

    Hi… Its Eric from the Breslow Collection… Please contact me… There’s one I’m interesting in preserving…


  16. John

    Who do we contact to make an offer?

    • Bruce Rolfe

      Me John. I posed my email addy below
      1edge540 at

      Bruce Rolfe

  17. John Forsman

    I see MK I or MK II Jag I know I could be interested in.

    • Bruce Rolfe

      John Forsman,
      It is a MK II. We also have a couple XJ6C Jags. If you would like the list get me your email and I will send it to you.

      • John Forsman

        Hi Bruce, I’m not sure my replies are getting to you. [email removed]

  18. Tiago Alves

    I would be happy to offer a loving home to a MG A. Is any available?

    • Bruce Rolfe

      Sorry no MGA’s


  19. rancho bella

    I sure would have liked to pop a few tops with Bruces dad. Anyone that crazy bout’ furrin’ cars is O.K in my world. What……….no ’73 and earlier Lotus?

    I see a teener (914) up against the wall.

  20. jim s

    i see a 914 and a mg1100 or landcrab. did your dad collect midgets/sprites? sorry for your loss. your dad left you a big project but if sold right you will be “set for life”/long time . i hope you will keep some cars for yourself. thanks for sharing

  21. 67RebelSST

    Any Stags in the lot? Another great collection.

    • Bruce Rolfe

      No Stags. Sorry


  22. Joe

    Boy, a list and prices would be great. Looks like something for every English car nut!

    • Bruce Rolfe

      Need your email Joe and I will be more than happy to send you the list.


  23. MGB Norman

    My kinda guy. RIP.

  24. Martin

    Hi Bruce,
    Collecting was clearly a passion for your Dad , sorry he has passed away .
    I have been searching for several years for an early Jag XKE , did your dad have any in his collection ?
    I’d be very interested , most early ones went to the US , so over here in the UK very few survive .
    Appreciate any response .

    • Bruce Rolfe

      We do have a 64 XKE but one of my sisters is keeping that car. Sorry


      • Martin

        Hi Bruce, thanks for the reply .
        Great to see that your sister is keeping the XKE ..she clearly has great taste !
        If there is any change of heart , perhaps you’ll bear me in mind !
        [email removed]
        Been looking for a car for a long time now , and much prefer originality to restored cars …not sure what your 64 is like ?
        Given your late fathers passion did he have any colleagues with similar collections? I’d appreciate ANY leads , and will chase down leads as far as I can no matter how obscure !
        Appreciate any help .
        Take care of the Cat…
        Best Regards .Martin

  25. Bruce Rolfe

    Everyone who has posted an Email has been sent the list. I will be more than happy to send the list of available cars and prices to you, but I need an email address. Here is mine if you need it
    1edge540 at

    Bruce Rolfe

    • Ross

      Hi Bruce
      Just sent you an email.
      Hope to hear from you!

  26. Tom Smith

    I would like the list as well. The +4 4seater caught my eye.

  27. John J. Garvey

    I owned a 914 and several TR6’s, once I owned three TR6’s at the same time! I would like to see the price list on these cars too.

  28. Jake Moreau

    Hi I am very interested in the whole collection could you please send me the list of cars and contact information? Thanks a bunch

    [email removed]

  29. Han

    Not a single Jensen in sight….too bad!

  30. Len Drake

    Hi Bruce – sorry about your dad. I’m an old fart with a lust for British cars. Please send the list of what is available (also what there is for parts if possible).

  31. curt wichman

    Very sorry to hear of your loss, I too recently lost my dad, and besides being my dad, he was my best friend/teacher. I’m very interested in your TR-6 and TR-8, possibly others.


  32. Darren Pendley

    Nice Collection!!! I may be interested in the 914 in the last picture, or any others you may have.

  33. Chris

    I’d like a copy of the list. Some great cars and motorcycles. [email removed]

  34. RickyM

    Sorry to hear about your Dad Bruce.
    Good to see another Austin/Morris/MG 1100 (not sure which from the picture) – grew up in the 70’s and there were loads over here in England. Hope it gets rescued. Probably quite rare in the States…….

    • Julie Akers

      Ricky, that is a 1967 MG 1100, and don’t worry, I plan on restoring it. The interior is trashed, but looks pretty good mechanically. As there are no interior kits (that I have yet found) to be had, I will probably be doing everything myself. Should be a fun little car.

  35. Gazzer

    I would like to see the email list also, please.
    [email removed]

  36. Edd Weninger

    Like a copy of the list.

    I think I know what an Edge 540 is. Am I right?

    My old boss and mentor has a museum near Sandpoint. Do you know him?


    • Bruce Rolfe

      Who was your old Boss? Did he work for Lighthouse? A Edge 540 is a aerobatic plane.


  37. familiars

    I’d like a list with prices listed and a location. Might be able to drive there. email is [email removed]

  38. Beach Roo

    So sorry to hear of the loss of a wonderful collector of some of my absolute favorite pieces of British Iron… Jags were my Dad’s Passion and I had more than my share of MGB’s Triumph TR-6’s and the odd Jag…They look fairly straight. A pair of TR-6’s please…

  39. Bruce Rolfe

    Hey Guys I sent emails to everyone. If you didn’t get a reply from me please send me another email. I will respond to everyone who emails me. Thanks again for your interest, I love it.


  40. Bruce Rolfe

    One other thing Gents. IF a car isn’t on the list, it is not available. Yes I know that everyone gets really excited about a XK 120 or a Morgan or a MGTC,TD,TF. If one of my family members decides that they are willing to part with a car that is NOT on the list, Jesse will be the first to know and will post pics.
    Thanks again for your interest.


  41. Edd Weninger

    Forresf M. Bird.

    Started as a company pilot for him 1966 flying thundrous Lockheeds, including a Howard 500.

    An Edge 540 would be a bit much for me, but I do have a T-34B, a bit more sedate ;-)

    List to [email removed]


    • Bruce Rolfe

      Very Cool. I sent the list to ya. Hope you see something you like.


  42. curt

    hello Bruce, would it be possible to get a copy of the list of cars available??

  43. curt wichman

    Sorry, forgot to include email address…
    [email removed]
    would love to see list of cars/prices.


  44. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    I just wanted to let you guys know that we have hidden everyone’s emails and closed commenting on this post for now. If anything changes we will keep you posted!

  45. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    We have opened commenting again on this one! Be sure to email Bruce directly for an inventory list. We will have more updates on this huge find in the near future…

  46. Dean Gill

    hello Bruce, I would like a list of cars and parts if possible – nothing like lots of good stuff to sooth the soul.

    • Bruce Rolfe

      I need an email address to send the list. Thanks

  47. Dave Pelosini

    Very interested in a TR6..I’ve restored 2 and may be looking for a couple more. Please advise…

    • Bruce Rolfe

      Please send me an email at 1edge540 at I will get the list sent out to you.


  48. Harold

    Sorry about the passing of your father. I would like to get a list of the vehicles that will be available for sale when you get around to it. Thanks.

  49. Bruce Rolfe

    I need your email addy so I can send it to you. Please email me at
    1edge540 at

    Bruce Rolfe

  50. Jeff

    Bruce. Sorry to hear of your loss. If you get a chance, I’m interested in seeing what you have. Looking for a GT6, 914, or possibly another TR6.

  51. steve wagner

    Bruce,so sorry for your loss. If you ever put a list together of the parts collection part numbers, I would be very interested in a copy and price. Thank you steve

  52. Alan

    Add my voice to those offering condolences over the loss of your father. It has been 10 years now since mine went on to the next chapter. He was not so much the car guy as my older brother and I turned out to be, but his moderate level of interest sparked stronger notions in us.

  53. Croan

    My condolences , can you add me to the list to interested a lot in British cars


  54. Bruce Larson

    A great collection! I am a TR6 fan. Please send me the entire list. Maybe I missed it,
    what part of Idaho are you in?

    Bruce Larson

  55. Derek Graham

    Hi Bruce,
    What a great collection. I am a lifelong fan of the TR6 and would really like a copy of your list.
    many thanks
    Derek Graham

    • Bruce Rolfe

      I need your email address.

  56. Derek Graham

    Hi Bruce,

    It is

    many thanks


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