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Huge Corvette Stash For Sale!

Corvette Stash

The owner of John’s Corvettes has been forced to sell everything because of a sudden illness. That’s unfortunate, but hopefully we can help him find a buyer by listing it here. There are dozens of Corvettes and supposedly over a hundred thousand dollars worth of parts! They are asking $26,000 for the whole lot and would even consider selling the shop in Osceola, Arkansas if someone wants to take over the whole business. Sounds like heaven for a Corvette enthusiast! Find the listing here on craigslist or visit their website for more details. Thanks goes to Ben M for the tip!

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  1. RealSteel

    Cool ! A small scrapyard ! With tools ! And lifts !
    Sorry….had a moment.
    It would be a money maker though….selling all of those drivetrain parts to Bowtie lovers, not to mention recycling all of that fiberglass for Owens-Corning insulation.
    Sorry…had another moment.
    When the sink hole swallowed those Vettes…think about it. Omen?
    I have a lot of moments….sorry.

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  2. patrick

    That’s always unfortunate when someone is forced to let go of their dreams due to health issues.

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  3. DREW V.

    Wow, that’s only 48mi from me… If only I liked C3 vettes…

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  4. jaygryph

    I really dig that 70’s flashback custom “wagon” corvette with the weird roof line and nose. That done up on some turbine or slot mags with a lace and speed boat metal flake paintjob would be a riot to motor around in.

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    That’s really a good deal because of someone else’s misfortune. I hope that the place can stay open.

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  6. Van

    Could be a great deal.
    If the volume of cars and parts is as big as it looks, hard to tell.
    Maybe a competitor will step up and take care of this guy.
    It would be nice to think people could be this gracious.
    Could pay off big for both.
    Everyone here will rase a glass and wish him well.

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  7. Julles

    Van and I have been there. When our son was 8 months old, he developed a lung disease. We spent four years in hospital hell and lost everything but our son who lived by the Grace of God. We went from having the American Dream to Van working day labor and going hungry and waiting for them to take our home away. Our son was the only child with the disease that lived that year and his remission was a true miracle but we had to start over from scratch building a new life. We are happy and we love our now grown son but we are still having to deal with repercussions from his disease. So when I see someone else giving up their dreams for a sick family member, I can only feel compassion for someone going through it. I hope that he finds a buyer for his vettes because I know from experience money and things are nothing compared to the person you love suffering with a severe illness. So, to the owner of John’s Covettes and your family, we wish you well and will keep you in our prayers.

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  8. roger pence

    Julles–Yours was a great note and a reminder of what’s really important in life. I wish you and your family the very best. I’m gonna go hug my kids.


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  9. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    I second, Roger Pence, and Julles!

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  10. Charles

    I feel sad for the owner…

    As someone who has battled prostate cancer, a brain tumor, four spinal fusion surgeries, and a tendon transplant among other things, with a wife who has battled a heart attack with triple bypass surgery, bladder cancer, ischemic colitis, severe COPD, and now Alzheimer’s disease, we have started over so many times I have lost count. The last round yielded over a 1/2 million dollars in medical bills and they are still coming in. I am at a point now where the only thing I am concerned about is maintaining an adequate cash flow so I work two jobs. When I see something like this, my thoughts are with the owner and his or her family.

    It looks like there are a lot of cars with good potential at this shop. Lots of nice tools and a good looking shop. Probably somebody will purchase the whole thing for pennies on the dollar. The seller probably put his heart and soul into the business. Life can be cruel sometimes.

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  11. Rando

    Seems like $26K would be an excellent price on all this.

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  12. Bruce

    I would buy it, ship it back home and put a couple together to sell and make my initial investment back, then part out the rest and sell over the next few years. Your return on investment will double if not triple.


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